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Oh, the "death spin" or whatever it's called…

The things we do for greatness is crazy sometimes! My students and I are are working on fine tuning our show for our state championships. We are tweaking the end of our show per the judges suggestions but want to end the show with a BANG so I have one of my experienced members attempting the “death spin” as it was referred to on the show Your Mama Can’t Dance.

I often have LifetimeTV playing as background noise while I cook, clean or whatever.. Then this show came on and because I teach dance I was mildly intrigued. The first dance number had the “death spin” in it and I was all excited becasue a few weeks earlier I was teaching that exact move to my students and wanting to put it in our show.

Often times I have these grand ideas and the kids tell me I am crazy and sometimes those ideas just cannot be done in the amount of time we have to perfect them. My “death spin” move was beginning to look that way but when I saw it in several dance numbers on TV I recorded it for my students and we decided it was indeed doable.

Yesterday I demonstrated the move and worked with my students to get it down, it’s going to happen after all.. But man am I sore from demonstrating it!

The death spin in another dance tonight

The death spin!!

What do you think of the move? I am crazy huh? Well I am lucky cause I have students who are always willing to think outside the box and try new stuff, even if it is scary and unfamiliar. They know they can do anything they set their minds to! 🙂

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