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Wordless Wednesday: E's 6 week checkup with our midwife

Over the weekend we made the 4 hour drive down to Summertown, Tennessee for our 6 week checkup at The Farm. We got to stay in our midwife’s cabin again, the same one Everly was born in. I had her right there on the floor where the rocking chair is in this photo. Ah, the memories.

We had some playtime upon arriving at the cabin. We figured letting Everly stretch out on the bed would be a nice change from being cramped in the carseat all day. E had fun playing as you can see in the above photos.

We learned that an increase in humidity impacts a baby’s bottom. Poor Everly got kind of rashy while we were in Tennessee so we put a potty pad (left over from the birth kit) under her and let her go naked for a bit. She liked being free but was also startling much more without clothes on. The fresh air and sunlight did help with the rash though.

The checkup went well and Pamela was very excited to spend time with Everly as you can see. You can read more about how the checkup went in this post.

We had a great time on our trip, it was a time for us to reflect on Everly’s birth and we also made some good memories while we were there.

Less-words Wednesday: Baby Everly is 5 weeks old

I’ve been a slacker on the Wednesday photo posts! The last time I posted one was back when I was knocked up. It was the Less-words Wednesday: Pregnancy Home Stretch Edition.

Now that I am taking over 100 photos of E a week Ive got lots of material to share. Here we go!

She slept in her crib for the first time ever over the weekend. It was just a tiny nap in the crib on her tummy while N and I worked on stuff in the office but it was a milestone since she isn’t to crazy about independent sleep.

It turns out we picked the perfect bedding set because she is crazy about animal print for some reason. There is zebra print on her playmat that she loves to look at. On our couch I have a tiger striped throw that she stares at and now she’s got the bedding set that is full of animal print!

She’s been much more alert and is getting so strong now. She’s just over 5 weeks as of yesterday and we are constantly amazed at how much she is growing. You can see in her eyes how she is starting to understand and analyze the world around her.

She is still so adorable and is sporting the red hair still. I can’t believe she is ours and the we have actually become parents. We love her so much.

She is almost always in cloth diapers but she isn’t too good at signaling me when she needs a change. They say babies will let you know when they need to be changed or fed right? Well, I am not so convinced of this with her.

When she is on her side she’ll have a “blowout” if she naps for many hours straight. At night when we are expecting her to sleep for several hours straight I double up the diaper inserts to prevent diaper leakage and it works well.

When I am not expecting a long nap, like in this photo, and she sleeps for a long time she’s bound to leak. Can you see the pee ring on the sheets around her bum? Those sheets were just changed too, LOL.

Last night she was all diapered, fed and ready for sleep but she wasn’t feeling secure or independent so daddy comforted her all night. She likes to sit and watch him while he is talking to her, it gives me a nice break from her and it gives them good bonding time.

She’s also surprisingly good at holding her head up. When we are burping her or when she is sitting looking at us she insists on lifting her head or she’ll lean back away from our support. She likes to be in control of her own head it seems and she is very strong and good at it. Like I said we love her, she is amazing!

Less-words Wednesday: Pregnancy Home Stretch Edition

There are only two more days until I leave you all and head off to wait on my little girls arrival. I am totally feeling ready for this and am very anxious for labor to begin. Saw the chiropractor yesterday and was all out of whack again. Even more so now that Tater’s bones are grinding against mine in just about every position I am in.

Felt good to be adjusted and all put back in place. Here’s hoping all stays that way for the delivery. With chiropractic care labor and delivery are supposed to be quicker and easier. Yesterdays adjustment was my last before heading off to The Farm.

Before I head off I’ve been sure to write many advance posts and get them all scheduled here to tide you over while we all wait to meet Tater. I’ll also be live blogging via text message (and twitter) while I am at The Farm and through labor/ delivery if conditions permit (subscribe and follow me so you don’t miss a thing).

I’ve also documented all the baby stuff you all have sent and I’ve got many belly shots that will be showcased here via slideshow and whatnot while I am away. Some will even be guest posting here too. So, rest assured you’ll have something to sink your teeth in to while I am having Tater. And now here are some belly shots for you.

Over two weeks ago at 35 weeks pregnant:

More than one week ago at 36 weeks 6 days pregnant:

Then there was a few days ago at 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant:

Tomorrow I am 38 weeks pregnant and ready to blow any second. Being at this stage of the pregnancy totally makes me appreciate and understand why so many ladies agree to labor induction. I mean this is crazy uncomfortable (even more so that all the previous 35 weeks combined) and when you’ve got a doc that wants to get things going via induction it just means that your discomfort and anxiety can end sooner. What is not to like about that?

No, I am not hoping for an induction though. Just saying I totally get it now, if that makes sense.

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Wordless Wednesday: WTF? Edition!!

Why must Jack vomit almost every time he eats? Especially now that we have WHITE carpets?

Perhaps it is because he is apparently swallowing whole pieces of food as opposed to chewing them like every other animal in the world. Yep, those whole bits came right from his stomach!

