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free craft projects Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
free craft projects Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
We to a big leap of faith, quit our jobs are moved to the the heart of the Shawnee National Forest to follow our dreams of self sufficiency and to make a go of living off the land… Can we help you feed your family?
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free craft projects

Post turkey day reflections & a new holiday tradition: The Advent Basket

Thanksgiving day Adalyn took her first solo steps. Time is just flying by. Everly starts school this last week. Last week we also had our first snow flurries. We found a butterfly living in our office. I am betting it’s the offspring of one of the many bugs Everly has captured and brought inside.

I cut off a bunch of my own hair and im flabbergasted that Christmas is just a few short weeks away.

I’ve been working hard at planning and prepping for our new advent tradition… The advent basket.

Homemade holiday gifts are IN, what are you making?

My top search terms right now are homemade gift ideas. There is no doubt that the economy is impacting the way people are thinking about holiday shopping. People would rather make things to give as gifts because it saves money. I personally like creative homemade, do-it-yourself gifts because they are more from the heart than store bought ones. Plus I have a blast making gifts for people cause I am crafty like that. Now since so many are flocking here in search of homemade holiday gift ideas and craft projects I wanted to take a second to suggest some easy gift ideas for you to try this holiday season. If you want to check out the instructions just click on the linked text! you have a project you have written about on...

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I was not making porn I promise!

Just because I have a tripod set up at the end of the bed does not mean we were making porn! I am sure that is what the neighbors are thinking though. It's a kind of funny sight and thought so I snapped a photo of it and thought I would make it the title of this post. Nice huh? I am sure I'll get lots of 1 second hits from people searching for homemade porn now huh? Seriously though I was recording a video demonstration for another craft article I wrote. As I mentioned yesterday I sold another article and have been feeling highly motivated to write these days. Plus the search terms on this blog have been super instructional craft project oriented. The people have spoken and want more craft...

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Snow in may, what is going on? and Mothers day weekend – part 1

Well, I awoke this morning to lots of fluffy white stuff falling and covering everything. We were foretasted for some thunderstorms last night and today. The possibility of snow was mentioned but no accumulation was expected. Here that means the snow melts as soon as it hits the ground. Doesn't look like that is the case today, the schools called a 2 hour snow delay and we had to scrape snow from the car before I could take N to work. I am sure it will melt away throughout the day. It is May for crying out loud, snow in May is not the norm! We got back from visiting my mother yesterday and were exhausted. N had been on the road for 2 days prior to us visiting family then we...

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Happy Earth Day! Earth day tips?

Today is earth day and there is no better day to try and minimize your negative impact on the earth. How to you celebrate earth day? Do you plant something or maybe you pick up litter along the highway near your home. Every effort is helpful whether you are making it on for one day or if you are setting out to try and do something differently for the entire year. Some of the things we are doing year round are rain water harvesting and grey water harvesting. I take baths often and am always feeling bad about sending the perfectly good water down the drain afterwards. Since I use biodegradable shampoo and soap I have been eager to siphon my bath water out into the garden. We life in the...

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Making my own braided rug- Prairie Chic Craft Idea

Braided rugs (or rag rugs) are not only useful around the home but they are also a great way to recycle fabrics. You can make your own braided rug using old t-shirts, boxers, linen and even scrap fabric from sewing projects! These are sometimes referred to as "rag rugs" they have great character and are a wonderful way to recycle and reuse. I have been wanting to make one of these for our home for quite sometime and I am finally making it happen this week. I like the idea of the braided rug because it is made from recycled material that I would otherwise throw away. Plus the rug has a unique, primitive charm about it. It is extra special because it is 100% homemade too! The instructions I found were...

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Make it from scratch blog carnival – Feburary 5th 2008

Being able to say you made something is a great achievement and Make it From Scratch Carnival has so many great make it from scratch ideas that anyone can try! The most popular topic for this edition of make it from scratch is food, these ideas are mouthwatering and I can't wait to try some of them out! If you are looking for creative recipes you have come to the right place. One of the best ways to enjoy the food you eat is the raise it/ grow it yourself. This is the ultimate in self sufficiency and it's easier than ever to Get Started Growing Vegetables. Home grown veggies are not old delicious but they are also very rewarding! I know I enjoy freshly grown zucchini, green beans and perhaps some salad...

