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Less-words Wednesday: Pregnancy Home Stretch Edition

There are only two more days until I leave you all and head off to wait on my little girls arrival. I am totally feeling ready for this and am very anxious for labor to begin. Saw the chiropractor yesterday and was all out of whack again. Even more so now that Tater’s bones are grinding against mine in just about every position I am in.

Felt good to be adjusted and all put back in place. Here’s hoping all stays that way for the delivery. With chiropractic care labor and delivery are supposed to be quicker and easier. Yesterdays adjustment was my last before heading off to The Farm.

Before I head off I’ve been sure to write many advance posts and get them all scheduled here to tide you over while we all wait to meet Tater. I’ll also be live blogging via text message (and twitter) while I am at The Farm and through labor/ delivery if conditions permit (subscribe and follow me so you don’t miss a thing).

I’ve also documented all the baby stuff you all have sent and I’ve got many belly shots that will be showcased here via slideshow and whatnot while I am away. Some will even be guest posting here too. So, rest assured you’ll have something to sink your teeth in to while I am having Tater. And now here are some belly shots for you.

Over two weeks ago at 35 weeks pregnant:

More than one week ago at 36 weeks 6 days pregnant:

Then there was a few days ago at 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant:

Tomorrow I am 38 weeks pregnant and ready to blow any second. Being at this stage of the pregnancy totally makes me appreciate and understand why so many ladies agree to labor induction. I mean this is crazy uncomfortable (even more so that all the previous 35 weeks combined) and when you’ve got a doc that wants to get things going via induction it just means that your discomfort and anxiety can end sooner. What is not to like about that?

No, I am not hoping for an induction though. Just saying I totally get it now, if that makes sense.

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0 thoughts on “Less-words Wednesday: Pregnancy Home Stretch Edition

  1. Becky ยป I’ve been told the stretch marks can still show up, just after the baby is out… We will see. So far so good though. I am not convinced the skin will go back. I’ll have hangy belly skin and no stretch marks. Lucky me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I love you so when I say this it is out of love…BITCH! It is not fair that you look so damn cute pregnant! I love your 35 week preggo pics with the grey tank top…you look adorable! I’m so excited to meet her…I can’t wait! I’m going to pray that it all goes smoothly for you with no complications!

  3. Yeah, even 8 months pregnant you have the booty I’m working for at the gym every day! Brat! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see what Tater looks like!

  4. Megan ยป
    I work for mine too girl. Remember how I was teaching and dancing like 8 months ago and for the last 11 years of my life? ;-P
    I can’t wait to see her either. Hope she isn’t bald like I was as a baby.

  5. I have to agree that you look great. You are all baby.

    I hope things start to move along for you soon. I went into labor with my daughter at 38 weeks. Those last few weeks are brutal on the body and just doing anything in general.

    Can’t wait to see the little one!
    .-= Momisodes´s last blog ..Heavy things =-.

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