The skinny on composting

I got a composter for Christmas and after sharing my photos of the new composter I got several questions about composting. I have done quite a bit of research on composting methods and have learned quite bit. Here is what I can share about composting:

I use microbial composting methods with my composter. This means the bacterias in my composter digest the matter and excrete it. In order for this composting method to work a good mix of matter must be present. We are using a mixture of kitchen wastes (unseasoned veg’s, egg shells, coffee grounds etc) combined with a mixture of yard wastes (dry leaves, wood chips etc) and with office wastes (shredded junk mail, scrap paper etc) in our composter.

They only tips I have heard are that you have to keep your compost pile damp and stirred to have optimum decomposition.

Here are some helpful composting links:


We are on our first batch of compost right now so we will let you know how it turns out. If you have composting tips or information please share it with us below!!

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