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Ah, I am home again and back to my regular blogging. We are still waiting on the 2nd offer from Evansville, they are supposed to present it today so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish up this post that brags about and awards a little love!

Last week Teeni shared some award love with me! I was given the “I love you this much” award and I am just stoked that Teeni loves me and my wide range of interests! Over on her blog she said:

Talina – This girl is one always into something. A contest, a dance routine, making a commercial, you just never know. But amidst it all, she makes time to visit and comment and encourage and teach. With a wisdom beyond her years, she is a pleasure and I’m glad I’ve met her.

Now I am trying to figure out how many people I am supposed to award this to, it appears I need to give this to 10 fabulous blogging people. Man choosing is hard!

Lets see, I want to spread some love to Xbox4NappyRash because I know how hard it is when you are trying to conceive and he just has a way of making it all humorous despite the heartbreak. I have had a great time reading his posts and relating to them. I know he will knock her up eventually!

The next winner is Sarcastic Mom because she posted photo of her unshaved armpits and legs! It was snort worthy and totally made my freaking day, all her posts do! When life gives you lemons take photos of them and write funny posts about them for your bloggy friends. You rock girl!

I totally love reading …and the pursuit of happiness also, she has a great writing style. Every post makes me smile for some reason or another. Good smiles are a great way to spread the love and or feel the love so this blog totally deserves the award.

Oh and while I am awarding blogs that make me smile I can’t forget Someday We Will Sleep because she posted about vibrators and Ben-Wa balls and that totally made me smile and even blush a bit. Also because she just got preggo after much trying!

I also must recognize Whiskey In My Sippy Cup after her Where’s Waldo post about poo filled pants and destroyed lipstick that had me cracking up for about 10 minutes. The photos totally brightened my day and I think her little girl is just the cutest little trouble maker!
I also want to award some love to the rest of my favorite blogs: Memarie Lane, Psychicgeek, Hotfessional, Mommy Needs 5 Minuites and My Second Journal because they provide me with hours and hours on non-stop entertainment! Now go fourth, save the image and award some sweet, sweet loving to your favorite blog!

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