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Cat poo, candles and flaming tales. More pet madness to share!

You know how sometimes when you do something you get this flash of disaster scenario warning you of the what-if’s? I got one right as I was lighting a candle in my stinky bathroom.

You see I was drawing a bath which is an immediate invitation for one of my cats to take a giant steaming dump and leave it uncovered in the box for my enjoyment. Nothing is more relaxing than a nice warm bubble bath and the aroma of steaming cat turd right? WRONG!

So I am lighting a few candles to make it smell better before I get in to the tub. I set one on the back of the toilet and was about to walk away when I realized the lit candle was right next to the economy size bottle of Listerine. Um Listerine=flammable right? (I remember the time N’s root beer concoction exploded and sent glass shards flying at my neck. Go read the post, it is craziness too! Explosions are not fun!) “That is just a disaster waiting to happen” I conclude and I move the candle to the top of the enclosed cat box instead.

After making myself a corn dog and a cup of tea I climb in to the tub to relax. I am relaxing and have now finished my corn dog so I set my plate on the top of the toilet so it doesn’t fall in to the tub with me.

My oldest kitty, Andrew, decides that the corn dog stick is just what he needs so he grabs it off my plate and jumps to the floor right in front of the cat box. I scold him for being a stealer and take a sip of my tea. When I glance back at him he is looking at me, then at back at his tail and back at me again.

I look at his tail and it is lit like a freaking torch thanks to the candle on top of the cat box. It seems while he was munching the corn dog stick he placed his tail in the flame of the burning candle and his tail just went up in flame.

I freaked and yelled his name, Dixie rushes in the room because whenever we yell one of the cat’s names she sees it as her invitation to wrangle them up. (She is part herding dog.) So I tell her to sit as I am leaning over the side of the tub trying to put Andrew’s tail out before he completely catches fire.

I just grabbed his tail with my wet hand (This isn’t the first time adrenaline has caused me to place my hand on or near a flaming object.) and put out the flame. I am amazed he didn’t burst in to flame!

Now his tail looks all pitiful and the stench of burning cat hair combined with steaming cat poo and smelly candles is just awful! There are all these cat tail ashes on the bathroom floor and in the sink now, Andrew is not a happy camper.

Luckily he is a giant floof ball and the flame never made it to his skin, just burned off a nice chunk of hair. It is craziness nonetheless!

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0 thoughts on “Cat poo, candles and flaming tales. More pet madness to share!

  1. Oh, wow! That was a close call! I’m so glad nobody was injured! That could have gone way worse. Whew! Relief! I have to agree with Lori – it’s a good thing the cat remained calm which I’m sure wouldn’t have happened if he had singed his skin. I am always nervous with candles and having pets. I don’t burn as many as I used to, that’s for sure! And now I will probably burn even less after reading this.

  2. Awww. Poor kitty. You got to watch them around the candles. My 6 month old kitty is rambunxious and I have to watch him beacuse we have candles on your coffee table.Thank you for the Christmas card. It was very thoughful:) We are really late sending ours out. We are going to Florida which is a 12 hour drive from here, tomorrow or Tuesday, so I have been busy cleaning and doing laundry. We might stop in South Carolina or Georgia to get a hotel room that way the drive is easier on the baby. I wish You, N, and Tater Tot a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. We will be back on the 4th.

  3. Ahhh, yes, nothing like a corn dog and a nice relaxing bath. And stinky cat poo. And flaming cat tail. Next thing you’re going to be telling us is that your basemen has mold or something, right?

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