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The world will not end over 1/2 inch of snow guys!!

We awoke early Monday morning to this sight of about 1/2 an inch of snow. What we normally consider a “dusting”. Well we got to see first hand how the town shuts down over winter weather…

Yeah so I wrote this post yesterday morning talking about how silly it was to see the entire town just shut down as a result of the measly amount of snow. Then i settled in and watched the inauguration and tweeted my thoughts.

Well now that I’ve come back to the blog today to respond to comments and to work on today’s post I realize that somehow this post’s completed version just disappeared from the database and is no longer published on the site. WTF? I am not going to lie I am a bit peeved right now!

Well here are the photos I wanted to share with you when I initially tried sharing this post. I have no idea what I actually wrote about them since all that data is now gone. It seems many comments that were made last night were also lost and I have no idea why.

Oh, I know I also wrote about how we got to feel Tater Tot’s first noticable movements on Saturday. It was exciting and N was so pleased to be able to experence the kicks. Now he has a way to be connected to the baby, through the kicks and movements.

You know these first movements were not anything like what my pregnacy books explained. The books say that you’ll feel like a fluttering or something subtle but I had full on body checking going on inside me! It was like a greamlin was inside me trying to scratch and rip it’s way out.

So yeah, I think that is all I wrote about when I drafted this post yesterday. Also if you are looking arround here and notice that a comment you left is now missing don’t take it personally, my blog just ate it or something and now it (like this post) are lingering in cyberspace lost and making me crazy.

Oh, I also vagely recall pimping my baby weight contest when I drifted this. So yeah, I now weigh 112 at 17 weeks which is 12 pounds of gained weight. Now go forth and place your bet in the baby weight contest so you can win cash! Also, for those of you harassing me I have now added Tater Tot’s wishlists to the side bar of this blog to make it easier.

Now if this post dissappears once I publish it I am going to scream!

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0 thoughts on “The world will not end over 1/2 inch of snow guys!!

  1. Isn’t that the coolest feeling ever to feel your baby move. They canceled school here in Norfolk yesterday for the snow and we ended up not getting any snow here. NC got alot but not us. You find out what gender the baby is next week don’t you?

  2. melissa bridge »

    Yep. next Thursday is the appointment. I am excited but also am getting in to the worry phase. Feeling the baby move makes it all so real and now I am thinking “Were we insane? Can we do this?”…

    I don’t know how we are going to pull all this together but there is no turning back now, I have a little person growing inside me!

  3. I’m so excited to find out!!! Hopefully Tater Tot isn’t hiding what needs to be seen, lol. I’m sure they probably already told you, but make sure your blatter is full. It makes it a little easier to see the baby , from what they told me.
    It’s normal to be feeling really scared an nervous especially for your 1st time. The baby moving and kicking makes it so real.After you have the baby, it will feel a little surreal, like , “wow we have a baby now”.
    Your motherly instincts that kick in when you have the baby are incredible. You might wonder now, how you are going to do things, but they will come natural.
    Of course you can do this. You and N are full of love and that’s all that baby needs is your guys love. You will be great parents!!! It is going to feel overwhelming at times, so when it does, just take a step back and breathe.
    If you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask me.
    Oh yeah, if it’s a boy, I have clothes I can send you guys, if you want them. Babies go through clothes so fast you don’t really want to buy a ton of one size. You’ll be wasting alot of money. I bought all of the expensive stuff for Faith when she was born and she didn’t wear half of it. I learned with her, so I haven’t spent alot on expensive clothes for Riley. They spit up and poo so much on their clothes it’s

  4. I saw this post yesterday on my goole reader but it disappeared, as did my comment on your last post. I hope my blog does not have that problem – I wouldn’t know how to fix it – you are great with that stuff 🙂

    I completely agree with everything that Melissa said. Especially the part about what great parents you and N are going to be 🙂 I am happy to know that you have a busy Tater in there!

    maiden53s last blog post..New Family Member

  5. How exciting for you! Sounds like Tater Tot is going to an active child.

    I remember having similar thoughts with my first. I had bad dreams about my incompetence as a mother, none of which came true!

    Well, I did go overboard with baby oil once. My mom came over and laughed and laughed and we finally got enough of it washed off to safely pick her up.

    Melissa is right about clothes, however I’m not sure you can have too many onesies.

    Y’all are going to be wonderful parents!

    Donna B.s last blog post..Family History Confusion

  6. melissa bridge »

    We have noting right now for the baby, I think that fact alone is making me feel so unprepared and not ready for all this. We did score a great travel set (car seat, stroller combo thingy) from freecycle that I am stoked about. Other than that we have no baby stuff, shoot I don;t even know what the heck we need. They should make a list for new parents that tells all the important must have items so you can know what you need to get.

  7. Once you find out what Tater is I plan on sending you guys some stuff. I know how it feels not to be able to do a baby shower with your friends and family.

  8. I went through onesies like crazy! And the baby gowns. Those things rocked at night! Our swing was a must have. The only reason both of kids slept at night was because I would stick them in the swing.

    Feeling movement was what really cemented the “oh crap! I really AM pregnant!” thoughts. Enjoy the peacefulness and quiet while you have it…and your sleep, too:)

    Beckys last blog post..A Day to Remember

  9. Oh, and Lansinoh cleaning and conditioning wipes, not only for the breasts but for the best and gentlest cleaning of baby’s bottom, especially after a poopy diaper. More expensive, yes. But you won’t need as many of them to completely remove all the poopy residue, plus they are gentler on the baby’s bottom.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Family History Confusion

  10. Congratulations! That is so exciting you felt the little one moving 🙂 It was definitely flutters for me when I first felt my daughter. The clawing and feet kicking it’s way through my layers of skin came later 🙂

    I can’t believe they shut down the town for a 1/2 inch! I think that’s the perfect amount of snow 🙂 Our snow banks are currently taller than my car.

    Momisodess last blog post..Evolution

  11. The great thing about babies, is that they come home a little nub. They grow a little bit each day and YOU grow as a parent a little bit each day. They sleep, you sleep. It’s great.

    Congratulations on your 12 lb weight gain!

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