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The kiddos milked our dry goat, we got 1 pint!

Yesterday my three and five year old girls joined me at the milking stand. “I want a turn!” they each announced. You see, I had our Alpine goat, Pop tart, up on the milking stand. She was out enjoying pasture earlier in the day when I noticed her udders and teats looking kind of full.

Since January she’s had “precocious udders” which basically means she was dried up and just began making milk again. She bagged up (her milk came in) and we noticed her self sucking (aka nursing herself) in January. Now she needs milking about once a week and we typically get 8 oz or so… which happens to be MORE than what I get from our new, dwarf 2nd freshener named Buttercup. Anyway, I’m all for hands on learning and Pop tart is mild mannered so I let them have at it.

The girls already got the lowdown on milking goats last summer and did get to try their hand at milking once before this video was shot. Here they are milking our dairy goat and discussing the details:

I wonder how long until I can make them the farm’s official goat milkers?

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