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Less-words Wednesday: Pregnancy Home Stretch Edition

There are only two more days until I leave you all and head off to wait on my little girls arrival. I am totally feeling ready for this and am very anxious for labor to begin. Saw the chiropractor yesterday and was all out of whack again. Even more so now that Tater’s bones are […]

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Today I am 35 weeks pregnant, another belly shot shared.

I am eating some nut & chocolate trail mix. Just slathered more goop on the belly and was thinking I should write a 35 week pregnancy post. Still pregnant as ever, feeling more and more uncomfortable as the days pass. Am still gaining weight despite all the talk in books about how weight gain slows […]

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Summertown & Nashville Tennessee weekend recap, fun times!

We had a blast this weekend and even took some photos to share with you. Hopefully you enjoyed the belly shot photos I shared with you over the weekend. If you haven’t seen those yet you can by following this link. For those of you who didn’t already know we planned to spend my birthday […]

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Still trying to find somewhere near southern Indiana to deliver my baby…

This week we found out that CPM (certified professional midwives) are not covered via N’s employer plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover midwives in other plans but for the specific plan elected by N’s employer they are not included… Bummer This reminds me of how we felt discovering that same sex domestic partnerships are […]

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What a crock! Walmart Canopy Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

[POPUP=IMG1] At the furniture store we started drooling over the amazing memory foam mattresses. They were great to lay on and we thought they would really help me sleep more comfortably when the pregnancy weight sets in. Besides our mattress is older and is becoming a bit uncomfortable these days. Speaking of pregnancy weight today […]

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