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Been new parents for 7 weeks now…

… and nobody ever told us that we would be doing chores during nap time, as N pointed out this morning. We did dishes, fed and watered the animals, hung the laundry to dry, stuffed cloth diapers and ironed a few of N’s dress shirts while Everly slept for an hour.

Nobody can ever really make you understand just how much your life changes once you have a baby! I am not gonna lie, we are so looking forward to when our free time increases a bit once she’s older. Right now the constant need to be held is rough on us.

Finding the time to feed and care for ourselves is verging on impossible with little 7 week old Everly. That comes with the territory though, that’s what we’ve been told at least…

We had a good 6 week checkup with our midwife at The Farm this past weekend. We stayed in the cabin that Everly was born in, it was so cozy and quiet. We relaxed a bit but things weren’t quite as leisurely as we had expected.

Turns out little E doesn’t like being away from home right now. She was extremely overstimulated and had a pretty hard time going down for naps and sleeping at night. We even brought her beloved swing that she falls asleep in at night but the different surroundings left her acting uneasy and unable to relax, even in the swing.

Pamela examined us and said we were both very healthy and doing great. E got weighed and she was too big for the baby scale (almost 11lbs). She’s also gained 2 inches in length since birth so her growth is great which means breastfeeding is going great too.

My 4th degree tear repair was done very well according to Pamela. She was very impressed with how nicely the stitches healed up and she says my pelvic floor is very firm and all back together. By 3 weeks postpartum my bleeding had stopped and the tenderness of the stitches was gone, that is apparently remarkable healing for such a bad tear.

All in all things are on track following labor and delivery, we are glad to hear this. I still can’t believe we are parents though. Staying in the cabin and looking at the spot there on the floor where I delivered E is surreal.

Our midwife was telling me that she’s been sharing my birth experience with all her students too. She thinks it was pretty great how I was “in a trance” and so relaxed during labor and transition. She tells everyone how calm Everly’s birth was and keeps complementing me on it.

I still can’t grasp it all, I know I had a baby but it still hasn’t sunk in how truly huge and amazing that fact is.

Anyway, now we are home and getting back in to the swing of things. E seems much more relaxed and comfortable now that we are back too. She slept great last night and we had band rehearsal today which went well. Tomorrow E and I will have a day off to relax and get caught up on some stuff before another busy day on Thursday. Fun, fun!

Officially, sort of back to work? Perhaps.

I am not dead, just blog slacking. Big surprise huh?

Yesterday was the start of my back to work adventure: teaching colorguard with a local marching band. It’s my super part time work that I am way passionate about.

I’ve always been able to handle the rehearsal schedules and the long hours outdoors but combining that with being a mom is way different!

Yesterday Everly and I went for a 6-9pm outdoor rehearsal. I had the stroller, baby seat and ring sling. She wouldn’t tolerate being in any of those for very long. I held her against on my left shoulder for almost the whole 3 hour rehearsal.

Things went well, she napped for a few min here and there on my shoulder but was awake for most of the time. She fussed and really only had a meltdown once right at the end of rehearsal while closing comments were being made by the staff.

Today we are back at it again! Dropped N off for work, came home to eat and try to get her to nap. This evening we head back out to rehearsal and then to bring N home from work.

It’s no doubt nice to get out of the house and do something other than care for Everly. It is exhausting as well. It also leaves like no time for blogging, paying the bills, laundry and all that other stuff that I’ve been slacking on.

I am still trying to figure out exactly how I’ll make it all work, this is obviously the hardest part with E being so young. I am thinking it will get better as she gets older, only time will tell.

Oh, E is 6 weeks old today! We are going to see Pamela for her 6 week checkup this weekend too, we are excited and so is Pamela. Well that is all to report for now, just wanted to let you know I wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. Wednesday we don’t have rehearsal so I’ll have time to update, if I can find the motivation.

Count down 8 days to go…

Today is our going away party/ potluck. N is making a pasta salad from scratch and I am making pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls from scratch, mmmm. We are going to eat, drink¬† and hang out with people, this is our last chance to before we leave Arizona.

Choreographing routines and working band camps has ended for me. If you are interested to see what I have been putting together here is a video:

After the party today N has 1 more day of work left then we focus on last minute packing and cleaning. We move in 8 days it is pretty surreal for us but also exciting! Here we go!

