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Some odd thoughts and call for your 2 cents!

I have several odd thoughts going through my mind, they are vagina related so if reading about this sort of thing isn’t your idea of a good time you might want to skip this post and read yesterdays post instead.

Okay, you had your chance to flee!

First odd thought. Who hand washes their underwear?

I read a post on another blog about a girl who hand washes her undies in the sink because she thinks it is gross to mix them in with all the rest of the clothes in the washer because of the “private parts fluids”. She also thought taking a bath was gross for the same reason and it got me to thinking about all the undies juices mixing in with all our clothes in my wash.

Who the freak cares? To me this is a silly idea. I wear regular ole cotton undies and have no problem throwing them right in with the rest of the wash. I don’t have the time or desire to hand launder my underwear, I can understand hand washing real fancy underwear but seriously do people really do this for all their underoos? Inquiring minds want to know so please share!

Also, I was thinking about what will happen when I am too fat to be able to see anything below the waist you know for hair removal and grooming… Yeah, I really did go there! I gave you a chance to flee earlier. Too bad for you.

After dinner yesterday I told N that he was just going to have to deal with it, if I can’t see it shaving just isn’t safe. Right? Besides I doubt I’ll really care about how pretty my vagina looks when I am that pregnant.

Well he said I could sit on the floor with a swivel mirror to help me see so I could still groom the area. Seems like a freaking crazy idea to me! I say let the hair grow in a deal with it, I am going to squeeze a human out of there so what more do you want from me?

Now, inquiring minds want to know what pregnant ladies (who have groomed vagina’s) do when they are too pregnant to see down there. Thoughts or experiences, do tell!

Oh, while we are chatting about the privates and other oddities, does anyone have tips or suggestons for really painful boobs?

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0 thoughts on “Some odd thoughts and call for your 2 cents!

  1. Well, are ‘t we all going to very bonded after sharing these experiences:) First…I do not and will not EVER hand wash my undies. The less laundry I have to do , the better. That is just beyond crazy!

    Second…I hate to break it you but you do get physical changes in the down below area as well. Its not just your boobs that can swell up. Plus, your blood flow increases, and who the hell wants to deal with a cut or ingrown hairs when you’re pregnant. Just tell N that for a few months, he can deal with the “au natureal” look:) After all, you did everything the old fashioned way!! Besides, your belly will be in the way no matter what you try to do, even with a swivel mirror…which I give him kudos for coming up that idea! Save your energy for finding creative ways to tie your shoes:)

    I say be free and be proud in your mixed wash cotton undies!

    Beckys last blog post..A Highlight

  2. I agree with you…. I would hand wash expensive lingerie – but regular everyday stuff goes in the washing machine! I hate to think of what that blogger girl does to hers every day.

    As far as the “grooming” – tell N YOU will hold the mirror so that you can supervise him while he does the “grooming”. A friend of mine could not reach her own legs when she was pregnant, so her husband shaved them for her.

    Sore boobs… don’t know. I just waited til they quit hurting at about the 3-4 month marker. I hope someone else has a solution for you.

  3. ummm, no, I do not hand wash my undies. The closest I get to doing anything separately is to pick my bras out of the wash before tossing it all in the dryer because it makes them last longer to hang them up to dry. Other than that, I think the skid marks on FabGrandpa’s shorts are way more offensive than any “private parts juices” I may produce. Ick.

    Second, It’s only going to be a couple of months, that you’ll be THAT BIG, so just suck it up and don’t worry about it. Chances are if you can’t see it to groom it, he ain’t going to be that horny for it, know what I mean?

    For the pain in the boobs, wear a good fitting bra at all times, even to bed. And maybe put a heating pad on there too.

    Ok, so there’s my answers, hope you aren’t sorry you asked.

    Karens last blog post..Project 365 Day 10

  4. I think I’m one of the resident “old ladies” here, so grandma’s advice for N is “live with it sweetie” and get used to the ideas that things have changed now. For the better, so don’t obsess.

    The only laundry separation problems I have are with kitchen towels which I think should be laundered separately. Otherwise… um, it’s all… um nevermind.

    Handwashing is for delicate fabrics, not for what those fabrics touch.

    Boobies is gonna be sore babe… sorry. Good supportive (non-underwire) bras are best.

    I’m so excited for the two of you! I got to hold a cousin’s baby today and it was so sweet… almost as sweet as playing in the dirt with her 3 year old sister.

    As they get older, remember that the reason for discipline is so that you can enjoy them and they can learn from you. (OK, probably a bit too early for that advice)

    I’m so excited for you both — I feel a bit like I’m having another grandchild!

    Donna B.s last blog post..Genealogy Is Tedious And Addictive

  5. Um. Wait. She has a problem with her “fluids” being mixed with her other clothing, but she’ll use her hands and the sink where she brushes her teeth and flosses?

    I don’t get it.

    And I didn’t “groom” while pregnant, so no hints there – and now, when I said I lost all my hair I meant “ALL”… hee. No more hair-chores for me.

    Sore boobs? WARM (not hot) washcloths. That’s all I remember ever helping.

    Rees last blog post..Seventeen

  6. Definatly not a hand washer!, Well, I mean I wash my hands,,lol, but not hand washing of undies. I have one of those laundry bags for my bras, because sometimes the straps magically find their way around that spinny thingy in the middle, that’s about it though.
    As for grooming, groom together! One car accident, one bad arm, and you realize you have to have help, then you realize it is better with two!
    Sore boobs, I agree with the suggestion of a really good bra, and a warm cloth etc.

    Loris last blog post..Eye still spy, and say WHY???

  7. I definitely do not hand wash. Hell, I don’t even separate my clothes. I don’t believe in segregation. I let my darks mix with my whites. As for hair removal — well, you know my tale so I don’t know if you even want my advice on this matter.

    Dingos last blog post..The Bare Facts

  8. Yeah, that hand washing thing is a little crazy. As for grooming yourself, I wouldn’t worry about it. Tell N he has to deal with it. That’s what I did with Adam.I just got to the point where sex was the last thing on my mind.The hormones are to thank for that. Like you said, your going to be having a baby come out down there, and the doctors and nurses won’t care. They see that stuff all the time. For the sore boobs, warm washclothes and really warm baths or showers help with the pain. They will probably hurt the most when your milk starts coming in and it can cause Engorgement. Do you plan on breastfeeding or bottle feeding? If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

  9. I definitely do not handwash anything (even wool sweaters or items labeled “dry clean only”). Also, vaginas are cleaner than people’s mouths–saliva has more bacteria in it than “private parts fluids” does–so I wouldn’t be worried about that!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  10. Catching up on your life Talina..a congrats on the baby! You are going to be a great mom…I was getting my nails done the other day and the waxing room is right next door…out walks a woman that had to be 9 months pregnant..she had a look of relief on her face…my nail lady said he was being induced in a few days…guess she was getting prepared.

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