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wedding planning Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
wedding planning Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
We to a big leap of faith, quit our jobs are moved to the the heart of the Shawnee National Forest to follow our dreams of self sufficiency and to make a go of living off the land… Can we help you feed your family?
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wedding planning

A look at the wedding though another photographer’s eyes…

Bridal Potty Time

We were lucky enough to have two different wedding photographers at the wedding, each with a varied style. They both did a great job as I’m sure you’ll agree.

In my previous wedding photos post I talked a bit about how lame I feel in posed photos and how lame I end up looking. I blame my general dislike for posed photos on my short preteen modeling career.

We never do the portrait studio family photo thing (well, last year was the exception), we much prefer to take our own photos as the “in the moment” shots are usually of the most value to us in the long run… but with a growing family of young, squirmy kids, letting someone else take the photos is honestly less stress and headache.

So, to make a long story short, we were open to formal photography for the wedding because it’s one of those things you just do right? We weren’t so sure about how well the photos would turn out, considering the subjects (LOL)… but MAN were we pleasantly surprised!

Eric Cook Photography seriously blew us away with their ability to take formal, staged photos of us where we didn’t look all awkward and overly staged. Even the unstaged photos (like the bathroom one you see to the left) look super fabulous.

A look at the wedding though one of our photographer’s eyes…

For the wedding we knew we needed to secure as many photos of the event as we could, but we didn’t have the budget for thousands of dollars for a wedding photographer, plus we weren’t really looking for someone to provide us with prints of the photos from the wedding… So we hunted around for people looking to launch their photography business (on craigslist!), who had photography skills and a unique take on wedding pictures.

Nathan has a funny story about the craigslist ads we placed, several stories actually. He should blog them… But to sum it up, we got a bunch of headaches and hate mail resulting from the ad and we also found many talented and passionate candidates.


We had OUR Wedding!

It’s official, we had our long awaited wedding! After a five year engagement and adding two daughters to our family, we finally found the time and money to make it happen.

Now that it’s over, I can’t really detect any major difference between pre-wedding and post wedding life… but we did it and have the photos to prove it so I feel better having done it.

Murphy’s Law and Such…

There is so much going on right now, some I can share… some I cannot.

You already know, our very belated wedding is nearing, fast. Remember how we posponed it while pregnant with Everly? When it comes to important life stuff…

 “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Except, for us the “going wrong” isn’t really all that terrible, just inoppotune type stuff like infertility clearing up right after engagement.

Long distance wedding planning & wedding hair styles to consider.

Contracts have been signed, we are having a wedding in 2013. It’s only 3 years belated but now we have two beautiful little girls to share the day with. Spur of the moment we decided to have a wedding with our tax return money, nothing more. Could it be done?

Apparently, our desired venue has NO events booked the month we want to wed and they offered a nice discount to us for booking last minute, so we are committing to make this wedding happen in just a few months!

Milestones and upcoming excitement in 2013

This week has been a milestone week for Everly & Adalyn. They are now playing together, like actually both enjoying the same thing… And they are cooperating. As opposed to parallel play or Adalyn simply undoing everything Everly is trying to do. This is a welcome development. Adalyn has also discovered the joys of trying on her sisters clothes. It was so cute when she came out of their bedroom with an arm load of stuff for me to help her put on.

Everly seems to be really warming to the idea of being a big sister lately. She leads Addie around all day on excursions and she loves to try assisting us in coaxing Addie to do various things (like eat or have a diaper change). We’ve even had a few instances where mom & dad fail to get Adalyn’s cooperation but she’ll do it for Everly. I feel the girls will be conspiring against us sooner rather than later. LOL. One afternoon I even had to intervene as Everly was coaxing Adalyn to wipe her after a poop. It was one for the baby book!

Remember when…

Remember when I outlined all N's job uncertainty in this post back on May 2008? Back then we still had no idea where his job search would take us and we were pretty worried that we would end up stuck with the status quo if no better offers came along. We were barely making end meet, were financially frustrated, itching to start a family, had no chance of buying a home and were ready for a little more job security. Too bad my lady doctor said I was not fertile because of my low weight and N's job told him they really valued him but could not increase his salary from here on out. That was 5 months ago...

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The dress is here, yay!