Count down, 12 days to go!

N is back home from Peach Springs, he was sent out there to cover some breaking news yesterday. I guess there was lots of flooding out that way that really caused some issues for tourists and residents. Today he will be covering a John McCain appearance in Flagstaff.

Dispite the station being shut down he will still be working until August 26th so he has a few days of work left before we head out. I’ll be teaching until Saturday so we both have some more days of work left.

I wanted to share this little treasure with you… She has not been named yet but she sure needed a loving home. When we saw her she was super dehydrated and was skin and bones. She was living outside in the arizona desert with her 2 other litter mates. As a result she hid all day and very rarely come out of hiding, even to eat or drink. She is unique with her tortoiseshell markings. She is doing much better now, here is a photo of her:

I am off to a NAU rehersal tonight and boy am I sore from the previous 2 days of rehersals. The dance moves are kind of making me feel old but it is also nice to stay active even if it does cause some major soreness. I have found that when your muscles are sore it is best to keep moving as opposed to babying the sore muscle. Muscles that stay active are less painful than muscles that sit idle and stiffen up after a workout. I guess I’ll go do some leaps and stretching now to loosen up my muscles. Here is what I’ll be working on:

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Am I crazy? Probably!

First I should update you all on how the weekend of N’s work parties went huh? The station closing down party was sad and weird at the same time. We said goodbye to many really great people and were also creeped out by others.

Channel 2 is officially off the air and now N is out covering some massive flood in the area, he is staying the night out in the middle of nowhere so he can go live for the phoenix news station after the Olympics tonight. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow but who knows… John McCain is apparently making an appearance out there so he may have to stay and cover that also.

Yesterday I was all excited about the possibility of doing some mystery shopping along the way to Indiana. Is that crazy of me? I personally think that any opportunity to make a little money is great, even if it is during our Arizona to Indiana road trip madness. I know I have the tendency to heap too much on myself but this could be fun you know.

So far we are signed up to visit a hardware store, a casino and a tanning salon. I am trying to find a restaurant an perhaps a coffee shop for us also, I figure those would be beneficial for us and also an easy money maker. Mystery shopping is great if you have an eye for detail and have some customer service experience (like I do).

In the past we have shopped places like ace hardware, buffalo wild wings and best buy. It’s kind of cool to be able to help improve customer service while getting paid to vist the places you probably already frequent. So that si something I am stoked about.

I am writing this as I relax between teaching sessions over at NAU today. I am working their summer band camp and am choreographing for them before I leave for Indiana, yeah I know we are moving in exactly 2 weeks.

Many have asked me why we aren’t just focusing on getting things in order for the move during these last 14 days… Well, N is working till the 26th anyway and we basically have most of the preparations for the move done already.

Plus, I am making us some moola for the move so it is all good right? That doesn’t mean I wont be 100% drained when this week is over though. Sigh, life is good.

Oh and guess who’s washer just shimmied across the floor as it’s gears were grinding to a pulp… Yep, you guessed it, it is ME! We are now without a washer in addition to having a leaking kitchen sink. Sweet huh?

Something other than moving to report!

Today I got a break from the usual packing, sorting and inventorying. I stopped by my old high school group’s clinic and helped out a bit, got to exercise and spend some time doing fun stuff this afternoon and I got a break from the daily grind of moving preparation so that was nice.

N had the official talk with his work yesterday! It is public now, we are leaving Flagstaff and he is not continuing employment with his current company. His contract is up August 26th 2008, that has lifted a huge weight from his shoulders. He will have less responsibilities as opposed to doing the work of 3 people. He’ll get paid for any overtime hours he works unlike his current employer who expects 10 hour days 5 days a week and any on call time they see fit without extra compensation. Plus, the living will be easier financially! I am happy that he will get to move on to bigger and better things, it is about time!

The best part of giving "official notice" was that they didn’t see it coming! His boss honestly thought he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) get anything better. Proving them wrong was nice and it was also a morale booster for him. I am not sure what they are going to do without him, since he does everything but it is time to move on and let all this go.

