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Easy 5 Min Cloth Diaper Elastic Repair Trick

I’ve been on a mission to repair all my cloth diapers. You see, they are 3 years old now, they’ve been washed a TON since Everly was a baby and now Adalyn is using them and for the most part they are working great… The laundry tabs are a bit haggared but still work and they are just a bit stretched out but aren’t an issue for short periods of time.

The main issue is I’d like Adalyn to be able to wear them without leaking overnight but the leg elastic is so loose that abundant wetness isn’t being kept in the diaper any longer. So I got my cloth diaper repair kits from the diaper manufacturer and have been meaning to gradually repair them but I’ve been super intimidated about how to thread the new elastic through the already-sewn-closed holes. The last thing I have time for is disassembling and reassembling 24 diapers. So I’ve been brainstorming…

Yesterday I finally figured out how to make this repair easily, after trying a few other bloggers trick for the repair. Here is how I did it:

He said I breastfeed like a hunchback…

Joking insults are flying around the house these days which means, we must me getting back to normal and catching up on sleep or something. The joking insults are a pretty good sign, means we still like each other enough to make an effort and that our humor is returning.

Things like “douchebag-deluxe” and “breastfeeding like a hunchback” are the most recent ones…

N started it by telling me it was my own fault I had neck and back pain… “you breastfeed all hunchback like, it’s no wonder!” I looked at him all perplexed and mildly amused by the blunt remark.

He goes on to tell me that I used to be all about using pillows for support while I breastfed and now I’ve just resolved to feeding her uncomfortably.

I responded that he could offer to bring me my pillows and to help make me more comfortable when I am breastfeeding instead of being all douchebag-deluxe and leaving me to care for Everly all by my self all the time. We both snorted and went on our merry way.

It’s nice to have some humor back in the house!

In other news I’ve attempted to vlog with Everly, it’s less than eventful (unless you like my leaking boob!) but I know some family and friends will appreciate the shared video.

Oh, Everly took 1.5 oz of pumped milk from a bottle this morning while I slept. Woot, woot!

The Renters and the Slumlords: The drama comes to a close (and other updates).

On Sunday Slumlady actually met us at the old rental home and did a walk though inspection with us. We managed to get her on the phone Friday morning following the 33rd week prenatal appointment. We weren’t too sure she would actually show up to the appointment… We still let the neighbors know of the appointment (because they had a few bones to pick with her too) and were ready to seal the deal.

When we arrived at the house she was waiting for us in the driveway. Needless to say she wasn’t in the best of moods. We came ready with another copy of the mutual release form for her to sign and we also video taped the entire thing… Here, wanna see?

She basically blitzed the walk though and didn’t seem to care much about the condition of the house, not that it was left in poor condition anyway. We always deep clean all the places we vacate.

She did sign our mutual release form which outlines the early termination of the lease, the agreement that all financial obligations have been met and that we are both legally released from the prior contract. Yay!

Her husbands signature isn’t on the forms as he wasn’t present… His is the only signature on the lease so that could be a potential issue but we are just pleased to have some sort of documentation that proves we didn’t make up the whole being let out of the lease thing.

Basically we are super happy to have this chapter of our lives now closed!

Lets, see… Over the weekend N worked on hooking up this free electric dryer we got off Freecycle. I guess we needed to get the vent hose for it and he had to change out the plug for it since it didn’t fit our outlet or something. We are resourceful and try to make due with what we are able to get… The free dryer was a good score and we got a working washer for $40 at a yard sale so we are making strides in the right direction I think.

Apparently the newer plug he put on the dryer still doesn’t fit our outlet so I am hanging clothes out to dry (which is fine by me) but he is still working on getting the proper plug installed on the dryer.

For his belated birthday/ mothers day we went to a local farm and bought some garden goodies. Things like potted herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, egg plant, collard greens and other stuff we’ll grow and eat. We only spent $20.00! He is working on getting a vegetable garden going now, he made some good progress on it this morning too.

We are hoping to grow as much as we can ourselves to cut down on the grocery costs and save more money. Oh, and we stopped by the Hostess/ Wonder Bread outlet store over the weekend and got 7 loaves of bread and 2 packs of buns for $8.00. Those are in the freezer now and will also help to cut the grocery bill and save money.

