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Same ole crap different day.

Just wanted to post a little update on the job search saga before we head out of town for another weekend gathering.

N called Evansville and asked if there was some miscommunication over the posted salary. He explained that when he applied it was listed as 70-80 thousand and that the actual job offer was for exactly what he is making right now. Turns out the station manager didn’t know the job was listed at such a high salary and he had no idea what N was already making. The HR person in Evansville who listed the job apparently was mistaken over what job she was listing.

N explained that at the offered salary the move was not justifiable and that he couldn’t accept the current contract. Evansville said they would need to talk the situation over with the GM and HR and that they would present another offer Monday after they did some budget crunching. We are pleased (and relieved) that they are willing to come back with a higher offer, that is a good sign.

At least N was offered the job and Evansville wants him enough to come back with another offer after the miscommunication. Now we are just keeping our finger crossed and trying to relax. Let me just say I am looking forward to booze and friends this weekend at the wedding! I may get trashed after all this stress.

Also, I went bra shopping this morning and last weekend we splurged and bought ourselves some new shoes. My goals were to obtain shoes and a strapless bra to go with the super cute dress I am wearing to the wedding tomorrow. We went to the department store and none of the bras fit/ were how I wanted, then we went by Target to grab some things from the wedding registry and I found the perfect bra! Funny that the cheaper store had exactly what I was looking for as opposed to the department store.

Oh and our neighbor just came over today and offered us this antique desk and dresser that are from the same era as the dresser I already have. He was just trying to get rid of stuff so he had more room in his workshop (He is a carpenter here in northern Arizona). His gesture was very thoughtful and it brought us a smile today.

So there are my updates, hopefully everyone is doing great! I am off to make the blog rounds now.

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4 thoughts on “Same ole crap different day.

  1. Yay – looks like things are looking up again! I’m so happy for you! Bonus score about the furniture! Woo-hoo!

  2. I’m a little late on wishing a great weekend, but I hope you a fabulous time at the wedding (and no headache on Sunday):)

    That’s great news about the company willing to come back with a new offer. I hope its what the two of you want! I’m sending good thoughts your way!!

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