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Checketty, check, check those things off that list!

The last few days have been jam packed with adult obligations and what not. We’ve spent much time at our bank trying to figure out the mystery of our February rent payment. We’ve researched landlord/ tenants legalities and sent out another certified letter with our March rent payment. We cleaned house with our free, spiffy antique vacuum and we packed stuff up too.

Today we had our tax appointment over at H&R block. I’ve always done our taxes myself online but this year with the moving, the business and all the other financial craziness we decided things were complex enough to pay the $300 to have someone prepare them for us. Taxes only took about one hour 45 minutes and $300 later we were done and our returns are on the way back to us now!

Oh, note to self:

When you find an envelope stuffed with a hand written letter in your mailbox from your landlord saying they’ve changed banks and the envelope also includes several self addressed empty envelopes and bank deposit slips from the landlord don’t assume the landlord wants you to actually send correspondences and rent payments with that new information!

Just because they’ve provided a new address and bank account to you doesn’t mean they actually want you to use it!

Our landlord showed up today on the front door so I gave an earful about how we tried to pay February rent and also that March rent is on the way to them via certified letter. Apparently the mailing address given to us via those self addressed, empty envelopes was… *gasp*… WRONG!

Also, the landlord admitted to having their newest account (that they just recently provided us with deposit slips for) closed. Opps, guess telling your tenants isn’t important huh? Oh, and I recorded the face to face conversation for our records ;-P

So, yeah. We’re not evicted over nonpayment of rent and we are still waiting to see if we’ll get out of this lease. We did look at the red farmhouse over the weekend and liked it, we are not pleased with the lease terms presented to us though.

Turns out that landlord works out of the barn on the property, has an organic vegetable garden they’ll be tending to on the property and they also want a hefty, per pet rental fee in addition to a pet deposit tacked on to the rent. Oh and the house smells of major of pet urine already which worries me and they won’t be replacing the pissed on carpets, just shampooing them. Yuck!

We are still looking for the right home but at least we have managed to get several grownup things checked off the to-do list these days. Hopefully finding a new place is the next task we are able to cross off, luckily we still have some time to shop around.

Crap N is going to be home soon, I need to whip up something for dinner now. Nothing is defrosted yet!

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  1. So YOU have to pay a pet deposit AND a pet rental… yet the last person who did that let their pets (I typed “pest”) pee all over the place and the landlord CHOSE NOT TO USE their deposit to replace the ruined carpet? That’s what a pet deposit is for: replacement of damaged items in the event it’s needed. Yeah.. that guy’s just as shady as the place you’re already living. Your current landlord is weird. Just WEIRD!

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Oh, Brother!

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