On the baby front: In 33 short days I’ll be staying at The Farm, preparing for Tater’s birth. Time is still flying and there are only 45 days until my due date (but we are open to Tater coming either before or after said due date if she feels ready). Things are still going great with the pregnancy and I am feeling good. Totally beginning to slow down energy wise and am having trouble breathing thanks to the cramping of my lungs but it is all good!

We are getting more and more excited and still have so much to do before she comes! We have been showered with many helpful things thanks to many of you and this has left us feeling so much more calm and prepared for Taters arrival. We’ve just about got everything we’ll need for her first week of life now and are focusing our attentions on gathering the medical supplies for the birth kit, then we’ve got to get busy gathering stuff like the cloth diapers and clothes she’ll need in the weeks following her birth.

Slowly but surely we are pulling it all together and before we know it we’ll be parents and it will all just fall right in to place. Exciting! Hopefully everyone had a good mothers day. I am off to read all your blogs now and find out how your weekends went!

Whoa, that lovin' feeling!!!

Yeah, so we’ve got some horny animals in the house these days. It could be that valentines day is next week and love is in the air… or perhaps it is just because they are both unfixed still and are feeling “urges”…

Either way it is bad news! Gabby walks around with her butt in the air and she is meowing and talking like crazy while rubbing herself against anything she can.

Boner is just humping anything that is warm so we keep him in a cage most of the time. Problem is bunnies can’t be confined to tiny cages all day, everyday. They need to run and hop so we let him out to exercise but we also need to keep him from Gabby’s lady parts.

I am inventive you know so I put a cloth diaper on Gabby just to make sure we didn’t have any strange crossbreeding action. Then we set Boner free to exercise for a bit. It was not a g rated morning!

Weird thing is they are both okay with the humping, it is disturbing to us but they both seems to be having a good time… Oddly. I wish we had the money to fix them both right now. Unfortunately, we don’t so we’ll just make due by keeping them separate most of the time.

Good news is the new rabbit hutch N is building should be finished this weekend thanks to the warmer temperatures, yay! Soon Boner and Maybelle will both have room to exercise inside enclosed cages as opposed to being crammed in to one cage together.

Brain Spew: Bullet Point Thursday. Bun in the oven edition.

I could be long winded and thorough about all these things but that is just a tad boring and seriously nobody cares that much right? So here is my brain spew for you in the form of an infamous bullet point post. Enjoy!

  • My tap water gives me diarrhea.

Yep I know that is TMI huh? It is serious though. About every 2 weeks it happens and oddly enough it is coinciding with my water intake. Any time I drink more than my 2 jugs of water it just runs right through me. Someone remarked “wouldn’t you just pee the water out?” and I thought to myself, “why yes I should”. Problem is that is not what is happening. Then my mom reminded me that her water has some unusual levels of minerals that cause them stomach upset among other issues. Our bodies really can have problems with the levels of stuff in our water and if my body can’t process whatever is in it and sees it as harmful wouldn’t it just eliminate it as quickly as possible? We are putting this theory to the test, I am now only drinking water that had been distilled first. Hopefully that will do the trick, I can tell you after 2 days I am peeing way more!

  • Our OBGYN never called about our appointment that never happen.

We were planning to have our ultrasound on the 29th of January but since the town was literally shut down as a result of the storm our doctors office wasn’t open. They didn’t call to inform us of this either, this makes us a bit annoyed. We’ve been expecting them to call us to reschedule the missed appointment but I guess they really don’t care. I called them today and got booked for an appointment next Thursday, 2/12/09. We should be finding out Tater Tot’s sex then. *fingers crossed*

  • I am still researching genealogy, now for Tater Tot’s sake.

Remember those silly family tree projects you are assigned as a kid in school? I never had fun doing them and always kind of despised them because we had no info on our family history at that time. In my baby book in the family tree area my parents and grandparents are filled in but nothing else. Where it says great grandmother/ grandfather someone wrote “dead”… Nice huh? Anyway, I am still loving the site and would encourage each of you to sign up there (it is free) and record all the info you know about your family. It may help others later on down the road and you never know when you might want to reasearch your own genealogy further.

  • Our residential roads are still iced over, the city doesn’t plough them- ever.

