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Recipes Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
Recipes Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
We to a big leap of faith, quit our jobs are moved to the the heart of the Shawnee National Forest to follow our dreams of self sufficiency and to make a go of living off the land… Can we help you feed your family?
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CSA News Week 4

Greetings CSA families!   The green beans, collard greens & swiss chard are coming along slowly still. I promise we planted more than what you have been getting.  I'm personally feeling impatient about the garden progress. I usually have loads of beans and squash (my favorites) by this time and I go out each day to weed and check on things and I'm all "Come on beans! Why are you taking so darn long?" and my kids just look at me silly for talking to the plants.   We are kind of curious & excited about all the winter squash that have sprung fourth in various places around the homestead. We have squash and pumpkins specifically planted for the CSA but we are loving finding and watching all the volunteer plants around the property....

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Fruit Filled Gluten Free Clafoutis Variations: A delicious puff pancake to try!

In our house, we first fell in love with the puff pancake thanks to Nathan’s TV reporter travels back in Arizona. If I remember correctly, a bed and breakfast he stayed at served a puff pancake called a “German Baby” or “Dutch Baby” (derived from the German pfannkuchen) that he really fell in love with. It was just egg, milk and flour that puffs up and is served with powdered sugar and a lemon.

Gluten Free ClafoutisThe recipe made it home with him, I loved it too and it was even a success when we tried the recipe with gluten free flour blend once we had to go gluten free! Since then we’ve made the recipe a variety of ways and the girls also really love the recipe.

One day when I couldn’t find Nathan’s “German Baby” recipe I found a Clafoutis recipe I wanted to try. The Clafoutis is another interesting recipe that is french and typically made with black cherries and a custard type batter. In terms of puffiness, the Clafoutis falls less that the “German Baby” recipe does and the Clafoutis isn’t quite as dry.

This morning a puff pancake was requested by Everly so we whipped up a Clafoutis together and I figured it would be a nice recipe to share with you.

Today we are putting some sliced apples in the batter because the apples have been sitting a bit too long and are getting too soft for our tastes. In the past we’ve done it plain with a powdered sugar/ lemon sauce and also with peaches & cream.

Throat soothing tea: A natural cold and flu home remedy

We’ve had a case of respiratory sickness, since the week before thanksgiving. It all started when I went to observe a Montessori class in prep for enrolling Everly. The sick kids and germs were running rampant.

First Everly got sick, then Adalyn. Nathan got it next, then they passed it around a bit… I was the last to come down with it, just as everyone was getting better and just as Christmas was coming.

Winter weather drink recipes favorites: Hot Toddy & Egg Nog

When I think of the holiday season and drinks of the season only two come to mind and I'd like to share them with you today. No holiday season is complete without Eggnog in our house! Starting at thanksgiving I get cravings for it. I usually like mine nonalcoholic but on a cold winters day some spiked eggnog can totally warm your bones! Normally I'll just buy the nonalcoholic stuff from the grocery store but I am also a sucker for making stuff from scratch. Here is my recipe to make Eggnog from scratch if you are feeling up to it: Eggnog Recipe I found via this source. 4 egg yolks 1/3 cup sugar, plus 1 tablespoon 1 pint whole milk 1 cup heavy cream 3 ounces bourbon 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 4 egg whites First, beat the egg yolks until they...

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Cream of [whatever] condensed soup mix. A dry, homemade, wholesome recipe

I don't know about you, but I've been on the journey to eat better. I've smaked a few walls along the way, one being the incessant use of premade ingredients in recipes. Recipes that call for "a package of crescent rolls" or "a can of cream of mushroom soup" drive me crazy and make me feel quite limited when it comes to cullinary adventures. Since we secured a years worth of local, grass fed, organic ground beef recently I've been exploring many ground beef recipes, predominatly casseroles. Problem is they all call for those darn cans of condensed soup! I've stumbled across a variety of recipes for dry, condensed soup mix...

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Kombucha: Digestions Friend & How You Can Grow Your Own Kombucha Starter.

Somewhere along the way we discovered kombucha at a natural food store, it was actually Nathan and his love of tea. He was surprised when he took his first drink because of how different it tasted. Very much fermented with a hint of vinegar. He had me try it too, I wasn't a fan but he managed to finish his entire bottle that day. Kombucha is a probiotic rich, fermented tea beverage. It is considered a raw food that is beneficial because of all the probiotics and antioxidants that it contains. It's great for digestive health and is also said to be a powerful detoxing beverage. It contains lots of essential vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B12. It also contains antioxidants including EGCG, Glucuronic...

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Enjoying homegrown goodness, from my garden to my table.

If you are reading N's blog you probably already know about the veggi garden in our backyard. It's a good little garden with lots of yummy stuff. We are stoked to have a much longer growing season here, we can grow more fun stuff now. We have things like corn, zucchini, tomato, peppers, basil, lettuce, parsley, cucumber, melon, beans, peas, egg plant and collard greens going out there right now. This last weekend we had quite a few zucchini that were harvested and some bushy collard green plants so I went looking for some recipes. Since transplanting to the Midwest I've discovered I like southern style collard greens but we've been failing at cooking them. Turns out it is all in the stock! I found this recipe for Tasty Collard Greens that calls...

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Really, 5 min cake in a mug? You becha!

Yeah, so thanks to Witchypoo's talks of birthday cake and wine I was having my own cake craving yesterday. She recommended I search for the 5 min cake in a mug recipe for some instant chocolate goodness and I found it here. Calls for tablespoons of sugar, flour (specifically cake flour), cocoa powder, milk, oil and an egg. Seems simple enough but then you microwave it. Sort of strange if you ask me but what the heck? So I combine my all purpose flour (didn't have cake flour, is there a difference?) , sugar, cocoa and the egg. Then I added the milk and oil and mixed the heck out of it as directed. Popped the mug in to the microwave and stood back. Our microwave makes this strange sound when you nuke stuff,...

