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Get in on the pool and win some cash!

When it comes to gaining weight in pregnancy and loosing weight after delivery every woman is different. Since we were planning our wedding before I found out I was pregnant (yeah we do almost everything backwards) baby weight is something that has been in the back of my mind.

I already have my wedding dress in the bedroom closet. It is to big for me right now but will it fit after I deliver the baby? I have joked with people about keeping our initially planned wedding date the same despite the pregnancy. That would mean our wedding is 3 weeks after I have our baby.

The idea is awfully ambitious and may not work out anyway but the mere idea of it brings a ton of questions. Even if we marry 2 years from now will my already purchased wedding dress fit me? Will it be too big or too small after I deliver? How much weight will I gain in pregnancy and how much will be lost?

Anyone who has already had a child has their own weight gain experiences to draw from and amazingly everyone’s predictions are different. Why not turn those predictions in to a fun little game that gets 2 lucky readers some cash?

This is what prompted me to start Talina’s weight gain and loss pool. Guess my delivery weight and how much I’ll weigh 1 week after giving birth. Winner takes 80% of the cash pool, runner up takes 20% (after the paypal fee). Winners will be determined by a point system. Check the Talina’s weight gain and loss pool contest page for info on the point system.

All you have to do is pay $1.00 to get in on the pool ($1.00 per entry), each entry will 1. guess my weight at delivery and 2. guess my weight 1 week after delivery. Use this button to pay your $1.00 and enter your guesses.

You’ll see an area to “add special instructions to seller” on the paypal page. That is where you will enter your guesses. As the entries come in I’ll post them here and update you on how much is in the pool that is up for grabs. The more people that get in on the pool the more you can win so spread the word guys, it will only line your pockets!

I’ll be dropping hints in my blog posts about my weight, appetite and growth. If you subscribe to this blog you wont miss any helpful info!

Last night (17 days after conception) I weighed in at 103lbs, my waist has already grown 1/2 and inch and so have my poor sore boobies. So there is your first bit of info.

Now go forth and join the pool, you know you want to share your guesses! Oh, if you don’t want a chance to win moola but would still like to be able to share your guesses you can do so in the comments area but if you use the button you’ll have a chance to win some cash…

P.S Thanks to Maiden53 I have a spiffy little pregnancy widget there just to the right of this blog post… Do you see it? I like it because it tells how far along I am and what is going on with me. This is mostly for my own educational purposes but I figure you might care too.

P.S.S I am also thinking about buying myself a purple plate from Witchypoo‘s shop to help with the pregnancy. Do you think that would help? I am still new to the whole purple plate thing but it seems like a good idea.

The dress is here, yay!

I am 100% satisfied with my wedding dress purchase. I’ll admit I was feeling a bit apprehensive about buying a wedding dress on Ebay but I did my research, covered my butt and when it arrived today is was better than I thought it would be!

Yesterday I got a survey request from David’s Bridal, they wanted to know how my dress shopping experience went when I visited their store. What a perfect opportunity to share my 2 cents! I took the survey and gave them a piece of my mind. I also told them about finding the same dress in my size for less.

Anyway, when I tried this same dress on at the store the beading was all white and it was very pretty but my dress that just arrived today has sparkly silver beading mixed in with the white beading. It sparkles when light hits it! It is so pretty and looks way better than the one I tried on in the store.

Plus the size 2 fits my chest area perfectly, the dress is still big in the hips but that works out great with getting pregnant. I am sure my hips will expand a few inches huh? The dress gives me just enough room to grow with pregnancy. I figure I’ll just do alterations on the dress after I have our baby and right before the wedding. See everything happens exactly when it is meant to.

In other news I am also having less nausea today, that is always a good thing! I think the giddy excitement for everything is just starting to hit me. Yay for weddings and being pregnant! It is not happening in the most preferable order but we are just darn grateful anyway!