Flagstaff had 12 ploughs in operation, the same number of ploughs are working here in Evansville… Funny thing is we had better snow/ ice removal in Flagstaff, which is was smaller than Evansville and gets way more winter storms. Things are ass backwards here with regards to winter weather response/ management, big time!

  • Scott MacIntyre did advance to the next round on American Idol.

I recorded it and fast forwarded thought all the commercials and annoying drama girl parts but did see him in many of the filler shots and the show did indicate that his group made it to the next round. Of course he wouldn’t be featured in the group night drama episode, he is nice, cooperative and does well with others. I am sad that they didn’t show his groups performance though.

  • Tater is crazy active and we are in the planning for baby phase now.

Tater’s kicks and punches continue, I am used to them now. Shoot! We’ve only got about 5 months left to this pregnancy, almost half way through and we have tons to do! [cue anxiety]

Here is my “perfect world” scenario brainstorm: We’ve got to get out of this place and in to another rental preferably before May (even though our lease doesn’t officially expire until August 31st). Any ideas on how to nicely get us out of our lease?

This means we only have 3 months to pack, find a new place and move in to it. Didn’t we just do the moving thing? *sigh* Once we are moved we’ll have the month of May to unpack and nest before any chance of early labor. We don’t want early labor folks!

Then I’ll take it easy for 2 weeks before we drop me off at The Farm (around the 2nd week of June). Then I’ll wait at The Farm for labor to begin while N is back in Indiana working and caring for the pets (I could end up being there until the 2nd week of July if baby wants to come later).

I’ll call him when I feel like it is time for him to make the trip down to be with us for the delivery (but who will care for the pets?). We’ll hang at The Farm for a few days after labor to get breastfeeding support and to make sure baby is doing well, then we’ll head home and adjust to being new parents.

See? Told you this was a brain spew post! Oh and we sat down and got our baby registry lists semi updated too! We still haven’t added gender specific stuff like bedding and clothes but all the other junk is on the registries now! You can check out the registries by using these buttons:

My Wish List

So basically that is it in a nutshell, sort of… Stop diarrhea, find out Tater’s sex, genealogy research, clean, pack, find new home, move, buy baby stuff, unpack, nest, rest, go The Farm, squeeze baby out, rest more, learn to breasfeed, bond with baby, enjoy, adapt, head home. The end (for now).

Way to go Scott MacIntyre of Scottsdale, AZ!!

Back in the day (we are talking like 2001-2003) I sang in a choir and was working towards my music education degree. You see singing has always been a passion of mine, shoot all the performing arts are!

Anyway I had the pleasure of meeting and performing with a ton of people who have gone on to do great things with their musical talent.

At one of the many choir concerts the MacIntyre family, 4 of the many musical lovers that came through my life, had the opportunity to perform one of their pieces in a concert. Here is a video of the song I remember them doing at a concert:

They were all amazingly talented musicians and were all so genuine and kind to everyone. They took care of each other and loved making friends, best of all they had a huge passion for music. You see the tallest guy there second from the left? That is Scott MacIntyre. He is blind but his musical talent has sort of taken the place of his eyesight with reagards to his senses if that makes sense. Whenever I heard him sing or play the piano I was lost in the magic of it. It is hard to explain.

His sister Katelyn is first from the left, his mother Carole is to the right and Todd is on the far right. They are all super talented huh?

Well Scott MacIntyre just advanced in the American Idol audition yesterday. Now before you run screaming because you despise the show or whatever I want you to hear me out. I am not an Idol fan, I watched the first season briefly but got bored. Anyway, the show is significant now because someone I know is advancing and because his story is so heartwarming. Here it is: Wait Fox news is having every single video of American Idol removed (even the ones people shot with their own cameras of the TV set playing the footage) so the video wont play. However, if you follow this link you can read about him. I’ve also got some images of the footage to share:

I cried when I saw the video from his audition (that I still think you can see here) and I am so stoked for him. He is seriously amazing guys, the video does not do him justice! Thanks to my mother in law for informing us of this info (we don’t watch the show and wouldn’t have known it was indeed him unless she had asked up about it.) Yay Scott! You rock and will blow everyone away.

Now go back to my previous post Better late than never- Delurking Day 2009, delurk and read about my 6 unimportant facts okay?