I hope to get more packing and sorting done this evening, I think I may procrastinate though cause I am tired and lazy! The car ( our Isuzu Amigo) died on me on the way to the guard clinic this morning so we need to figure out the idle problem tonight and basically I just want to relax and be lazy!

I’ll feel better when I have more physical proof of all the progress that has been made, you know like having the new RV in the driveway or having piles and piles of boxes that are sorted and ready to move… Until I have something to show for all the work we have been doing I’ll feel like I am not doing enough. That is the fun of moving right?

It’s all good though! Moving is hard work and costs lot of money but the end result is so promising and exciting that I don’t even care. Woho, we’re moving to Evansville, Indiana!

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Updates and breaking news!

I am home today and am enjoying the weekend. The colorguard camp ended Saturday and it went very well. They kids learned so much and were a blast to work with. Now I am ready for some rest this weekend and to make some progress at home!

N and I looked at a Winnebago Saturday afternoon that was another great option for us! It was in great condition and was at a reasonable price! We are strongly considering it as our “winner” but are planning to have it inspected by a certified mechanic first.

We spent the afternoon trying to get stuff done for the yard sale and the move. N painted up some of our older gardening furniture and planters for the yard sale.

I thought it would be a good idea to sell the gardening bench and plant holders with some of our smaller plants and some cuttings included. It will make us some extra money and will help us have less to move!

So he was a painting machine and I spent time transplanting herbs, taking mint cuttings and planting stuff to sell. We could really manage to get rid of some plants, especially the ones that aren’t bulbs since those are going to be the heaviest to move!

Here is just a glimpse of the plants we have on the porch, as you can see there are too many!

I guess there was a major helicopter crash in town today at the hospital… Here is the footage from today.

Also, a major fire started today south of us and just north of my parents, out near crown king. N might be heading out that direction tomorrow. It is so sad when awful things happen like this, they seem to come in waves too. Both the crash and fire happen today and I just hope tomorrow is calmer. Hopefully the breaking news will calm down soon!

N needs to get some time off at the end of the week, he has been sick all week long and his sister is visiting us for the 4th of July.

Oh and Blogger hates me today! I am trying to make the blog rounds and am attempting to comment but I keep getting this silly error:

Here are the comments I was going to leave:

@ louceel: “What a lovely description of the relationship you have with Francis and a touching story.
I am sorry you are losing a friend, it is always a difficult thing.”

@ pipper: “I totally had the same type of situation happen to me. I wrote my opinion about something that happened at my old high school, someone didn’t agree with my opinion so they tried to get everyone all fired up about what I wrote, just to cause problems. Some people are just not strong enough or open enough to be able to hear/ read someone else’s opinion and accept that it is their own right to share it.

My blog is like my “this is how I want to be all the time” reminder. I try to write positive stuff and I reflect upon the hard times to see how it all got me to where I am now. I generally have a tendency to be negative if I am not careful how I view things. I do have a separate blog for my ranting and bitching, everyone needs to be able to get that stuff out too! ;-)”

@ hyphenmama: “This is a superb blogging topic and I am absolutely LOVING the photos and the little pee pee star! This is greatly educational for me, when I finally have kids I’ll have all the potty training answers!”

@ over-thinker: “Nice blow up doll, now did you have to suck harder with the penis straws? Those photos of your sight seeing are amazing! I have never been to any of those places. Maybe during our week long journey to Indiana we can see some interesting stuff.. You have inspired me now.”

@ xbox4napyrash: “Awesome sauce, ha, ha… Love it! Keep us posted on the outcome after your 2 week wait. I am crossing my fingers and toes for ya.”

Whew, I am beat and it is only the first day!

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening working the first day of the NAU Auxiliary Camp. It was enjoyable and it went well but being out in the sun and wind for 6 hours takes it out of you.

When I got home I just wanted to put on my PJ’s and curl up on the couch and nap, I am pre-writing this blog post instead.

At the camp I chatted with the guy in charge of hiring judges out in Indiana, looks like I have a promising opportunity there since he already knows me and my skills. Plus, I am also chatting with a pretty competitive high school out there about a potential instructor position.

This summer I also have lots of instructing and show writing to do before I move. You know, I am looking pretty booked up over the next 2 months! Here is a taste of what I have on the books:

Week 1/ This week – I am writing 2 routines for the NAU summer camp.