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DOLE Recipie Review, what do you think?

I got some DOLE canned fruit and notification of a contest DOLE is running right now, the DOLE Make me a Chef Essay Contest. It runs from March 16 through May 8 and all you have to do is write a 200 word or less essay on “How DOLE Canned Fruit is part of your pantry.” Win the chance to cook alongside acclaimed chef, Ben Ford. Ben has created four signature recipes with DOLE Canned Fruit and wants to share his culinary tips with you and three of your friends at his latest hot restaurant in Los Angeles. Enter your short essay and you could win a beautiful weekend in Los Angeles in June cooking and sharing a feast with Ben Ford! Now, normally we aren't canned fruit kind of people but...

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Perfect pie crust and old school Nintendo.

I made a turkey pot pie from scratch yesterday and was pretty pleased with the pie crust recipe so I wanted to share it here on the blog. I searched high and low for a good from scratch pot pie recipe and kept coming across the call for "crescent rolls" as the "pie crust". To me from scratch is not buying premade crap and throwing it together guys. I mean what are people going to do if the store runs out of crescent rolls for any extended amount of time? Anyway, I finally found a recipe I thought sounded good and boy was I right, it was great! I did modify it a bit because it was way to sticky and wet when made as directed. If you are interested here is...

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Making ladyfingers from scratch

Earlier in the week N wanted to make up a batch of ladyfingers. The goal was to make homemade Tiramisu, one of his favorite desserts but you need ladyfingers to make it. We searched high and low for ladyfingers in the stores last weekend, nobody sells them. Being the baker that I am I suggest that we just make them, "they can't be THAT hard" I said. So N gave them a whirl and ran in to some major egg white consistency issues. The whole beat until soft peaks form part was just not happening for him so he added more sugar, then more flour and also a touch of baking soda...

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A recipe plug, cook a whole chicken!

I just joined known for it's Cookbook Printing and recipe database. I added one of my own recipes (specifically mysalt crusted chicken recipe) to their site today and I found this cool little widget that I was able to embed in this post. If you like trying new recipes or want to share some of your favorite recipes you might consider joining, they have lots of cool features! Moist roasted chicken recipe- Salt cocoon locks in flavorI saw a recipe like this one done on television ...

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Counting calories to GAIN weight…

Get ready, I have joined the bloggy giveaway carnival and my giveaway launched this morning! If you want a chance at winning a Custom Gifts by Talina exclusive check the giveaway post. I also wanted to post an update on my calorie count & gaining weight saga. Counting your calories shows you lots about your nutrition and can have a real effect of your weight if you find the magic number of calories you need to eat to obtain your ideal weight. I am using because it is free and easy to use. Looks like If I can consume 2400 calories per day I will be on tract to gaining some weight. Problem is I haven't gained anything yet. I am also having trouble eating that much per day and am...

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Old-Fashioned Know How- Do it yourself remedies part 2

Good lord! The people have spoken and apparently old-Fashioned Know How- Do it yourself remedies are a favorite among my readers and fellow stumblers. A few days ago I shared a microwave cleaner I discovered and I also shared a home made recipe for spackle or wall hole patch and the comments/ hits went through the roof! It's surprising to me that others are also interested in my old-fashioned, simpler ways of doing things obsession and now I am not so embarrassed to share my tips. You know many people think a not so old girl sharing these discoveries/ tips is a strange thing but I am really into all this simple living stuff and I am glad you are too! So here are a few more of my favorite bits of...

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Make your own Alfredo Sauce

I discovered a really yummy alternative to buying ready made Alfredo sauce! All you need is cream cheese, milk and some other simple ingredients. I really like this recipe and was amazed at how easy it was.. Don't think I'll buy ready made Alfredo sauce ever again. I copied the recipe from all for your convenience. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup butter (8 tbsp = 1 stick) 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese 2 teaspoons garlic powder 2 cups milk 6 ounces grated Parmesan cheese 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper DIRECTIONS Melt butter in a medium, non-stick saucepan over medium heat. Add cream cheese and garlic powder, stirring with wire whisk until smooth. Add milk, a little at a time, whisking to smooth out lumps. You can add more or less milk depending on consistency preference. I like...

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Moist roasted chicken recipe- Salt cocoon locks in flavor

I saw this recipe done on television back in November 2008, I tried it and was delightfully surprised with how easy and unique this recipe is! Who knew roasting a whole chicken was this fun, easy and insanely delicious? The added bonus is that you can make several more chicken meals with the remains of your chicken after you try out this recipe. Here is the salt crusted/ salt cocoon recipe: Moist Roasted Chicken Recipe - Salt Cocoon Style Now don't be alarmed with the amount of salt the recipe calls for, trust me it's delicious and not overly salty. The salt just literally forms a cocoon around the chicken, locking in taste and moisture. The abundance of salt doesn't penetrate much more than the salted skin of the chicken and the skin...

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Get your free 2007 holiday E-book today!!

This year I got involved in a fun free holiday E-book. I submitted my favorite cookie recipe to the E-book and I am excited about trying all the fun recipes others have submitted to the E-book! If you need some holiday ideas you should check this out! The theme of this years E-book is centered around how to plan the best cookie swap ever. Each participating vendor was asked to share a tried and true family cookie recipe and or one of their family traditions. This years e-book is set up as follows: You will find a listing of all of the vendor's recipes and/or holiday tradition followed by their special offer with a link that is click-able to their website. The resource page is full...

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