I am 100% satisfied with my wedding dress purchase. I'll admit I was feeling a bit apprehensive about buying a wedding dress on Ebay but I did my research, covered my butt and when it arrived today is was better than I thought it would be! Yesterday I got a survey request from David's Bridal, they wanted to know how my dress shopping experience went when I visited their store. What a perfect opportunity to share my 2 cents! I took the survey and gave them a piece of my mind. I also told them about finding the same dress in my size for less. Anyway, when I tried this same dress on at the store the beading was all white and it was very pretty but my dress that just arrived...

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My brain is mush, la, la, la (might be the HGC huh?)

My mind is in another place right now and has been for several days. I dropped a hint in the last post that nobody picked up on. Days like this just aren't conducive to being focused and serious in blogging so I am just going to put it all out there and quit trying to pretend like it's not on my mind. We have called our parents so now we can tell the whole blogosphere! You can click the images to enlarge them. That is the 3rd pregnancy test I've taken. I have been feeling woozy. I am not sleeping through the nights, I am peeing a ton, have been dizzy and super achy in my lower back. I have been keeping a journal of my thoughts each day we tested....

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Published articles and too good to be true discoveries…

It is raining like crazy here today! N and I just checked out a local bridal consignment shop that had many dresses that were similar in style to the one I like. They were all smaller than a size 8 too! Also, I have another article published on the web today, I am a guest author @  Turns out some classic Broadway productions are being performed in Evansville over the next few months, yay good theater! So I wrote about it for their site and can't wait to see a few shows with N. If you have time head on by my article (linked above) and show some love! Now for the "too good to be true" discovery: Remember the first wedding dress in my last post that I loved? Well...

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Petite girls like pretty dresses too!!

Over the weekend N and I went wedding dress hunting. Yeah I know the dress is supposed to be a surprise for the groom and all. Problem is I just moved and am now living 1500 miles away from them, I have no "people" to go dress shopping with. I figured it would really be sad if I went alone so N and I talked and we are okay with doing the dress hunting together. Once I find a dress I love I'll do fittings and all the finishing touches by myself, unless one of my lovely readers happens to be near Evansville, IN and wants to be my dress buddy. So back to the dress hunting story, we spent the entire day roaming our new home town. We visited USA bridal...

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A visit to Owensboro, KY and some quality time!

Yesterday N and I went to Owensboro, KY to do another mystery shop and to spend some quality time together. On our way to the mystery shop we stopped in at Abbingtons Bridal House to scope out some dresses. Sadly they did not carry the Jacqueline Exclusive dresses I liked but they did offer me some constructive criticism about what kinds of dresses I should consider for my body type and the owner even jokingly asked me to model a dress in an upcoming bridal show because he loved my hair. I also found another dress that I am  adding to the "I like" file. Here it is: After we were done at the bridal shop (no I did not try and dresses on) we headed to starbucks for a pick me up...

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You asked for it: The wedding dress

Like I said in a comment yesterday I have been only been perusing dresses online because I don't want to get my heart set on one particular dress and have it be unavailable. I am not really a "by the book" kind of girl so my dress selections are a bit different, I think different is good! So here we go! Since I am 1500 miles away from all my girlfriends in Arizona we are going to have a little wedding dress day right here on my blog! It is like you are in the dressing room with me helping me pick a dress huh? Shh, just pretend okay? If you click on the images can see a larger image of the dress. This first dress caught my eye about 5 years...

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Wedding planning and gardening fun…

N and I are making some progress this week. We started making some decisions about our wedding party. I have notified my maid of honor and N is trying to nail down the number of groomsmen he'll have. When he knows how many groomsmen he will have I'll know how many lady friends to make my bridesmaids. We already know we aren't paying for or forcing the bridesmaids to wear a a specific dress style. I'll probably pick a color scheme and then let my girlfriends pick out their own dresses. I am also thinking of having both my brothers give me away, since my father hasn't been in the picture for the last 24 years. We are still trying to come up with wedding venue ideas. Our first choice is to...

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Divide your peonies and enjoy a date night! It is good for the soul.

Holy cow you guys had some great advice and thoughts on wedding planning! I was initially worried about blogging about our wedding planning, didn't want to bore you to tears but you all had some great tips and thoughts for us. Brainstorming as a group is always easier so thanks for sharing you 2 cents it helped a ton! We came up with some good ideas that I can share here if guys want. As for our date, it was well overdue and extremely enjoyable. We went to bonefish grill here in Evansville, it was suggested by some of N's coworkers. The food was mediocre but the service and atmosphere were nice. N's was recognized by two different couples which surprised us. They were polite enough to not intrude on our...

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