Oh and if you have noticed my site timing out now and then be advised I know about it and am very ticked off with my hosting provider. I have contacted them about it and am waiting for a resolution. Sorry about the inconvenience dudes.

Trying to get good at the new Wii is hard!

For those of us old school video game children getting used to the newest and greatest video game systems is hard stuff. On Christmas night after N got off work we sat down and started playing the new Wii for the first time. Actually, N got to play Wii at a holiday party earlier this month so he had some more experience than me.

The bowling game was easy to pick up on for me but the pool game was hard stuff! Literally it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to hit the cue ball! N was laughing his butt off the whole time and I was getting super frustrated.

The Wii is tons of fun! We haven’t busted out the Wii Fit yet, we’ll have tons to keep us occupied this weekend! Oh, N was nice enough to make a video of me struggling with the Wii for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

Have a laugh this weekend okay?

I know I have been in need of a good laugh these days, so is Sarcastic Mom, Tapthatmom, Becky and many other bloggers out there. This time of year is tough for many and with added economic stress and other crapola things just can get plain ole sucky sometimes.

A good laugh really does help though! So watch this video from beginning to end and have a chuckle on me okay? *hugs*

Don’t forget to stumble and digg posts you enjoy so others can enjoy them also!

Turkey day is tomorrow, do I have the flu?

I am feeling a bit off today, like I might be getting sick or something. I am trying hard to kick it by eating well, drinking tons of water and resting. Hopefully I am not getting the flu or something.

N is thinking the fact that I ate subway might have something to do with it. I guess eating lunch meat while pregnant is not recommended because of nitrates and listeria… The thing I don’t get is how my niece turned out fine after her mother ate nothing but subway while pregnant. Well, I am not going to worry too much about it, it is done so now I am moving on.

I am looking forward to a chill Thanksgiving tomorrow. The menu is planned, we have everything we need already and N has the whole day off so we are just going to bust out the Christmas cards and have a low key day. Woot. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend the day out of bed but we’ll see.

Oh, I found a video today about an amazing midwife who is working to change the system. She is 81. Oh, how I wish there was a free standing birth clinic in my area.


Watch CBS Videos Online

Yay Amigo!

Remember when I mentioned that our only car (the poor amigo) was getting a new soft top? Well, the soft top arrived yesterday and N got it installed today. Hurray for keeping the cold air out of the moving vehicle!

This is a huge deal for us considering it has been about 4 years since we started talking about getting a new top for the thing. It is amazing what a difference it makes to. The car is actually not uncomfortable to ride in anymore. Before the wind would whistle through the car blowing dust, leaves and other debris in to your face. Also, people riding in the back were not protected from the rain or snow.

They day we dropped my mom and brother off at the airport after the road trip this was how the ride went:

Also, N had coworkers who would gawk and comment about the torn top, in general it was an eye sore and a pain but being our only car we dealt with it until recently! Here are some before and after photos for comparison:

We are so pleased to have the new top on the Amigo, it looks so much better!

Now I am off to take a bath, I have a killer hair headache that I can’t take motrin for thanks to Tater Tot so I am going to soak the pain away.

My reader has been acting up and I am just going through manually clicking through my blog roll now, if I haven’t commented on your blog lately don’t be mad… I am getting there, I promise!

House floods and hair dye…

I am one of those 20somethings who already has gray hairs, yep it is true! Actually it is a chunk of gray hairs, kind of a streak on my right side right near my hair line.

I usually dye my hair with the intent of covering the gray I have tons of hair so I usually need 2 boxes of dye. Unfortunately, dye is expensive and these days we are scrounging every penny we have for our $10,000 move. Lately this has prevented me from enjoying the luxury that is coloring my hair…

When I do color my hair it is a treat and I usually feel all good about myself for a few days after, plus my hair just feels better and less coarse after dying it.

While browsing the local discount store  a few weeks back I saw a bunch of hair dye that was marked down. N and I thought buying a lighter color might be fun for the summer so I grabbed some “excellence cream” dye for a great price.

This weekend I thought I wold spent some one on one time with my hair thanks to the discount dye. I was super excited at the prospects and when I entered the bathroom to begin the project I was greeted by an usually squishy rug.

