The cloth diaper stash has been started!!

Today marks the start of my 31st week of pregnancy. Tater is moving like a mad woman in mah-belly and I am still feeling and doing very well (aside from crying at the drop of a hat over N’s playful teasing)…

Yesterday I was delighted to find a $25.00 gift certificate to Cotton Babies in my email box. Cotton Babies emailed me the gift code so I have no idea who it came from… Either I won a contest or someone was thinking of Tater and bought us the gift certificate. Either way it was a huge blessing and it made my freaking day!

I spent it on Tater’s very first BumGenius 3.0 cloth diaper and am super excited! I was so giddy I even ordered it in Zinnia (which is the bright ass pink one, LOL). Apparently the pictured 4 “new colors” are limited edition for Easter so I thought I would just give in and get the pink one.

I love all the new colors they have so it was a toss up choosing just one. I would take one of each if we had the cash flow right now, LOL. I figure eventually we will add more diapers to the stash and I know many have expressed an interest in buying them for us so we might just end up with one of each.

I am just so excited that we have our very first cloth diaper ordered and in the mail to us right now! N is also excited for it to come so I can show him how it all works. I’ve tried explaining it too him, he just smiles and nods. When I told him our first one was on the way he said:

“I can’t wait to get it and see it so I can fully understand the BumGenius-ness. :-)”

LOL, I guess hands on learning would make it all more understandable huh? I too can’t wait to get it and check out all the nifty features! Cloth diapering rocks, read about why here!

Now, we just need like a bazillion more huh… How many diaper changes are typical for a 0-3 month old anyway? I am trying to figure how many we will need to buy to cover us for a days worth of diaper changes.

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  1. You will want 24 one size diapers in your stash. This allows you to wash them every other day which is recommend. When they are 0-3 months you change them about 12 times a day. I hope that helps. I have a 7 month old daughter that I have been cloth diapering in bumGenius since she was born. I love them. So easy. She hardly ever has diaper rashes either…so her bum is a happy one 🙂

  2. I wrote you back…on the dpo! I love the idea of cloth diapers you can wash yourself with the special detergent. The family I use to nanny for paid a ton for a service to come to their home and pick them up!

  3. Feel free to email me any time about this. Also, on my blog I have diaper posts. The link below will take you to the ones just about diapers…

    Here’s a few good links to get you started…

    I have a ton more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. Have fun!

    Janelles last blog post..Am I high or low? Photos…

  4. Becky’s right — feed, then change. I advise waiting 10 to 15 minutes after feeding for the change, else you might be changing again, or Tater sleeping in an ‘uncomfortable’ environment. Of course, her routine may vary and you will learn it.

    I’m of the school of thought that says “baby rules” as far as feeding schedules go in the first few months. The best way to determine whether baby is getting enough nutrition by breastfeeding is # of wet diapers and weight gain. Forget Excel spreadsheets and arbitrary schedules! (That was the biggest (actually, the only) argument I ever had with my mathematician daughter and engineer son-in-law.)

    However, after the child is 6-7 months, imposing a schedule is probably a good thing. I was never able to do it with my own children, but I have to admit that scheduling and routines have worked fantastically with my granddaughter.

    Donna B.s last blog post..What I’ve Learned In Four Days

  5. Just found out the gift certificate was an Earth Day present from Cotton Babies. How awesome is that?

    @cottonbabies Thanks for the #earthday present, I am stoked to have ordered my first cloth diaper! Thanks a ton 😉

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