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Late pregnancy, early labor symptoms. Blunt and graphic talk ;-)

Yep, you guessed it I am doing some more pregnancy TMI posting! If this is not your cup of tea or if you are having breakfast or whatever feel free to skip the post. I’ll understand.

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and last night was the first night I’ve been in actual pain with regards to contractions. You know that cervical pain I’ve been mentioning? Well I’ve now decided it feels like Tater is poking or clawing at the cervix and that I’ll pop and gush water at any moment as a result, lol.

I know it is kind of a strange way to describe it all and technically Tater isn’t touching my cervix since my bag of water/ membranes are separating her from the actual cervix right now. She isn’t clawing the cervix so to speak but I am pretty sure she is stretching or pushing on it based on what it feels like and I am sure that is how it will feel right before my water breaks.

I am not leaking or bleeding and my membranes are still intact as far as I know but the cervical pain sure got worse than normal last night for a few brief seconds. I would not describe the pain as all encompassing or as debilitating by any means. It was more like a stabbing pain inside me where I think my cervix is. The pain would last a few seconds and then go away, like she was bumping something and it caused a stabbing pain.

Didn’t feel anything contracting or tightening during the stabs of pain (it would come before or after) but I did have some lower abdominal aching and some real back aching that N massaged away while I laid on my side.

It all came on late last night right after the tornado sirens sounded and I went out to secure the bunnies. I was making some spaghetti Alfredo (didn’t have fettuccine noodles) with shrimp and N was almost home from work. I took this video of the coming storm, the lightening was way cool. Make sure your sound isn’t on full blast when you play it though. The sirens are loud!

Anyway, I was having a burst of energy so I took a video, got the animals ready for the storm, was cooking dinner and then I even mopped the kitchen floor because there were ants coming in from somewhere and eating somthing off the floor that you couldn’t see.

I was having a few moments of “nesting” or whatever and then the weird pain and uncomfortableness began. At first I would find relief in sitting down but towards the end sitting or laying just didn’t do the trick. It was not like I was crying or screaming in agony like everyone perceives woman should be. It was annoyingly uncomfortable that is all. Not sure if that is normal or what but that is how I felt.

Oh, and how come nobody talks about the constant constipated feeling of late pregnancy when the baby drops? It is like people are scared to say that it feels like you’ve got a 10 lb shit chillin in there. Some have said it is like sitting on a bowling ball, others say you feel like you are trying to carry a bowing ball between your legs. None of those descriptions seem to fit what I am feeling.

After some internet searching I was able to uncover the fact that feeling like “you have to #2” all the time (when you really don’t) is an early labor sign. Yeah, okay so feeling like you need to crap 24/7 means something is definitely getting ready to come out of there (either baby or poo), got it. Was that so hard to say?

It’s like women are afraid to bluntly discuss the yuck parts of labor and pregnancy because they aren’t lady like or something, LOL. Well I am proud to say I lack that behavioral conditioning and I am all for being real about it.

Oh and anyone else have stabbing pain in the anus/ perennium when they bend over? I know this is related to the 10 lb shit I described above, just putting it out there as pretty annoying in my book.

So yeah, my ass hurts along with my tailbone my pubic bone, my belly skin and occasionally my cervix. I am happy to report no diarrhea or hemorrhoids though, what a silver lining huh?

My hormones are changing too. Just the other day I went from sweating my ass off to freezing ass cold in minutes. I stayed huddled under the covers all day and now I’ve got a cold sore coming in so it seems my body is making the shift from human incubator to no longer incubating spawn. Woot.

We are counting down the hours till we leave for The Farm, can’t wait to get this show on the road and to meet our little girl already!

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  1. I’m all about being graphic and real. When I was in early labor all I did was poop. I couldn’t get out of the bathroom. I was afraid I’d push the baby out into the toilet! I just remember being uncomfortable no matter what I did.

    Good thing you’re heading to the Farm this weekend!

  2. Yeah and FYI, when you start pushing the baby out, it feels like your taking a huge shit,lol. A beautiful shit it is though. hahaha. I had all the nasty effects of labor like the stretch marks AFTER I had them and hemorroids. It was horrible. With both my kids I pushed for like an hour or more and all that straining caused them. There’s alot of women I hear that get the baby out in a few pushes though. When your bag of water breaks, it feels like you just pissed your pants.With Faith, since she was my 1st, I got all embaressed and thought I had pissed all over myself and the doctor started laughing, and was like ” it’s ok, your water just broke”.
    I’m so excited for you guys!!! Can’t wait to hear the updates and see pics of her. Any name yet or are you going to wait until she’s born?

  3. It won’t be long now. I can’t believe it’s already coming down to the wire. Have I mentioned that a few million times?

    We’re getting tornado warnings EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s getting old, but last weekend 5 touched down within 5 miles of my house, so I no longer laugh in the face of the sirens.
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  4. I can’t speak much on the pregnancy symptoms but I will say that those sirens alone were scary enough for me – I can’t believe they let them sound for that long at a stretch – you would think intermittent would be a little easier on you or something. Sheesh. Lightning storms are pretty awesome though – the best one I ever saw was at the beach over the water and it was all reflected while I was safe watching from inside a big picture window of a cottage we rented.
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  5. After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

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