First reaction was “ewe, did the cat pee on it?” so I grabbed it to check the overall wetness and odor but this wetness was not cat pee. Did 30 cats pee on it all within the same time frame cause this rug was completely drenched. I am talking soaked sponge like wetness!

I call to N, did you get the rug really wet when you showered? He claims he did not and we ponder the drenched rug. He was on the way back to playing X box when I commented that the mystery soaking was probably NOT a good thing to ignore.

So he goes in to the laundry room to find that the washer’s drain hose was disconnected from the wall and emptying water on to the floor. Apparently the water oozed UNDER the wall and right in to the bathroom where our trusty round bathmat soaked it all up.

Freaking awesome, water leaked under our wall. I don’t think that is normal but N assures me it is for a manufactured house. So we sopped up the water and went about our business but not before capturing it for the bloggosphere.

Like I said before, right about moving time (every time) we have some sort of domestic drama that is rental house related.

I don’t know if we are especially needy tenants or if we just have terrible luck with rental homes. Either way we always seem to have some craziness right before our lease I about to expire as I have mentioned in earlier posts.

You may recall the recent the kitchen flood we had then the stove fire and way back in the day we even had a psycho neighbor who was set on making us crazy. I could actually find drama for every rental we have lived in if I felt like going back through my 500+ blog entries. Every place we have ever rented has left us with a drama filled story. It seems the flooding is just the drama for this rental I guess.

Finding rental houses (not apartments) online…

I have never understood why finding rental homes online is so much more difficult than finding apartments. When we moved out to Flagstaff, AZ we rented several apartments over the course of 2 years. Apartment complexes just don’t make things easy for multiple pet owners and families with kids seldom want to live in an apartment setting.

Sometimes renting an actual house is better but finding them is never easy! I thought it would be helpful for others if I complied my rental home resources. This is not a sponsored post but I have had the opportunity to to business with several companies on the list and will link you to the posts made when I lived in homes under the particular company’s management. Hopefully this list is helpful to some and our experiences can aid you in finding the right property management company for you!

Flagstaff, AZ Rental House Resources:

  • Pollock Properties ( We leased a home out in Kachina Village through them. Ann Pollock was very good to us despite the unfavorable situation we got ourselves into. We rented a home on a month to month basis, it was on the market and we had to show it whenever a Realtor had an interested buyer. The home owners were sneaky and shady but Ann was honest and helped make things right. We lived in one of their managed properties from about September 2007- February 2008. You can read about our experiences by checking the pollock properties tag (click the link).
  • Coldwell Banker Narico ( or – Again we leased a home out in Kachina Village through them, we signed a 6 month lease, 3 months later we were told the owners wanted to put the home back on the market and that we would be forced to show the house for the remainder of our lease or until the home sold. We lived in one of their managed properties from February 2008 to September 2008. You can read about our experiences by checking the coldwell banker tag (click the link).
  • AZNorth ( – We had never used this company.
  • The Ginsburg Group ( – We had never used this company.
  • Levitan Properties ( – We had never used this company. Specialized (when we were looking for rentals 2004-2008) in pet friendly apartment communities. No additional pet rent, deposits are fully refundable and often utilities are paid. Great for families with pets looking for apartment living in Flagstaff, AZ.

Evansville, IN Rental House Resources:

  • Evansville Homes For Rent ( – I called them and they seemed very friendly and accommodating, I told them I had emailed them and would like an email response. I also emailed them prior to calling them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. Nobody has responded to me via email or phone.
  • Fetter Property Management ( – I emailed them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. I also called and left a message asking for a returned call or email. Nobody has responded to me via phone or email.
  • Lowe Realty, Inc. ( – I emailed them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. Nobody has responded to me.
  • Given & Spindler ( – I emailed them to ask if anyone would be able to assist us by taking photos of homes we are considering renting since we wont be able tour the home prior to move in. Nobody has responded to me.
  • Corrier Press Newspaper ( – Displays listings for rental properties and contact info but did not have property photos or extensive property information. Not a good resource for those looking for rentals from outside the state.
  • F.C. Tucker Emge ( – Displays listings and property info on their site. Homes are nice and the staff DOES respond to your emails, they are willing to help.

Hopefully this list provides some help to those searching for rental homes in Flagstaff, Arizona or Evansville, Indiana. If you have a site you want to add please do so in the comments field!