Week 2 – N’s sister is visiting and staying with us for the 4th of July weekend.

Week 3 – I will be at the local high school’s summer clinic/ pre-band camp marathon rehearsal and I got drawn for jury duty.

Week 4- So far it is free so we are planning to make the drive to phoenix to go used RV shopping.

Week 5- Yard sale weekend, my mom comes to stay with us and help out.

Week 6- Writing the show, teaching the routine and working the local high school’s week long band camp.

Week 7- Possibly a week off? Must find new home in Indiana and hold it with a deposit.

Week 8- NAU’s auxiliary meet for a pre-band camp clinics.

Week 9- NAU’s full band camp, write and teach entire show to the kids.

Week 10- Load the truck and leave Arizona!

As you can see things are just a tad busy for me and I can’t believe in 10 weeks we will be outta here! Seems like just last week we didn’t even know where we were going to end up…

Wait, that is exactly what was happening last week huh? Crap, this is all happening so fast and It is going to come and go before we even know it huh? I guess we better hang on!

So, if I am not commenting on your blog as frequently as I used to don’t feel bad, I am reading them as they arrive in my inbox via my reader, often I am often offline when I read them so commenting isn’t as easy. Don’t think I forgot about you okay?

Well, I have an early start to tomorrow’s 12 hours of colorguard/ auxiliary camp (it is actually today’s camp since I am writing this in advance) so I need to lube myself up with aloe vera to soothe my sunburn and get to bed. Screw eating, I am just too tired and lazy. I’ll have some Ovaltine (my liquid dinner) and pass out now!

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Wow, how crazy! It is a small world…

Can i just share soemthing totally crazy with you? I spent yesterday sort of mass mailing band directors and schools trying to land a new colorguard “gig”…

I already have one school interested in hiring me and I also got in touch with the local area’s colorguard organization to see if I could work as a judge at some contests. You know in case I don’t find a group to work with right away…

Turns out the camp I am working this week is being headed up by the very same guy who is incharge of hiring judges out there in indiana. I already know him and he already knows my work, small world huh?

I mean what are the chances that I would already know/ have a working history with someone who is also in charge of hiring judges for the exact place we are headed to? It is crazy how stuff works out sometimes. Kind of like it was planned all along. N thinks it is just validation that we are going where we are truly meant to be, I think he is on to something don’t you?

It makes me feel like things are just falling into place, without much force or hardship. Maybe this is exactly what was planned for us after all!

I am home, woho!

Last night we got back to town at 1am. Our time on the party bus officially had ended! It was an interesting time. The party bus was so cool but not conductive to an 8 hour drive, things were a bit tight and uncomfortable but it made for some great memories. We had a great driver, Kevin, who took very good care of us despite the fact that one of our students hit the “dump” button instead of the “flush” button in the bus bathroom.

Our transportation was provided by InTheSceneLimousine, an Arizona Based transportation company for those of you who are wondering. We had a very positive experience with them on this trip, besides aren’t the vehicles awesome looking?

The kids played movies on the bus, guitar hero, they could hook up their IPODS and play music, there were outlets under the seats so you could use your computer, charge your camera and so on.

The entertainment was endless but I have to say the most entertaining thing for a group of kids was a deck of cards. They played BS for hours and hours!

The most memorable time while at Disneyland was being run over by the stroller mob while trying to exit the park Friday night. We were wearing flip flops and I was ran over several times by strollers, those moms just mow you down!

The students got to play on stage in Disneyland on Saturday, that is always a super cool experience for music students and all our kids were well behaved on the trip. It was a good time and I am glad I went, I am beat now but I have today to recuperate!

I’ll share more pictures later, but for now I need to shower and drive down to phoenix to pick N up and bring him (and Dixie) home! Oh, gas is $3.99 a gallon now, before we left for the trip it was $3.89… It has increased $1.50 in the last two months, it is sickening.

Oh, Keep your fingers crossed for us, we are expecting to hear back about N’s job interview next week!

Heading home! Boy I am pooped!

After spending 12 hours in Disneyland yesterday I am just not motivated to do anything today! Unfortunately we are heading back to Disneyland for the band kids performance and then we will have 4 hours for shopping or ride riding before we load our bus and head home.

