Sick dog, students performance and books for my birthday

I have a few moments this morning so I am trying to post an update about how the last few weeks have been. My birthday was nice and so was out trip to Colorado springs. However I am disappointed about the lack for pine forest there.

I got a few really interesting books for my birthday that I am enjoying reading. All the books follow the positive thoughts/ engery theme. The books are:

My students justperformed in the WGAZ Championshipsshow this last weekend. They placed 12th out of 17. The video of their show is below:

[youtube T4Z0dfWf36s March 31st Pep Assembly Performance]

Our dog is recovering from eating half a rotten ham and old Chinese food from the trash. She was having major food poisoning symptoms so we contacted the vet, he told us to give her Amodium AD and some chicken & rice. We were very irritated that the vet didn’t tell us to bring her in and we thought people food/ medicine was bad for dogs… Eventually we tried his recommendation and it worked! She is all better now… Strange huh?? Anyone else given people medicine to pets??

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  1. Another thing you can do when a dog is sick, is pour cooking oil down their throat… I have known people who have saved their poisoned dogs that way. People food is only bad if it is given daily and/or instead of dog food. I am very glad that she is doing better! Sometimes I give our dogs oatmeal if the dog food is low and I can’t get to twon. And congrats to your students!

  2. What a wonderful show your students put on! Great energy! I didn’t know you could give people medecine to dogs….now I do!
    I also printed out 2 of your recipes,,,,,broccoli beef and chicken stir fry..always looking for healthy recipes. I’m also looking forward to making the Pine cone birdfeeder with my grandkids..Great idea!
    You have a great blog Talina, I mentionned your blog on a post I did last week and the great sites you mentionned. Keep it up.

  3. Talina, tonight I tried the broccoli beef recipe. Fantastic! Everyone loved it. It’s a keeper for sure. Tomorrow night I’m making the chicken stir fry. I love trying new recipes. Thanks again!

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