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We had OUR Wedding!

It’s official, we had our long awaited wedding! After a five year engagement and adding two daughters to our family, we finally found the time and money to make it happen.

Now that it’s over, I can’t really detect any major difference between pre-wedding and post wedding life… but we did it and have the photos to prove it so I feel better having done it.

It was a intimate family affair on the San Francisco peaks, in Flagstaff, AZ, where we became engaged 5 years ago.

Our girls helped get us down the aisle as our family watched. I wore my wedding dress that has been sitting in a closet since Everly began growing inside me.

We had a nice plated meal, gluten free wedding cake, some dancing (though not as much as I’d imagined) and took LOTS of professional photos. I feel like all we did was take photos. LOL! But the photos seem like they will turn out gorgeous. See:

Everything went smoothly, despite having planned the wedding from afar. My bridesmaids were the lifesavers that picked up all the loose ends. It was so freaking nice to be with my girls again!

We actually did have some fun on the whirlwind adventure too. The first photo in this post is some of the evidence. Some people had a bit too much fun the night before the wedding apparently. LOL.

Some things were a disappointment to us, others were a let down but all in all we went forward knowing we were doing it for ourselves, not anyone else.

The girls could hardly handle having so many people ogling them and trying to engage them as all the family came together… So the girls pretty much never left our side.

Adalyn walked me down the aisle along with my oldest brother, Gary. Gary’s daughter and Everly sprinkled flowers ahead of me coming down the aisle.

Nathan’s good friend officiated the wedding. We involved our siblings and close friends in the wedding party and had a blast coming together with them to make the wedding happen.

I feel like I didn’t have time to chat with anyone or to really take in the event, so I am relying on photos to help me fill in the missing details of the day. I know Nathan did tear up when he first saw me. I also did at one point before the ceremony.

Our ceremony happen just before a very large hail storm, lucky us huh? I got sunshine just as I began my walk down the aisle and the storms waited patiently until our ceremony finished, then it hailed.

We did a family 1st dance since our girls weren’t leaving our side for anything. Later we all danced a few more times, most of our guests were dance-shy I guess but we had a good time dancing.

Almost all our decor was borrowed, rented or repurposed. Our cake stand was build beautifully by my mother’s boyfriend from a tree. Our parents brought lots of antique stuff to decorate with, we kept things simple and rustic. I’ll share more pics when all the photos roll in from the photographers.

Oh, and we got to share exciting news with the family at the event that I’ll share with you next week! All in all we made some great memories. I seriously cannot wait to see the professional photos once they are ready!


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