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We all end up where we are meant to be eventually.

I just read a great blog post about U-turns and life. The author articulately compared life is with getting lost while driving. Oh, Dang! I just closed the tab for the blog I was wanting to link to. The blogger just left me a comment so now I have the url again, yay! Follow the link and read the post for yourself!

Eventually we all end up where we are meant to be, the route and surroundings may not be preferable at the time but it gets us to where we are supposed to be sooner or later.

This is perfectly obvious in my life right now. Today marks the day when my partner reached a goal that he set out for over 5 years ago. Today marks his first day in a job he wanted 5 years ago and was told he would never get. They said he didn;t have what it took and that he could not cut it.

Today was his first day on that job. Actually they offered the job to him last month for an insultingly low amount of money and some other unfavorable responsibilities. We moved away from our family 5 years ago to persue this dream and to make it happen. He has paid his dues and when they finally decide to offer him the job it’s too late! He declined the job offer because we knew he could get something better and more favorable once his current contract was up.

Like a bratty 5 year old on the playgroud his employer came back with a “Fine! you don’t want our offer, well we are going to force you to do the job anyway.” So, today he began that job he set out for 5 years ago, goal achieved!

He built himself up from nothing in this career and now has loads of experience and a bright future ahead of him. Five years ago we would have never guessed that this is how we would get to this point but we are here! It’s not necessarily the route we had expected to travel but I think we needed to experience it in order to grow and become more prepared.

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9 thoughts on “We all end up where we are meant to be eventually.

  1. Witchypoo IS awesome.

    Wow – Talina what an interesting journey over the last five years for you and your partner. You may have to do more posts on this. In the meantime, congratulations to him for achieving what he set out to do. What’s next on the agenda? 🙂

    teeni’s last blog post..The Archive Meme

  2. hi! thanks so much for the blog visit. I’m so glad to find that that post resonated so much with a lot of people – I really wasn’t expecting it at the time. I guess most of us are actually wandering lost and uncertain and trying to figure things out. 🙂

    i hope your husband gets his just due eventually. good luck!

    dr_clairebear’s last blog post..Lost? See U-Turn.

  3. Hi Talina…. like you, I am familiar with you through Janelle’s blog. I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement. It always helps to hear things from a new perspective. You are very right about relationships having ups and downs and how the end result is worth it. I’m finding your site fascinating:) I do hope that we can become friends and I look forward to chatting with you soon…

    Becky’s last blog post..I’m in a mood?

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