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I am home from the Doc…

I am home from the doc and my arm is sore from having blood drawn. I did a urine test and it came back negative for the pregnancy hormone. I also got to be a “training” patient today as my regular doc was being shadowed. Don’t worry they asked for consent and since I have been observed before I didn’t mind and extra set of hands and eyes.

N came with me to the doc today and I am glad he did because we got some weighing news. In addition to not being pregnant my doctor confirmed my suspicions about whacked hormone levels. She even said that I most likely did not ovulate as my chart suggests. Oh and am am still likely to have endometriosis.

My weight may be a factor in my hormone imbalance/ infertility. The other thing that could be causing all this is my thyroid. Right then and there we did blood work to check hormone levels, I got a vaginal ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus. I just ruptured a cyst according to the ultrasound tech and I may or may not have ovulated.

I was prescribed natural progesterone to force my period so that more blood work could be done during the period. I was also informed that I only have 16% body fat and that until I get to 20% I wont have regular cycles.

I am trying to gain 1-2 pounds a week to get me to my ideal weight of 125lbs and I am now waiting for blood test results. Basically I am not pregnant because I am not currently fertile. Nice huh? So that is the update from the doctors office!

I am feeling out of it today and sort of emotionally drained. I am munching on an everything bagel with garden vegetable cream cheese, I’ll have hot pockets for lunch and will snack as much as I can until dinner when we are having pizza. I am trying to gain weight but it is not as easy as eating more..

So, yeah- that is all I have right now.

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7 thoughts on “I am home from the Doc…

  1. Awww – sorry it wasn’t news of a new little Talina or Nathan on the way but still it IS good news because now you know what you CAN do to increase your chances of getting pregnant! My cousin, like you, was very slim and didn’t have enough body fat to get pregnant. But you’ll get there, Talina! First get those weight and hormone issues straightened out so you will not have a hostile growing environment for the baby and so you’ll be the healthiest mom around for the little booger! 🙂 Hang in there, kid. Hugs to you!

    teeni’s last blog post..I’m Chatty and The 4th Occasional Teeni Awards

  2. You want to be sure you have a healthy baby carriage before you put the baby in it. It’s good that you are taking care of these things. Babies seem to have their own schedules, no matter how impatient we are.

    witchypoo’s last blog post..Grammie’s Present

  3. Ack, negative results are hard no matter what.

    Okay, as for weight gain, I feel your pain. I have a healthy weight gain cookbook here if you would like me to type you out some of the better recipes? It is a matter of eating more calories, without making yourself sick on junk. I have been there and am finally at my ideal weight.

    Veronica’s last blog post..No ADSL For Me

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