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Wordless wednesday- things we do without…

Right now it seems there are more products I love and can’t find to buy these days than ever before. Since leaving Arizona we’ve found ourselves unable to find so many items we’ve become attached to.

Please send groceries!

We’ve been looking at the local pet stores like crazy for this litter. It is amazing and we love it because it is natural and super absorbent! No stinky kitty urine smell, no clay stuck to the tub, less litter box changes… Too bad it hasn’t been in stock for 2 months!

The clay litter makes me crazy and we have had to resort back to using it since being unable to buy Arm & Hammer Essentials litter around here. Stinky!

Then there is this yummy tea that makes my pregnancy bloat go away, it is the Orange Ginger Mint tea by Republic of Tea and we’ve looked in every grocery store we can think of for it…

Then there is the bulk strawberry hemp granola we would buy at New Frontiers back in Flagstaff that is also apparently sold at Whole Foods. We have neither of those stores here and have tried the bulk strawberry granola sold by the local natural food store, it stinks!

Lastly there is the Nature’s Gate Hemp lotion we just ran out of… It seems Evansville, IN is just not as natural product oriented as Arizona cities were. It is sad and kind of inconvenient because once you get hooked on those natural products it is impossible to go back!

Do you have any products you are hooked on that ruin your routine when they are out of stock or unavailable? What products are they and why?

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0 thoughts on “Wordless wednesday- things we do without…

  1. The entire Trader Joe’s stock. I moved back to rural PA from NC and I am missing everything TJ’s, although most of all I’m missing their body wash, the cinnamon graham crackers, and any of their teas. While my husband is still stuck in NC I’m taking advantage and having him restock me for now, but when he moves up here too I’m going to SOOL and it is going to be sad.

    Leshas last blog post..No boobies with your Grand Slam thankyouverymuch

  2. Does that litter work good? We use Scoop away multi cat strangh. No the clay type, but the powdery type. It smells nice and clumps the pee really good!
    N had a home made lotian on his site have you tried to make that? Ill look here for you and add it to your box o stuff!

  3. I also had favorite natural soap that I could only found it in a store near my house. But since few months ago, it had been out of stock. The store owner said that the soap is no longer produced.

  4. Oh, gosh, yes! I placed an online order on 2/11 for some gluten free cookies, baking mix, and crackers. I have to have them so I can, like,EAT!!! The company I ordered from make a mistake and they still have not shipped! I talked to someone there today who said “the girl who does that if off until Monday”. And here I sit in the middle of freaking nowhere Arizona, 80 miles from the closest store, where they don’t even sell those products, waiting. Shit!

    I use a particular dishwashing liquid that does not eat my hands alive, I have not found a place to order it online, so we have a trip planned to Phoenix the first week of April to go to Whole Foods. Oh, and I can not find Jasmine or Basmati rice anywhere around here, so that is going to be ordered online, too.

    I usually don’t let myself get completely out of things, but when the order doesn’t ship what can I do?

    Karens last blog post..Wenden Elementary School Folklorico Dancers

  5. Oh man! My kids eat LOADS and LOADS of cereals and cereal bars, but I hate feeding them anything with food dye and high fructose corn syrup. SO that means I can’t buy the regular grocery store stuff. I am so lucky that I live where I’m a few miles from 5 different health food stores. I’d go bonkers if I had to deal with not having the stuff I need! How odd that Evansville isn’t progressive at all. Do the people in town seem like they don’t care about that kind of stuff?

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Bullet Point Saturday (Sorry folks, it’s all I’ve got in me today)

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