Stale cigarette lady has been here, again.

I don’t know if ghosts can actually make a room smell or not but I am convinced that is what we have been experiencing in our bedroom lately.

Being newly pregnant means my sense of smell is off the hook. I notice everything, including the stench of stale cigarette smoke sometimes when I enter the bedroom. Problem is we are both nonsmokers.

Both my parents were smokers so I distinctly know what stale cigarette smoke smells like and it hits me hard right away.

The stale cigarette smoke smell we’ve noticed only lingers for a short time, then it is gone but it is the strangest thing. I don’t know where else the smell could be coming from, it has to be a ghost.

We only notice it occasionally when entering the empty bedroom. Both N and I have noticed the smell so it is not just be being sensitive. Oh, and we never notice it while relaxing in the bedroom.

Since the house is so old we figure we have a smoking ghost in our bedroom. We call her Louanne. I imagine she is older and elegant and we know she loves her cigarettes.

Since all we are being subjected to is the smell of smoke we are pretty okay with sharing a house with her, it is rather odd though.

Have you ever had a ghostly experience like this?

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  1. I have not had a ghost that smoked, but I did live in a house where my uncle died in violent fight. He was protective of me, so I was not afraid of him. It was strange sometimes knowing he was there.

    Karens last blog post..Got Herbs?

  2. Spookygirl » and you have to buy it or win it? How did you snag it? Where did you win it from? I so need one to use and abuse after I have this little one.

  3. In the evenings sometime I can smell gin… Chris drinks wiskey and I wine. But when my Grandpa was living ever night before dinner he would have three gin and tonics on the rocks. And its usally around dinner time that I smell them. I think its him watching me cook!
    And one time when I was about 10 or 11, my sister and I saw and herd a ghost in our bedroom. It came and turned our window a/c unit on then walked acrossed the room and turned our fan lighr off. We didnt sleep in our room for a week after that. It was like a dark shadow like figure that hovered.
    So scary! I sware thats why I have to sleep with my reading lamp on on?

  4. I’ve never had an experience that I can definitely say was ghostly, but I have felt oddly ill at ease sometimes, as if I weren’t alone in a room (when I thought I was, of course!)

  5. I’ve never had experiences like that, I have to say. And I don’t WANT to either! 😯

    The closest we have come was when our television used to turn on by itself but we are pretty certain it was a faulty timer. It never did it when it wasn’t plugged in or then I’d be sure it WAS a ghost!

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