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Still trying to finish your holiday shopping?

Are you an online holiday shopper? If so you are running out of time to complete that shopping! Many online retailers experience a rush of sales from those last minute shoppers about the third week before Christmas. This year the madness began on December 10th and many shops are reaching their holiday shipping deadlines at the end of this week. Many shipping deadlines approach this week and into early next week so if you want your online orders to arrive before Christmas you need to get busy! is a great holiday gift retailer I have used this year. Amazon is still offering their two day shipping Today, December 20th 2007., a popular online electronics retailer will be offering their free shipping specials till Sunday December 16th 2007 and lastly The United States postal service has also posted their 2007 holiday shipping guidelines for your convenience. Shipping deadlines are definitely fast approaching so you need to get your holiday online orders placed soon!

Do not despair if you miss the shipping deadline for your favorite retailer there are several solutions! You could consider wrapping up a creative “IOU” or a “your gift is on the way” certificate for your gift recipient that way your package can arrive after Christmas and still please the receiver. Another great idea is giving a gift card or a gift certificate! Many retailers are offering creative gift card solutions that allow your recipient to shop for what they really want as a gift from you. This makes many recipients elated because then they can get what they really want!

If your holiday shopping is not completed yet you don’t have to let the stress of holiday deadlines ruin your holiday spirit! You can still visit your local shops and stores to find what you need, many stores have “extended holiday hours” for your convenience! You will also be able to scope out some good “door buster” deals and local specials that may or may not be available online. Also, many local craft shows and holiday sales are taking place this time if year where you can find great locally handmade gifts for your loved ones. Vendors at these holiday sales often include small mom and pop shops that do custom work and can help you!If fighting the crowds and hitting the streets is not your idea of a good time you can consider getting back to the basics and hand making your last minute gifts this holiday season. Many people believe that the holidays are not meant to be all about the expensive gifts we give, if you are running out of time and ideas for holiday gift giving consider giving a more sentimental gift that is handmade.Thousands of consumers have pledged to get back to the basics this holiday season, they are stating they will buy or give only handmade gifts this holiday season and you can do the same! If you want to try making your own gifts start with a no fail photo gift. Photo gifts are easy to make and often deliver special, heartwarming memories in the place of those trendy and costly gifts. You could find a photo of a captured moment that is special, print it out, decorate it and frame it for a super personalized gift. Ideas abound for sentimental homemade gifts! Read the article titled Homemade Christmas Craft Ideas here on associated content for a few additional easy gift ideas or you can check out some other resources for homemade gift ideas. Holiday preparation and gift giving does not have to rob you of your holiday spirit. A little forethought and extra planning can save you from the stress of getting those gifts in time but if you find yourself stuck with lemons make lemonade! Remember it is the season of love and sharing, don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything and forget what really matters. Have a great holiday season!

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