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RV shopping and contemplation…

Yesterday we looked at some RV’s within our price range. The first one we saw was in good shape but we didn’t get to test drive it because it needed new tires. The second one was a death trap with a rotten back end and it died on us during the test drive. The third one was a vehicle and a trailer thing (not sure of the correct term) that needed to be hitched to the vehicle. The vehicle wouldn’t start though.

We really like the first RV we looked at but the tire problem makes it questionable, buying 6 new tires at $80-$100 each will mess up the budget! Hopefully we can talk him down to account for the lack of working tires. We also have many other RV options to consider, maybe we will find something better next weekend!

Oh, N and I were arguing about the best time for a yard sale yesterday. I thought 10am -5pm was perfect for the sake of our own sanity but he thinks people go to yard sales early in the morning… We saw a sign that said 6am-noon for a yard sale yesterday. What do you think the best time for a yard sale is?

The last thing that has been on my mind is my garden and the move. Obviously we can’t take ALL our potted plants, this makes me sad… I am thinking about digging up all my potted bulbs, storing them for a few weeks to dry them out and make them go dormant then I’ll just move those suckers without soil. That will make them less bulky and they wont need sun while they make the 1500 mile trip.

I was also thinking about various ways to transport rootings or cuttings of my larger plants to conserve space but to also keep my plants alive during the move. Got any ideas on this?

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  1. I know that where I live, yard sales are the most active in the morning. Given the time of year, most people don’t like to be out in the heat of the afternoon!

    Good luck with the RV search, sounds like you guys have a few prospects lined up:)

    Beckys last blog post..Caught in the middle

  2. Early! If you’re out at 7am you’ll be really surprised how many people will be there, wanting to get first crack. Then stay out as long as weather and traffic allows… because packing it up takes much longer than staying to sell. ALSO, on the last day of your sale, make a sign that says something like “No reasonable offer refused”. Cash in hand is way better than the tax write off you get for donating it.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Corn Flakes?

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