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Wordless Wednesday: WTF? Edition!!

Why must Jack vomit almost every time he eats? Especially now that we have WHITE carpets?

Perhaps it is because he is apparently swallowing whole pieces of food as opposed to chewing them like every other animal in the world. Yep, those whole bits came right from his stomach!

Nothing like the sound of a cat preparing to vomit waking you from your afternoon pregnancy nap and when you try to quicky move him from the carpet to a vomit safe tiled area. BAM, explosive vomit stream shoots from his mouth and splatters the white carpet. AND, there is not carpet cleaner here for me to clean the mess up with. Double WTF!

Called N and told him to either pick me up so orange dye for the carpet or to bring home some damn carpet cleaner for the explosive vomit mess.

And now I present you with the view of our recently cleaned out basement at the old place.The stuff has been moved out, the carpets are vacuumed and we are just about done cleaning the place-

Wait! WTF is that in the corner? Is the wall leaking again and flooding the basement? I thought it was a dry day today…

Oh, wait. We shouldn’t be surprised. It is just mold, like I’ve been saying all along. Except now we can actually see evidence of it with our own eyes. Big shocker huh?

Notice how it is all pretty and furry it is growing on top of the carpet and up the wood siding? There are black, green and even some gray types all mixed together. Ooo, so enchanting – NOPE!

More like effing disgusting and super bad for the body! Sure mold isn’t a big deal if you can clean it up with some bleach or something. Too bad the mold is growing under and now right on top of totally finished areas that if bleached will look severely destroyed.

It is no wonder N has been draining some major crap from his sinuses since we’ve moved to our new, not toxic house! Now if the slumloards don’t set up a freaking move out inspection with us and take back possession of this shit-hole of a house I am going to get really nasty!

I am talking having all neighbors come over to walk through the house and observe it’s current state, while we video tape the whole thing. Then we’ll call the sheriff and give them the keys to the house with a copy of our video or something. Heck I might even put the walk through video online for the world to see and perhaps I’ll share the address of the house, to warn any future tenants…

Seriously! All I can say is WTF? Okay, I am done now. Happy wordless Wednesday everyone.

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  1. I can’t believe all that damn mold!!! I mean, that’s just f’d up to rent a place like that to anyone and not tell them, especially someone that’s pregnant!!! I would do the video taping and show it to everyone. Other renters need to know what they are getting theirselves into ya know!! Maybe putting the slumloards on the internet might embaress them enough that maybe it will get through to them.I would do it!!!

  2. Thats just gross… Maybe your cat is having morning sickness for you? Or not?

    You should put a sign in front of the moldy house saying that its growing mold. I think you mentioned it in a older post?

    Krystals last blog post..This and That

  3. Sorry, I had to laugh. With eight cats, I’ve been there. More often than I care to admit. The only thing that has ever worked for removing stains is “oxyclean’s carpet cleaner.” I swear that stuff works miracles and I have literally tried all of them. Spray the area first before attempting anything else and let sit for about 15 minutes. Remove the chunks and then try vacuuming it (so you don’t rub the stuff in). Then spray again and then resume with scrubbing the crap out (although I recommend a carpet shampooer instead as it will suck that stuff up).

    As for carpet shampooers, I have experience there too. All them suck and do nothing for you. All but one. It’s so good, all the women in my family own one. I’ve had mine almost three years and it’s still my night in shining armor. It’s the Dirt Devil Platinum Shampooer. Yes, it has to be Platinum. None of their other stuff is any good. If you’re going to have white carpets – you’re going to need this machine.

    If I was rich and had nothing but money to spend – I’d send this stuff to you. Better yet, register for it on your baby shower list.

    Janelles last blog post..I think I found Mr. Right

  4. Your Wordless Wednesday isn’t so wordless :)….I’m jk. I used to have a cat that did that. She threw up everything and was so skinny. I would hear the retching and would run to grab her and move her to a “safe” area for her to do her business. It was sooooo gross! Most of the time I would find it on my bed…nice.

    And you are a hoot btw!

    Leah Segedies last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  5. Ew…that is the only word to describe that first picture. I will be so happy for you two once you are completely through with that rental house and all the problems that have come with it!

    Beckys last blog post..How to Say Goodbye

  6. EEW…I am so glad you are out of that moldy house! Man, took me a while, but I am all caught up on you! 🙂
    I love the new house…congrats! I am interested in the farm…sounds neat!

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