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LiveBlog: Tornado Watches give me contractions!

4:42 PM Sitting out the tornado warning, lights are flickering. Me and the cats are hanging out in the down stairs bathroom. Fun times!

5:00 PM: RT @Jeff_Lyons: “Tornado Watch for most of the tri-state now in effect until midnight cdt” That means me! What about the Evansville Birth Network meeting tonight?

5:11 PM – I wanna go eat my brownies but not sure if I am clear to leave the bathroom shelter yet.

5:39:51 PM: Heading out for my birth network meeting, tornado warning is past, we are still under a tornado watch though.

8:15:17 PM: Home from the birth network meeting. Bad weather has passed and now I am ready to have a snack and a rest in bed. Whew, crazy day.

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  1. I enjoy your writing; it was nice meeting you..glad you could dodge a tornado and join us. I can’t wait until we meet you as mommy. Just think..some day your little one can be a cracker crusher at Evansville BirthNetwork too! :p

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