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Wildlife Encounters on the Homestead: The American Mink

My little farm girl found a mink this morning… a live one in our chicken coop.

It was snacking on the necks of 8 ducklings and two chickens. It looked at her and stayed perfectly still. She ran to the house to alert me.

I accompanied her to the chicken coop where it still was happily munching the birds. “Hand me that board” I told her as I crept closer to whacking range. First I snapped a photo:




For a long while there was a stare down between me and the mink, then I went at it with the 4×4 board and failed. It still didn’t run off so I grabbed a kitty litter bin that was nearby and set it to catch the bugger. I managed to get it to walk in my bin and as I tried to close it in it jumped over my hand and took off. If I only had a hand gun…

Guess it’s time to bait some traps & clean up some dead birds before we take the girls to the town easter egg hunt. Then maybe we can buy a few more ducks while we are out and about…

Poor ducklings 🙁





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