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I have many free craft project ideas for you

I wanted to take a second to share a series of craft project articles I have published recently ans some that were published way back when and deserve some attention. If you are crafty or if you are looking for tutorials on certain crafts you are in the right place! I have tons of projects that you can try today! I have included a brief excerpt from each of the articles, if you click the excerpt it will take you to the article. Make your own braided rug/ rag rug - Braided rugs are not only useful around the home but they are also a great way to recycle fabrics. You can make your own braided rug using old t-shirts...

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Recycled sweater purse and glove instructions

I had planned to publish the instructions for the cozy sweater purse in my previous post titled Homemade Christmas gift ideas, to-go boxes and purses… Oh my but the post became rather long and for the sake of the sanity of my readers I put the instructions here in a separate post so it could be found more easily. All you need to do to make this nifty little sweater gift bag/ purse is find an old knitted sweater or perhaps a nice wool seater that has been felted (or if you are like me it was mistakenly shrunk). Take your favorite purse pattern or draw your own. I'll post a my own free pattern here for your to print and use, please don't repost it though, link to this blog post...

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Homemade christmas gift ideas, to-go boxes and purses… Oh my!

Well, I have been busy! Over the thanksgiving weekend I have been brainstorming homemade gift ideas and I have been getting ready for an upcoming craft fair/ holiday sale. We did not get any snow as was predicted so we kept busy an entertained by rearranging the bedroom so it was more feng shui. Oh, our finch eggs have not hatched yet, I know many have been wondering about this.. We have 3 new eggs now in addition to the one that should be hatching. Anyway, I have also been exploding with gift giving ideas this holiday season! I just taught myself how to fold little "Chinese food" type to-go boxes that I plan to stuff with goodies (maybe pecan buds and cookies or some homemade fudge) and give away...

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Homemade Gift Idea- Origami Treat Box

We have about 8 Victoria's Secret catalogs that are piled up on our living room table. Each catalog has the exact same products in it just in a different order. Anyway I wanted to put them to good use somehow, I was going to use them to start the fireplace up or something. Tonight I came across a fun blog site that I was browsing. One of the articles posted was a tutorial on creating easy origami gift boxes. I thought this was a cute way for me to give some of my homemade goodies this holiday season. I was trying to learn the fold tonight and I used paper from the wasteful Victoria's Secret catalogs. The boxes are actually really cute because of the catalog colors and print and the...

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Holiday craft/ gift idea- Jar of….

I am a firm believer in the fact that sentimental gifts are more meaningful than store bought gifts and they can really brighten a persons day! If you are looking for a special but frugal craft idea this holiday season try this! Make a jar of gratitude, a jar of love or a jar of memories! This is so simple and so deep! All you need is a jar of your choice. Think about the gift recipient and decide what theme you want to use to decorate the jar. Once the jar is decorated you can fill it with strips of paper that have meaningful things written on them. For a gratitude jar you would write all the things you can remember that you are thankful for. Things that...

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Simple Origami Instructions For Kids

Origami is a great craft for kids! Origami improves hand eye coordination and it helps children get used to reading and following written or visual instructions. Below are a few simple origami projects you can try with your kids. Boat Origami [youtube quwDoJVkUX0 Origami Boat] 1. Start with a square piece of paper. 2. Fold in half (point to point) to make a triangle. 3. Fold one point of the triangle upward, and then unfold to make a crease in the paper. 4. Do a reverse fold (open the paper up, grab the creased ends and fold the paper in toward yourself. 5. Flatten top point by folding it down to form a crease then repeat the reverse fold as described above and you are done! Cup Origami [youtube LTH4LzsE1tU Origami Cup] 1. Start with a square piece...

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