Do you stumbleupon? Need a laugh?

I have been having fun with stumbleupon and couldn’t help but wonder how many of my bloggy friends were fellow stumblers… So do you stumble? If so will you add me to your friends list and say hello?

I just got sent this funny video of a reporter who stood at the bottom of a sledding hill for his live shot, he got creamed! I sent it to those of you on stubleupon with me.

Reporter Owned By Sled – Watch more free videos

Apparentally my hormones got the best of me today!

While N and I were grocery shopping and running various errands I was behaving badly and didnt even know it!

We picked a bad day to go grocery shopping, everyone else was out doing the same thing! This means craziness in the isles. Shoppers are chowing down at sample tables like they are a feeding trough, others are racing around the stores like wild chickens with their heads cut off.

While we were in Bashas looking for refried beans some lady comes flying around the corner, without even giving us a chance to move she yells “excuse me” which startles me. I guess I gave her funny look and acted rather annoyed with her outburst.

While we are at the checkout the cashier asks me how many bags we have, we bring our own reusable grocery bags when we shop. I let him know we had 2 and that they are ones we already owned. I thought he was charging us for them (most stores sell them at the checkout counter now.) N said I practically bit the kids head off and that the poor guy was just trying to give us a discount for bringing the bags in. N felt bad for the kid.

I began bagging my own groceries, I wanted to make sure everything fit into the two bags we had, besides there was no bagger there anyway. So, I am bagging items and placing them into the cart when a young, odd girl comes over and starts tossing our groceries into a plastic bag. I explain that we have or own bags and that I am bagging stuff already. She shouts “well you can give me a bag and I’ll help”! I was shocked by the slightly rude tone she had but proceeded to hand her a reusable bag.

Apparently she was now having a conversation with a fellow employee and not paying attention to us. I handed the bag back to her and let it go. Well, N said I practically threw the bag in her face. Then she notices the news station jacket I was wearing (it was N’s) and starts shouting about “the news guy”, she comments that she thought he looked familiar and continues to alert everyone in the overcrowded store that the “news man is here”!

N became flustered and I was annoyed, can’t we just shop in peace? Then the cashier gets a error on his register. “I’ve got a 90 on 3” he announces over he intercom, this makes our uncomfortable experience last longer while the manager comes over to clear the error. In the meantime our bagger is still going on about N at the top of her lungs.

I quickly swipe my card, the debit card machine has an error also. Finally we get our receipt, “you saved $62.39 today!” the cashier says as we try to quickly exit the uncomfortable situation. Once we get out the door N and I look at each other and just laugh!

After getting into the car N says “I just wanted to tell the poor cashier and bagger that it was your time of the month, you were kind of rude to them”… I was rude… really? I didn’t feel overly b!tc$y or irritable… Well, I guess my hormones got the best of me. If I was pregnant I wouldn’t be PMSing right now!


Baby chicks, a video!

For mothers day weekend I visited my mom and got to enjoy all the baby chickens she had hatched. I also got to see one hatching! My mom got a nifty little video camera for her birthday/ mothers day and since then I have been twisting her arm about starting a blog.

Today she finally did it and we even got a video of hers uploaded and ready for sharing! Here is the video:

I also made a little demonstration video on how to add a video to your wordpress blog. If you are looking for info on adding a link to a video or embedding a video to your wordpress blog here is the link to my instructional video I made to help my mom:

And I found this funny but random movie you should see:

If you want to stop by my mom’s blog a little later here is the blog address.

Mothers day weekend – part 2, snakes, oh my!

Several years back we got my mom these two chicks. They were a mothers day/ birthday gift (her birthday is very close to mothers day) and she was so surprised. Turns out we got her silkies (a specific breed of chicken), a male and female. Years later she has a whole bunch of chickens. Her silkies mated and reproduced, some died, new chickens were introduced, the mated and reproduced. She has quite the flock going. Problem is she has too many roosters.

A rooster need to have about 10 hens to himself and multiple roosters in a small space with limited hens means fighting over mates or overly abusing the few mating hens. My mom is facing the “too many roosters” issue right now.

