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The post where my 1yr old tried to touch a wild deer…

Our wedding week is underway. We’ve survived the 15+ hour travel day that began at 2:30 am, the rental car fiasco that stranded us and while spending some time settling in at our cozy cabin in the pine forest just south of Flagstaff, AZ we had some special encounters with nature.

Adalyn has pleasantly surprised us with her sleeping in a big girl bed here at the cabin. She’s been in her toddler bed at home, but we had no idea how she’d handle sleeping in a strange, regular bed, in an unfamiliar place. She’s not been phased at all though.

Yesterday, before we headed out for some errands and some exploring this baby deer wandered up the gravel road that our cabin is on. We all watched in amazement and took photos and much to our surprise the deer came right over to our cabin’s yard, despite the noisy girls out on the deck with us. When Adalyn noticed the deer she was very taken by it and seemed to have a good vibe going with the creature… You can see below in the video just how close Adalyn came to touching the wild deer.

Thankfully no deer or children were harmed in the making of the movie.

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