Again I am experencing the infamous 2 week wait…

Pardon this random thoughts blog post, I am forced to stay off my foot (I banged up my left ankle and need to keep it elevated and iced) so I am forced to sit here over thinking stuff. My over thinking goes hand in hand with my writing so that has resulted in me blabbing on and on today with this post. If you are short on time or would prefer to not know about my period/ fertility please feel free to move on, I’ll understand.

The infamous 2 week wait started 6 days ago. That means I was able to confirm ovulation (with at least 3 consecutive days of higher temperatures), we tried to conceive and now all that is left to do is wait a) till the period comes or b) till it is late enough to test for pregnancy.

The two weeks after ovulation aka DPO (days past ovulation) are often the most nerve wracking for couples who are trying to conceive because testing during this time is considered too early for accurate results and well, who is good a waiting? Not me!

So yeah, we are on 6 DPO today and I noticed some achyness/ crampyness earlier today. This is significant to me because it could be a sign of implantation (like I said, I am over thinking things) but cramping is usually accompanied by slight spotting when implantation occurs and I have not noticed any spotting.

[Update– 2 days after writing this post I experienced a temperature dip of about .4 degrees, it lasted 1 day. the following day my temperature went back up. I have learned that this is referred to as an “implantation dip”. Still no spotting has been noticed but I am still cramping.]

We have 12 more days to go until my period is expected, I’ll either get my period right before the band/ guard tour or I’ll do a pregnancy test once I get back from tour. Do you think riding roller coasters on tour would be bad if I don’t get my period? Hmm..

Oh, if you have a chance will you follow this link and vote for my mother (mom you can vote for yourself too!)? I entered her in a contest, she could win a spa vacation! It is a mothers day type contest. Anyway all you need to do is give the photo a 10, it would be cool if she won.

What they don't really explain about the pill..

When you are a teen and sex starts crossing your mind getting on the pill seems like a great option, I know because this was my thought process as a teen. In my state (Arizona) teens could head to planned parenthood wanting to go on the pill and would be given a prescription without even having a parent present. They made it so easy and it really did keep me from getting pregnant as a teen.

Now I am 26 year old woman who has been off the pill for over a year. Initially while I was on the pill I noticed a decline in vaginal lubrication (caused by the hormones in the birth control pills I was taking) and sex became painful and not so much fun to have. Eventually I decided to talk to a doctor about my symptoms and I was told to stay on the pill because my painful sex could be endometriosis.

I finally decided to go off the pill because I was in a committed/ long term relationship and I was responsible enough and ready to deal with any potential pregnancy, plus I wanted sex to stop hurting and I suspected the pill was casing me to dry up. Coming off the pill didn’t offer any immediate relief to my symptoms but I had a feeling it would eventually.

Over time my body has gone back to normal but it has been slow improvements. My cycle lengths are still all mixed up and I have had several anovulatorty cycles since going off the pill. I also just learned that the “average recovery time from the Pill can last up to 18 months. Ovulation can be occurring regularly, but it can still take time for the cervix to heal and produce adequate CM (cervical mucus) for sperm survival. The Pill shrivels up the parts of the cervix where good quality CM is produced, and because the cervix is so delicate – healing can take time.”

Knowing what I know now I can say that I would not go back on the pill to prevent pregnancy because it just takes way to long for my body to get back to normal after it. As a teen it was a good option but as an adult I just wouldn’t want to take it and potentially loose more fertile time. It wold have been nice if I was adequately educated about these side effect when I was a teen seeking birth control.

Did/ do you take the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy and how did your body respond after you went off the pill? How long did it take for you to conceive? Any thoughts or opinions about the pill and how it impacts your fertility after coming off it?

The test results are in, and THEY SUCK!

This morning I got an email suggestion from Teeni with a yummy suggestion to help us conceive, ICE CREAM (you can read the article here)! A book called The Fertility Diet offers suggestions to help you conceive, like having ice cream and other dairy fat times. Another book I have been eyeing about this very same topic is Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition.