She lives in a community called New River here in Arizona, it is in the heart of the desert. We were heading out to the chicken coup to see the hens who were suffered from overly aggressive/ frequent mating. Their wings were plucked bare and the roosters spurs were had dug hole in the hens sides.. Anyway, my mom was taking me out to see the flock and as we approached the coup I spotted this.

It is a very young rattle snake resting under a rock! As a native Arizonan I have been conditioned to always look at the ground and to scan several feet in front of you as you tromp through the dessert. Snake bites are not a fun thing to experience and if you aren’t aware of what you are walking near or on then you will get bit.

So I spotted the snake under the rock as we were approaching the chicken coup and stopped dead in my tracks. If I hadn’t been looking I would have stepped right on top of the rock the snake was resting under. This might have resulted in a nasty bite, not a great way to spend mothers day weekend!

I reached out and stopped my mom from walking any closer, burned my hand on her lit cigarette and we called for the men to come move the snake from the chicken coup, not before taking some photos and videos though!

I entered a contest for my mom over at If you have a moment would you head over and vote for her photo? I would really like her to win! Thanks.

It is only 6am, let me sleep!

My cats are so annoying sometimes, Mr. guy especially! He is a control freak and will have litle temper tantrums if life does not follow the routine HE is used to.

N did not come home last night, that is a routine disruption. N usually gets up at about 6 or 7 am everyday and I will get up around 8 am. this morning Mr. guy proceeded to paw at me, pull the covers off of me and he even tried to weasel his way under the covers so he could scratch me. It was 6am, nobody was awake so he took it upon himself to try every trick in the book to wake me.

Pawing at the blinds to make noise, touching me with his wet/ cold nose, jumping on my head, pulling the covers off of me and scratching me were his torture tactics. He HAD to get me up because the world would end if the schedule & routine are not adhered to.

If cats are so smart that they can memorize schedules and routines to the minute then why can’t they recognize who the person is that usually completes the tasks? I m not the early riser nor do I want to be. I don’t care if you want me to wake up so leave me the freak alone!!

So I caved. I got up early thanks to Mr. guy and was in the process of taking my waking temperature. Once I recorded it I was feeling relaxed and had begun to doze off. Yes! I was going back to sleep.

Then Andrew strolls in and decides he needs to lay in the plastic bag of clothes by my bed. He rustles the plastic as much as he possibly can, Mr. guy is still using his torture tactics on me and I just yell “Fine! I am up you freaking ass holes!”. Dixie who is patiently sleeping in the doorway to the bedroom becomes frightened at my sudden outburst. Did she do something wrong? She vacates the area just to be sure.

I stumble across the bedroom looking for my PJ’s and Jack darts under my feet and meows at me, then Hailey comes in and meows too. I have only been up for 10 minutes and they are making me crazy! Am I irritable today or what? I am pretty sure I just wanted to have restful calm morning.

Turns out the gato food bowls are empty. They had food when I went to bed last night so they aren’t starving! Apparently having empty food bowls throws them into a tizzy! That is why the world is ending for them today. Is it mean that I am not rushing to fill the bowls back up? It’s only fair to torture them a bit in return right? LOL (Don’t worry I am only kidding, don’t report me.)


Oh- for those of you following my post yesterday, N’s footage about the FLDS situation aired in Colorado and is available online for your viewing pleasure.. You can check it out @

Got a case of the modays? Need a laugh?

So, I was watching Dirt on FX tonight and the funniest commercial came on about learning to drink coffee again… It is a quit smoking commercial or something but I just loved the actor (Robert Clendenin) and the randomness of the commercial.


It’s Monday, which is a bummer to most so here is a pick me up for you!

[youtube lf01Ti6bH8U Learn to drink coffee again]

We got 4th place! Watch the video..

Well, we are back from our performance yesterday. It was a long bus ride and a long day but I think it was well worth it. Here is the performance video from the Casa Grande Show yesterday.

Casa GrandePerformance Video 2008
The ladies did a very nice job. We changed and fine tuned lots of stuff in the two weeks we had in between shows. It appears all the changes and finishing touches we put on things paid off.Last performance we were awarded 7th place with a 55.5 score. Here is how we looked 2 weeks ago:

 [youtube iGVQJomxOIQ Mesquite HS Performace]

I am very proud of all my ladies and am so pleased with their success, they rock! Can’t wait for the next show April 12th.. It’s only going to look better!