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Cinnamon Roll Factory Time!!

Tonight is burger night at a friends house and I am feeling brave enough to try out the mass cinnamon roll recipe found at The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. The recipe makes 7 pans of cinnamon rolls and is keyed towards holiday giving but I think it sounds good and I don’t want to wait till December to try it out so I am making it today! I will keep one or two pans and give the rest away..

I like the concept of this recipe. It’s a lot like the Amish friendship bread idea.. Its sort of a chain letter but with dough. 😉 You can read more about Amish friendship bread at Anyway, this cinnamon roll recipe and the Amish friendship bread recipe are simply a bakers way to share with the ones they love.

This cinnamon roll recipe is my one kind act for today! I hope I can pull it off and that everyone loves it! You should try it too and let us know how yours turns out!


Update @ 5:24pm

I pulled it off and am on my way to burger night with two of the seven pans of baked deliciousness!!


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