Turns out I’ll be needing to read these books for solutions because my doctor has not offered anymore insight into what is going on with my body. I got my blood test results back, via a little generic note that came in the mail on Friday.

After being told I “am not ovulating” at my annual exam by my doc I went across the hall and the ultrasound tech said I had either ovulated or just passed a cyst. They drew blood and sent me on my way to stress out about what is wrong with me.

Weeks later the result is, nothing… Nothing looks wrong with my blood hormone levels. So did I ovulate or not last cycle?¬† If so was it on a different day than my chart reflected because we had intercourse on that day and I am NOT pregnant! Are they wrong about my low body weight and my estrogen levels now since my blood results are normal? What is the next step?

Allow me to pause for a moment and scream…. (again this image is not mine, I found it via google images. It belongs to:

So, what is the solution? NOTHING! This is why I am not so fond of modern medicine.. they don’t know much and seldom help the situation. So I am going back to doing things MY way which is the natural way. I have no idea why I didn’t get pregnant last cycle if all is working the way it should.. Maybe I was just not the right time huh?

Well, I am still charting and am paying close attention to my cervical fluids.. We are getting closer and closer to fertile looking cervical fluid so we will just try again and see if we are successful. I am eating more foods, trying to get all the unnatural crap put of my diet and will continue to look for natural ways to do right by my body, hopefully it all works.

My students got 3rd place!

I slept in for about an hour today after getting back into town at 12:30 am last night with my students. Yesterday was state championships and I am so proud of them! The received 3rd place/ the bronze medal for their performance. They have com such a long way this year and have worked so hard to achieve this! They totally deserved this and I hope they are loving the feeling of success!

Yesterday was a long day, we got to the show site @ about 11:30am, they performed at 1:30pm and then we had to wait for awards which were at 8pm. We also got to see many very skilled groups from all over the state.

I am officially on my period now and am wondering if my doctor was accurate in her interpretation of what is going on with my body. First thing she said is that I am not ovulating though my chart clearly shows ovulations occurred, next she says I need to force my period so they can measure my estrogen levels during my period. She gives me hormones to for my period to come that I will need to take for 10 days, I take on pill before bed and at 4 am I wake up with my period… So I am wondering if my cycles are happening as normal but just over an extended amount of time. Any thoughts?

So, I have been instructed to not take the pills that cost me $40 since my period is now here. Monday I will have more blood drawn and then I’ll be told what the next step to all this is.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, it is warm here so I think I’ll spend some time digging in the dirt and tending to my plants!

I am home from the Doc…

I am home from the doc and my arm is sore from having blood drawn. I did a urine test and it came back negative for the pregnancy hormone. I also got to be a “training” patient today as my regular doc was being shadowed. Don’t worry they asked for consent and since I have been observed before I didn’t mind and extra set of hands and eyes.

N came with me to the doc today and I am glad he did because we got some weighing news. In addition to not being pregnant my doctor confirmed my suspicions about whacked hormone levels. She even said that I most likely did not ovulate as my chart suggests. Oh and am am still likely to have endometriosis.

My weight may be a factor in my hormone imbalance/ infertility. The other thing that could be causing all this is my thyroid. Right then and there we did blood work to check hormone levels, I got a vaginal ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus. I just ruptured a cyst according to the ultrasound tech and I may or may not have ovulated.

I was prescribed natural progesterone to force my period so that more blood work could be done during the period. I was also informed that I only have 16% body fat and that until I get to 20% I wont have regular cycles.

I am trying to gain 1-2 pounds a week to get me to my ideal weight of 125lbs and I am now waiting for blood test results. Basically I am not pregnant because I am not currently fertile. Nice huh? So that is the update from the doctors office!

I am feeling out of it today and sort of emotionally drained. I am munching on an everything bagel with garden vegetable cream cheese, I’ll have hot pockets for lunch and will snack as much as I can until dinner when we are having pizza. I am trying to gain weight but it is not as easy as eating more..

