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A look at the wedding though one of our photographer’s eyes…

For the wedding we knew we needed to secure as many photos of the event as we could, but we didn’t have the budget for thousands of dollars for a wedding photographer, plus we weren’t really looking for someone to provide us with prints of the photos from the wedding… So we hunted around for people looking to launch their photography business (on craigslist!), who had photography skills and a unique take on wedding pictures.

Nathan has a funny story about the craigslist ads we placed, several stories actually. He should blog them… But to sum it up, we got a bunch of headaches and hate mail resulting from the ad and we also found many talented and passionate candidates.


We found a winner with Pretty Please Photography out of Flagstaff, Arizona because she has a great candid approach to photos which is key because at your wedding it’s all a total blur! Seriously, the day after the wedding when people asked how I felt about it, I couldn’t answer because I hadn’t seen the photos yet. I personally like the “in the moment shots” the best anyway since I often look like a fool in staged shots, so lucky for us we found TaNee’ of Pretty Please Photography.

The photos from TaNee’ are now unveiled and they look great! She got so many intimate captures and many special moments from the wedding, plus some truly beautiful formal photos that I never knew I’d be capable of appearing in (without looking “a fool”, LOL).

Here is a glimpse of what the she captured…

To see all of our photos (for a limited time only as she’ll remove the bulk of them from her site after about a month) click on over to her site via his link: and if you are planning a wedding in Flagstaff, AZ seriously give TaNee’ a shout. Tell her we sent you. She is great, you’ll love her too!

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