Blogging Tater's Arrival

Baby Everly is 2 days old!

11:26:24 AM: She is crashed out on my lap right now and we are finally coming out of our daze.

11:30:11 AM: We are heading home tomorrow and all is going well. The stitches are killing me…

11:31:27 AM: and we are still trying to get the hang of breastfeeding.

11:33:03 AM: It all hasnt really hit us yet. I am looking back at photo and video of the birth…

11:34:47 AM: Still cant believe it all or get my head around it!

11:46:40 AM: Blogged: Baby Everly is 2 days old!

3:15:09 PM: Woho! Everly just had her first greenish poo! That means the breastfeeding is going well. Woot!

6:26:51 PM: Almost home, sweet home with baby Everly.

11:08:59 PM: Just took a nice warm bath in my own tub, am breastfeeding Everly and relaxing in bed. Finally, home and enjoying the new addition.

12:05:18 AM: OMG! 2 weeks away to home birth baby= 1000’s of emails to go through. 🙁

2:30:17 AM: Blogged: Live Vlog Broadcast Info: Everly’s Homecoming

2:59:44 PM: Everly’s first vlog (Broadcasting live at

3:02:42 PM: Check out the live vlog and see Everly now!

3:18:16 PM: (Harvest of Daily Life Vlog live >

3:35:18 PM: Come chat & see baby!!
(Harvest of Daily Life Vlog live >

3:50:03 PM: @lfineaux you saw that too? We were joking that she made the mahalo sign… (Harvest of Daily Life Vlog live >

3:51:13 PM: @lfineaux …like a true born hippy! (Harvest of Daily Life Vlog live >

3:52:13 PM: Baby pooed on me -> (Harvest of Daily Life Vlog live >

10:30:14 AM: Blogged: Green poop filled BumGenius = I

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