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Petite girls like pretty dresses too!!

Over the weekend N and I went wedding dress hunting. Yeah I know the dress is supposed to be a surprise for the groom and all. Problem is I just moved and am now living 1500 miles away from them, I have no “people” to go dress shopping with.

I figured it would really be sad if I went alone so N and I talked and we are okay with doing the dress hunting together. Once I find a dress I love I’ll do fittings and all the finishing touches by myself, unless one of my lovely readers happens to be near Evansville, IN and wants to be my dress buddy.

So back to the dress hunting story, we spent the entire day roaming our new home town. We visited USA bridal with hopes that my favorite dress would be in the store since they supposedly carry it. Upon entering the store we discover the selection of dresses was quite limited.

Actually they only had 3 dresses in my size and only one of them actually fit me. It was a dress with color, actually a color we were toying with having on my dress anyway. So despite the “sweetheart” cut and the looonnng train I tried it on. N snapped some photos for your viewing pleasure and our reference.

The chocolate brown definitely does not go well with my skin tone and hair color, nor did the dresses with red. We did see an Alfred Angelo that was in a lighter green that we were considering. You can sort of see it hanging in the dressing room behind me in the photos.

It looked good with my skin and hair and the light green would not overshadow or compete with the forest setting we have chosen for our wedding. Too bad the dress was not in my size!

After wedding dress hunting we went to Joanne’s to shop for a cute dress pattern and some fabric. Guess what the smallest size is for the patterns I loved? You guessed it, not my size!

I am just haveing some all around size issues right now, nobody carrys my size in anything! Plus I need to get some meat on my collar bone so I wont look as freakish in a sleeveless wedding gown, oh well. I’ll post the photos from David’s Bridal tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Petite girls like pretty dresses too!!

  1. Do you realize you could BE a model in the bridal magazines you have been looking through? You look absolutely fantastic! Size wise, you most likely will have problems finding a small enough dress, I know I sometimes end up in the kids section looking for certain things, and it gets very frustrating. The good thing is, it will be easier to have a dress taken in than have it made bigger. Good job on the pictures ‘N’!

    Loris last blog post..A sandwich by any other name, is not always a sandwich!

  2. Lori’s right, you look fantastic in that dress. Your collarbones are fine! Sheesh… I can’t even find mine 🙂

    On my monitor (which doesn’t show the exact color of anything) I can see what you mean about the chocolate with your hair, but I don’t see a problem with skin tone. Maybe it’s the artificial lighting?

    Donna B.s last blog post..Puppy Love

  3. I think you look beautiful! Can’t the store order a whole bunch in your size so you can try them on? I remember the opposite problem when I looked for dresses. They carried one size (maybe size 8??) in the whole store and you had to use that size and they’d only order ONE dress in your size. I went to a different store…but I’m guessing Evansville isn’t a very big city and you probably don’t have a lot of choices.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Wynnie McGinney McGoo

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