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Soon I'll be able to read street signs again!

Well we got up very early and pushed off to Sam’s Club for my optometrist appointment. All in all I got my 1 pair of glasses and my eye exam for $150, I paid 100% out of pocket because we wont have insurance until late November.

Turns out I have 20/70 vision and am near sighted. The doc said I have no other eye problems and that I just have mild vision issues. He said the folks at the BMV just were being all mean and embarrassing and that my sight was not that bad. Just can’t read small print from very far away.

So getting the eye doctor thing taken care of was nice, then we grabbed some necessary groceries from Sam’s Club and came home. I had a headache from the eye doc tests so we relaxed for awhile. I ended up taking a nap which is pretty unusual for me.

We got in to “a baby is coming” mode while at the bookstore today and ended up buying The Pregnancy Journal; A Day-To-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancyso we could track progress and also learn about the pregnancy process. Speaking of pregnancy it seems people are rather divided about my baby weight as the last post’s comments suggest.

I am thinking about hosting a little betting pool on how much I’ll gain in pregnancy and how much weight will remain after the delivery. I am thinking $1.00 per guess to get in on the pool, then the winner and runner up will take the pool a few weeks after the delivery. What do you think? Winning some cash would be pretty sweet for the winners and we can all speculate about how my body will handle this pregnancy.

I know some of you might think I am a bit perverse for putting this very personal thing on display for the whole bloggosphere, I am just not a shy person and I think it will be interesting to have a pool going. What do you say, are you game?

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  1. I think the idea of a baby pool is great. This is your time, and you should be able to enjoy it however you want, and with whoever you want.

    Glad you were able to get your glasses so quick…and shame shame on the BMV people.

    Beckys last blog post..Lazy

  2. I’m game 🙂

    A friend of mine got a widget for her myspace page and it had cute little sayings that the baby may have wanted to say. Plus it was a count-down to her due date. I wonder if there is such a thing for WP?

  3. Im down for a game! Can we bet a dollar for each pound or just do we only get one pick? BTW I want to but a plane ticket and fly out there to give you a hug! I have some pregnancy books to that were awesome I can send them your way if you like!?! I miss you and hope you and N are doing well! I love you!
    P.S I got a Cat!!! His name is Monkey, and he sure does act like one!

  4. @Krystal McCarthy: Congratulations an your cat! I love cats. Cute name too.

    If you get a wild hair and want to fly out here I would love to have you (it’s very far though). I miss not being a short drive away from you guys… I will be in Arizona in January, that should be baby shower time huh? Will i be showing by then?

    Oh, you can bet as many times as you want. It is $1.00 per guess, the more you bet the more will be won. Oh and I would love pregnancy books. I’ll email you my address if you have some you’d like to part with I could totally use them.

    Hugs, I miss you!

  5. I bet your body is going to do very well with this pregnancy… you’re SO in shape that I bet you end up with a little bump that will go away fairly easily.

    HEY…are you going to be teaching this year?

  6. @Hyphen Mama: So far I am not working with any local groups, demand for instructors is low right now but I am still writing choreography for the two groups I worked with in Flagstaff. I am recording videos of my lessons and sending them via the web to the groups. I expect this to continue until the holidays. I am not sure if I’ll be continuing with them through the spring, I might be too pregnant to do that sort of thing by that point.

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