So, yeah- that is all I have right now.

I just need to get through today..

Tomorrow I have my lady doctors appointment and will hopefully have more info about what is going on with me. 4/19 will mark the 18th day of my high temperatures if they remain up, I can’t imagine my gyno not knowing if am pregnant 3 days before my 18th day.. I hope that is not the case because frankly I am sick of waiting to know…

N will be home tonight just in time to be around for my doctors appointment tomorrow. I just need to stay busy today and keep my mind off of the what ifs.

Now, for a different topic-

How do you counter the tendency to be overly determined with too much work ethic? My students need to have fun in this last week of their performance season but they are too serious and I am trying to break the “work, work, work” cycle so they will have fun while practicing.

It is kind of odd to have a group of high school girls who work too hard but I do. All the judges this weekend said they needed to enjoy their performance and just have fun with it at this point. They look to serious.

Any ideas or suggestions?

How charting your temperature can give insight about your hormones.

Fertility awareness combines charting of your waking temperatures, and other signs of fertility to track, monitor and understand what is happening with your body reproductively speaking. People who are into doing things the natural way, those who are having trouble conceiving a child and those who are religious often learn the fertility awareness method. It allows you to conceive or prevent conception of children during your fertile years.

Today I am outlining the two reproductive hormones Estrogen and Progesterone that are naturally produced by our bodies and how your waking temperature (BBT) provides information about your bodies production of these hormones.

Obviously your waking temperatures can be inaccurately influenced by sickness, fever, the time you take your temperature from day to day, alcohol consumption and many other factors but if you are thorough in noting these occurrence and inconsistencies you will be able to make sense of your bodies function through these temperatures.

Basically estrogen typically results in cool waking temperatures, progesterone results in warmer temperatures. A normal reproductive cycle (from the end of menstruation to the next menstruation period) looks like this:

  • A period of lower waking temperatures/ estrogen is present.
  • Then a temperature dip followed by an increase in temperature/ progesterone is present.
  • After 3 consecutive days of elevated temperature you can confirm that ovulation occurred.
  • Sometimes dip in temperature during the high temperature days is noted anywhere from 5-12 days past ovulation (DPO) and this is often referred to as “the implantation dip” which means the woman may have become pregnant.
  • The high temperature days (DPO) typically last from 11-15 days and are followed by a decline in temperature (which also means a decline in progesterone) that leads to menstruation.

Some notes about pregnancy and your temperature chart:

If your temperature does not decline after 18 days you are likely to be pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test is recommended if you note 18 days of high temperatures after ovulation.

The two weeks between ovulation and the day you expect to get your period is often referred to by women trying to conceive as “the 2 week wait” because If you had intercourse around your ovulation time you will not know if you are pregnant till the 2 week period has passed.

Taking a pregnancy test during this 2 week period is not recommended, it will often render inaccurate results because the HCG hormone that the tests detect will not be produced until after implantation has occurred and the hormone has had a chance to build up in your body. Implantation can happen anywhere from 5-10 days after ovulation, it does not happen immediately.

A sample chart is available for your to view here. If you are interested in getting an electronic chart like it or want to find out more about charting your fertility I would encourage you to use the sign up link at the top of the chart.
Did you know?

  • Excessive creamy cervical fluid is noted in pregnant women and it often concerns women because they don’t know it is normal and common.
  • High temperatures during menses (your period) is normal.
  • Not all women experience a temperature dip before ovulation, this is normal.
  • The only way to predict future ovulation is by observing your cervical fluid. Eggwhite, stretchy cervical fluid means ovulation.
  • Charting your fertility signs will help you to know what is going on with your hormones and it can help your doctor diagnose any hormone imbalances. Charting is beneficial for those trying to prevent pregnancy, achieve pregnancy and it is even beneficial for those who are approaching or experiencing menopause.