Nothing like the sound of a cat preparing to vomit waking you from your afternoon pregnancy nap and when you try to quicky move him from the carpet to a vomit safe tiled area. BAM, explosive vomit stream shoots from his mouth and splatters the white carpet. AND, there is not carpet cleaner here for me to clean the mess up with. Double WTF!

Called N and told him to either pick me up so orange dye for the carpet or to bring home some damn carpet cleaner for the explosive vomit mess.

And now I present you with the view of our recently cleaned out basement at the old place.The stuff has been moved out, the carpets are vacuumed and we are just about done cleaning the place-

Wait! WTF is that in the corner? Is the wall leaking again and flooding the basement? I thought it was a dry day today…

Oh, wait. We shouldn’t be surprised. It is just mold, like I’ve been saying all along. Except now we can actually see evidence of it with our own eyes. Big shocker huh?

Notice how it is all pretty and furry it is growing on top of the carpet and up the wood siding? There are black, green and even some gray types all mixed together. Ooo, so enchanting – NOPE!

More like effing disgusting and super bad for the body! Sure mold isn’t a big deal if you can clean it up with some bleach or something. Too bad the mold is growing under and now right on top of totally finished areas that if bleached will look severely destroyed.

It is no wonder N has been draining some major crap from his sinuses since we’ve moved to our new, not toxic house! Now if the slumloards don’t set up a freaking move out inspection with us and take back possession of this shit-hole of a house I am going to get really nasty!

I am talking having all neighbors come over to walk through the house and observe it’s current state, while we video tape the whole thing. Then we’ll call the sheriff and give them the keys to the house with a copy of our video or something. Heck I might even put the walk through video online for the world to see and perhaps I’ll share the address of the house, to warn any future tenants…

Seriously! All I can say is WTF? Okay, I am done now. Happy wordless Wednesday everyone.

Wordless wednesday- things we do without…

Right now it seems there are more products I love and can’t find to buy these days than ever before. Since leaving Arizona we’ve found ourselves unable to find so many items we’ve become attached to.

Please send groceries!

We’ve been looking at the local pet stores like crazy for this litter. It is amazing and we love it because it is natural and super absorbent! No stinky kitty urine smell, no clay stuck to the tub, less litter box changes… Too bad it hasn’t been in stock for 2 months!

The clay litter makes me crazy and we have had to resort back to using it since being unable to buy Arm & Hammer Essentials litter around here. Stinky!

Then there is this yummy tea that makes my pregnancy bloat go away, it is the Orange Ginger Mint tea by Republic of Tea and we’ve looked in every grocery store we can think of for it…

Then there is the bulk strawberry hemp granola we would buy at New Frontiers back in Flagstaff that is also apparently sold at Whole Foods. We have neither of those stores here and have tried the bulk strawberry granola sold by the local natural food store, it stinks!

Lastly there is the Nature’s Gate Hemp lotion we just ran out of… It seems Evansville, IN is just not as natural product oriented as Arizona cities were. It is sad and kind of inconvenient because once you get hooked on those natural products it is impossible to go back!

Do you have any products you are hooked on that ruin your routine when they are out of stock or unavailable? What products are they and why?

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Bubbling with anticipation and watching the world blow by…

Tomorrow is our big ultrasound appointment and we are excited about it. We are dying to know if Tater Tot is a boy or girl and we know you are itching to know too…

Also, we called a local lender today and are waiting to hear if we are pre approved for a mortgage. We are either buying a home in the next few months or we’ll be hunting for a 2 year rental, either way we are preparing to get out of our current lease. Here is why:

Mold is natural everywhere that is why an outdoor control test is done. See all the black mold with a spot of white and a spot of yellow on the control test?

When you look at the two basement tests you can see much less black colored mold (that is naturally occurring in our area as shown by the test) and more yellow and white looking mold growth that is not present as much outdoors as proved by the control test. It looks to be a sign that we have some additional stuff growing and polluting the air within our home that isn’t abundantly present outdoors.

Seems to me like an obvious sign that the air quality within the home is worse than the air quality outside the home, what do you think?

Oh and it’s been raining for less than 24 hours and our basement is filling with water again. Took some more photos to document it all for our landlords.

Now we are having majorly high winds and rain. The power is flickering and turning on and off. I better get off the computer now. Keep your fingers crossed for us and subscribe to this blog so you’ll be the first to know when we share our Tater Tot news!

Remember when…

Remember when I outlined all N’s job uncertainty in this post back on May 2008? Back then we still had no idea where his job search would take us and we were pretty worried that we would end up stuck with the status quo if no better offers came along.

We were barely making end meet, were financially frustrated, itching to start a family, had no chance of buying a home and were ready for a little more job security. Too bad my lady doctor said I was not fertile because of my low weight and N’s job told him they really valued him but could not increase his salary from here on out. That was 5 months ago…

Can you believe how much has happen in 5 months? Holly crap! N got the job in Evansville, IN so we started planing our cross country move. We got engaged 7 days before we were scheduled to move. We made the week long cross country move with minimal drama. We were in our new home for 3 weeks, were planning our wedding for July 2009 then we found out we conceived our first child! I just did the bills and we actually have several hundred dollars left over after everything was paid oh and houses are damn cheap here!