We road to California in this tricked out “party bus” that makes sleeping during the bus ride very difficult. It is like a limo with disco balls, strobe lights and all that jazz. The seats are leather couches that face each other and the seating is a bit tight.

I think we walked like 12 miles yesterday between both parks and all the rides. We had park hopper passes and we got to ride tons of cool rides without having to stand in line for hours. The trip has been fun but I am ready to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Well, I am setting in my hotel room ready to checkout with my feet up writing this blog post. I’ll share some photos with you all when I have a bit more time to draft a better post, perhaps tomorrow… I can’t wait to sleep in my bed!

I just need to get through today..

Tomorrow I have my lady doctors appointment and will hopefully have more info about what is going on with me. 4/19 will mark the 18th day of my high temperatures if they remain up, I can’t imagine my gyno not knowing if am pregnant 3 days before my 18th day.. I hope that is not the case because frankly I am sick of waiting to know…

N will be home tonight just in time to be around for my doctors appointment tomorrow. I just need to stay busy today and keep my mind off of the what ifs.

Now, for a different topic-

How do you counter the tendency to be overly determined with too much work ethic? My students need to have fun in this last week of their performance season but they are too serious and I am trying to break the “work, work, work” cycle so they will have fun while practicing.

It is kind of odd to have a group of high school girls who work too hard but I do. All the judges this weekend said they needed to enjoy their performance and just have fun with it at this point. They look to serious.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Let the madness begin!

Well, I am excited and a bit frazzled all at the same time! It’s interesting how that works huh?

Today I have after school practice with my winterguard students, during the practice we are heading over to the local charter school to do a dress rehearsal for their talent show (that we are performing in on friday). One of my students actually attends the charter school for her academic classes and then takes one class a day (mine) at the public high school since they don’t offer a winterguard group at the charter school.

Anyway, we are doing the talent show on friday after today’s regular rehearsal and the talent show dress rehearsal. We have a “pre-championships” show 200 miles away on Saturday, then the students have prom that eveing.

I am supposed to get my period on Monday and if I don’t then it is home pregnancy test time. On Wednesday I have my well woman exam (If I am not on my period) so I’ll have pregnancy answers! The following Saturday my students have the last show of the season- championships, they are going to rock! After that it is smooth sailing!

Oh, guess who finished her taxes yesterday and is so relieved to have them out of the way? ME! And… I worked on updating my blogroll to include YOU! If you aren’t on there and you want to be let me know!

We got 4th place! Watch the video..

Well, we are back from our performance yesterday. It was a long bus ride and a long day but I think it was well worth it. Here is the performance video from the Casa Grande Show yesterday.

Casa GrandePerformance Video 2008
The ladies did a very nice job. We changed and fine tuned lots of stuff in the two weeks we had in between shows. It appears all the changes and finishing touches we put on things paid off.Last performance we were awarded 7th place with a 55.5 score. Here is how we looked 2 weeks ago:

 [youtube iGVQJomxOIQ Mesquite HS Performace]

I am very proud of all my ladies and am so pleased with their success, they rock! Can’t wait for the next show April 12th.. It’s only going to look better!

Just got electrocuted but I am feeling good..

Yep, you read it right I just got electrocuted but I am feeling good! I spent the day getting ready for our competition tomorrow. My students and I have been working hard to get ready for another performance this weekend that leads up to our state championships. They are doing some amazing work and I am very pleased.

Sinagua winterguard 2008 practice footage

Sinagua winterguard 2008 practice footage
I was trying to burn a new music cd for the performance since the cd we used last time apparently had some issues playing in their cd player. I used a windows vista computer last week to burn the cd as opposed to always using my windows xp computer (grrr Microsoft makes me mad sometimes!). Anyway I went to plug in my cd player to test the cd and got a startling shock (literally) from the outlet. I did not enjoy it and am glad it was only a little shock. I am home alone and nobody would know if I was hurt!

Actually, my dog and cats would know but could they help me? I don’t think so, I bet they would lick me to death or fart in my face (my dog has gas!) but seriously doubt they would dial 911 and get me help like all these pets did.

Anywho, I am feeling satisfied with life right now- that is always a nice thing!