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The dress is here, yay!

I am 100% satisfied with my wedding dress purchase. I’ll admit I was feeling a bit apprehensive about buying a wedding dress on Ebay but I did my research, covered my butt and when it arrived today is was better than I thought it would be!

Yesterday I got a survey request from David’s Bridal, they wanted to know how my dress shopping experience went when I visited their store. What a perfect opportunity to share my 2 cents! I took the survey and gave them a piece of my mind. I also told them about finding the same dress in my size for less.

Anyway, when I tried this same dress on at the store the beading was all white and it was very pretty but my dress that just arrived today has sparkly silver beading mixed in with the white beading. It sparkles when light hits it! It is so pretty and looks way better than the one I tried on in the store.

Plus the size 2 fits my chest area perfectly, the dress is still big in the hips but that works out great with getting pregnant. I am sure my hips will expand a few inches huh? The dress gives me just enough room to grow with pregnancy. I figure I’ll just do alterations on the dress after I have our baby and right before the wedding. See everything happens exactly when it is meant to.

In other news I am also having less nausea today, that is always a good thing! I think the giddy excitement for everything is just starting to hit me. Yay for weddings and being pregnant! It is not happening in the most preferable order but we are just darn grateful anyway!

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0 thoughts on “The dress is here, yay!

  1. Well… yeah, after baby weight is an issue, but dangit T is going to do just fine, I KNOW it. Or at least I hope I do. T, take no note of when or how often I’ve been wrong before… really it was only a few times, regardless what my daughters might tell you.

    I worried about posting this link:
    because I didn’t want to offend you. Believe me, I am NOT suggesting that you, N, or any of your friends, relatives, or guests will commit such “social sins” that are documented there.

    The reason I decided to go ahead and post it is because both my daughters and I had so much fun and stress relief from reading it while planning their weddings. I notice there’s a category for baby showers now.

    I’m not nearly as sensitive about registries as most of those are at that site. In fact, I think it would be pretty cool of you to include links to your registries (both wedding and baby) somewhere on your site.

    Then again, I’ve never been accused of being socially acceptable, so… do what you want 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m so happy that your dress is even BETTER than expected! Now that the dress search is over for you, I will tell you that I never really was happy with any service I ever got at David’s Bridal. So even cooler that you scored the same dress but better. 🙂

  3. I think that T will be “one of those women” that does not put on any extra baby fat and will look as petite within a week of the baby being born (with ample boobs) as she does now – unlike myself that put on 50 pounds with each baby and took yrs to get rid of it all!!

  4. @Donna B.: I am glad you posted the link. N and I have been wondering about certain etiquette issues but at the same time we are like “we’ll do what we want it is our dime”. We certainly aren’t considered “socially acceptable” either… Finding the balance is the fun part! I am checking your link right now!

  5. Ha! We seem to be having a heated debate on how much baby weight I’ll gain. Too funny! Perhaps we should do a pool to see who can guess how much I’ll gain before delivery and also how much I’ll weigh a week after the delivery. This could be fun…

  6. Donna B:, thanks for the link to etiquettehell.com, I linked to it, and lost myself for 1/2hour,, lol. I will have to bo back to it when I have some time to read it without disruption!
    Talina, you look georgeous in the dress! And I was admiring the bathroom,, lol, are those built in cupboards?

    Loris last blog post..Eye still spy, and say WHY???

  7. Lori: It is actually a built-in cabinet in the bathroom. It would seem to indicate they really knew how to build houses with built-in storage back in the 30’s and 40’s!

  8. I wouldn’t be so worried about your hips expanding (although, it does happen) I would be worrying about your boobs!

    Mine are a good cup size larger than prior to getting pregnant. Just thought I’d let you know, so you are prepared!

    And I agree, the dress is gorgeous.

  9. I lost all my baby weight from my daughter within the first 2 weeks of giving birth (I was 20 when I had her). With my son, I’m still trying to lose the weight!! He’s 3 and I had him when I was 30:)

    Your dress is beyond beautiful and you look amazing in it. Everything will work out perfectly…just the way its supposed to.

    Beckys last blog post..Lazy

  10. @Momisodes: I will deliver about 3 weeks before our wedding date was planned… We’ll probably push the wedding back a year beyond delivery since we are marrying 1800 away from where we live. Isn’t flying with a newborn bad news?

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