That really is a ton of stuff that fell in to place all at once for us. I guess it makes up for the 3 years we spend in limbo land huh? I almost can’t believe all has worked out for us in such a freaking short amount of time.

Now I just need to master taking photos of water already (I didn’t forget Wordless Wednesday, just a bit late) Lotus says anyone can do it and my camera has a freaking macro setting but my water photos suck big time. I guess you can’t have it all huh? Here are my crappy attempts and a funny video!

Wordless Wednesday October 1st

Happy October 1st guys! Have you started holiday shopping yet? I just bought my first Christmas gift for someone today online. Silly huh? I like to shop in advance though, takes the stress out of the season. Anyway, here is my wordless Wednesday post. I want your captions for the photo though (I need a laugh).

I was on autopilot the other day while making dinner. Those are mashed potatoes in one pan and new potatoes in the other. kind of redundant huh? Got a witty caption for the photo? All I could come up with was “WTF?” but I just know you guys will have something better.

Wordless Wednesday & Wilted Asparagus Tip.

Got Wilted Asparagus?

If you buy fresh asparagus you have probably experienced asparagus wilt after the bunch has been in the fridge for a while. You know it gets all droopy, soft and looks like it needs to be tossed out… I was surprised to learn how many people don’t know that the limp asparagus is NOT bad.

Asparagus are like cut flowers, they need water to stay firm and crisp! If you have mushy wilted asparagus in the fridge don’t throw it out, just stand the the bunch in a shallow bowl of water (cut ends down)! They will perk right up after about 8-12 hours and will be all firm and crisp again.

And now my wordless Wednesday contribution:

My very belated Wordless Wednesday Post

Here is my “Wordless Wednesday”, sure it is a day behind but better late than (than looks wrong, is it then? Hmm) never right? Here is what I have been up to:

Making Yard Sale Signs

There was a cute little cat sticking his head out of the box but he kept ducking away when I would try to capture a photo of him…

Working in the garden

What the heck is this nasty little bugger anyway? I am finding them all curled up and sleeping in my soil and mulch, they are way bigger than (need more grammar lessons on than and then? I might.) caterpillars and aren’t quite worms, plus they only have 6 feet /legs… Any ideas?

Our weekend trip to Grand Falls, Northern Arizona

On Saturday N and I headed out to Grand Falls to see the famous “chocolate falls” on the reservation. It is a little known wonder that is very cool! How many waterfalls have you seen in Arizona? They do exist and this is just one of them!

It was an overcast day with beautiful snow covering the San Francisco Peaks. This is the view heading into Flagstaff, AZ off of I-17.

We drove through flagstaff, AZ and headed east on I-40 towards the reservation. You can see the peaks (the San Francisco Peaks) from there perfectly.

Here is the water that flows into the waterfall, this is the “little colorado river” with the peaks in the background.

Here we are posing for a photo with our doggie infront of Grand Falls. The mist that came up off the waterfall was cool! You can see that it’s windy by our great hair styles!

And now the long awaited photos of the falls, enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday- Vote for Andrew our kitty!

I am contest crazy! I entered this pet contest over at Bissell to win a pet hair eraser vacuum. You can view my kitty and vote by clicking here.

Happy Wednesday!


Oh, while I am shamelessly promoting my contests I should remind you that in 2 days the voting for my cooking chicken video and my VOIP phone service video will end and I need your votes!


Here is a screen shot of my VOIP phone service video for packet 8, it’s being ranked against about 100 other videos and if you vote for mine I could win a spiffy new mac book!!

My cooking chicken video could win me some cash some free el pollo loco food and a spiffy grill. winning is fun and I need some fun after this horrendous week of moving so vote for me k? Thanks dude!

A rant about installation appointments

Well we are still waiting to have our phone/ DSL connected today. We had an appointment for a tech to come out between 12pm & 5pm today, it’s 4pm as I write this and nobody is here.

The whole deal with service calls and connecting utilities is kind of silly. They need access to your home and they make an “appointment” to come out and complete the work. The appointment times usually span the entire day which is just silly. When you are moving from one place to another you are seldom hanging out in one place so the 5 hour middle of the day “appointments” are a pain because you can’t leave your new home to tie up loose ends at the old one cause you might miss your technician.

It would just be much easier if they would schedule a smaller appointment window, say between 2pm & 3pm. It would be even better if they would call you on a cell phone or something before they were headed to your home so you could rush back over to meet them..

Last night the dish network technician came to hook up my satellite 1 hour after their 5 hour appointment window they booked us for, at 6pm which also happened to be right in the middle of dinner time. this is irritating because I went through the trouble of making sure someone was home all day (instead of helping move stuff) and they didn’t even come when they were supposed to.

to me that is the equivalent of us going out for a meal during the scheduled appointment time and demanding that they stay put and wait for us to return at our earliest convince…

I am just ranting because I have a headache (didn’t drink enough water during the move) and my feet hurt from standing/ hauling junk so I needed some “sitting down time” and that happens to be how I write my blogs.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and positive comments about our move! We are so glad to be in and to have the majority of “hauling crap” done! Now we just have to sort through things and get it all put away. Here is what my house looks like today: