Blogging Tater's Arrival

Still not in labor.

6:16:46 PM: Well i am 39 weeks pregnant now and still waiting. All kinds of stuff is happening with us.

6:19:24 PM: My mom made it here and is going 100 miles a min, thinks that is good for getting labor started. N is finishing his work day

6:21:21 PM: He cant wait too get back here. He also got in a parking lot accident yesterday on the job.

6:23:57 PM: He has whiplash now. I am uncomfortable and am even more ready for Tater to come. Tired of hearing about what I

6:25:07 PM: should or shouldnt be doing to start labor.

6:29:59 PM: It is a hot one here today. I am tired too but gotta have dinner and a shower before sleep.

6:35:52 PM: Tater’s due date is 6 days away… I cant wait for N to come back to the farm tomorrow! Will we have a fathers day baby?

6:36:35 PM: Fingers are crossed!

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  1. Well, I am one week behind you and it seems we are in the same boat. I’ve been having a lot of the “false” warm-up labors. I keep joking that I will have the baby one day with no warning. Like it’ll just pop out. lol.

  2. Wish I was there to watch all the excitement !! Your Mom is so happy to be there. I would sure rather be hanging with you all than up to my elbows in grease. Baby Everly will be here soon. Just relax and enjoy.

    Jacob will be swinging by to pick me up any minute. Then down to the shop. We are delivering a new motor. Hope all goes well. Installing this thing will be like surgery. You can’t believe all the bolts and wires. The worst part about it is that you have to connect most the bolts in very tight spots.

    Now you let Nathan smoke a cigar. I saved one for me and sent the other four for you, Nathan and Kendal. Think I will grab another pack so Jacob, Gary, Nick and I can smoke out for Tater. Yes old school !!
    Lots of Luv GJ

  3. I remember waiting for my second baby (first was scheduled C-section because he was breech) and you know when it happened? When I stopped waiting and decided that I was going to be pregnant for two more weeks. Suddenly my water broke! It’s such a fun time of anticipation (though right now you might not agree) enjoy it, soon you will be loving that little one and more tired than you ever though you could be.

    Good luck!
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