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Easy 5 Min Cloth Diaper Elastic Repair Trick

I’ve been on a mission to repair all my cloth diapers. You see, they are 3 years old now, they’ve been washed a TON since Everly was a baby and now Adalyn is using them and for the most part they are working great… The laundry tabs are a bit haggared but still work and they are just a bit stretched out but aren’t an issue for short periods of time.

The main issue is I’d like Adalyn to be able to wear them without leaking overnight but the leg elastic is so loose that abundant wetness isn’t being kept in the diaper any longer. So I got my cloth diaper repair kits from the diaper manufacturer and have been meaning to gradually repair them but I’ve been super intimidated about how to thread the new elastic through the already-sewn-closed holes. The last thing I have time for is disassembling and reassembling 24 diapers. So I’ve been brainstorming…

Yesterday I finally figured out how to make this repair easily, after trying a few other bloggers trick for the repair. Here is how I did it:

Cat piss has fried my brain and I can't come up with a title for this crappy post.

I wrote this post on Wednesday and thought it was published… Somehow it never did actually publish till today. Blogging fail!

Man, it’s been a stormy last few days. Yesterday evening while on the way to pick N up from work it freaking dumped on us big time! I threw a blanket over Everly’s head and we made a mad dash from the front door to the car. I jumped in the drivers seat with a diaper/ dance bag slung over my shoulder and baby E in my arms. I was soaked and I’d only been outdoors for a few seconds.

Today the storms are knocking out my satellite signal and the rain is dumping again… It’s all good though. I’d rather have some rain than the muggy, warm Indiana summer temps!

Tomorrow my students perform for the first time and today is my day off from teaching.

I’ve got all sorts of things to take care of… Cat piss on the tile floor outside the litter box (Mr. Guy’s way of protesting semi-dirty litter), extra wet cat vomit on the white carpets (probably a result of cats eating things they shouldn’t), cloth diapers to wash and hang to dry, the bathroom totally needs to be cleaned, there is clean, unfolded laundry hanging out in the laundry basket (it’s been there for several days getting all super wrinkled), gotta pay the bills, figure out a plan for dinner and care for Everly while I try to take care of everything. Fun!

Speaking of damn cats… Why is Gabby obsessed with chewing every single cable in this house? First it was the iPod/ iPhone cord, then the video camera charging cable, the Wii nunchuk cord and the balance board charging cable. Next she got the iPod dock speaker cable, almost got E’s swing power cord and she just started in on the router power cable.

If she destroys the router or modem cables and I am without internet I will not be a happy camper!

I am wondering if she is lacking some mineral or something that makes her chew the various cords and cables around here or if she’s just dead set on being an ass because she’s not getting enough attention from us these days.

Anyone want to take care of our zoo for us? It sure would help out lots! Taking care of the house is one of the things we are slacking on… Slacking sucks when you’ve got 4 indoor cats who vomit, piss in the sink or on the floor and who are basically jerks when things aren’t kept up with. It’s not pretty around here.

Gotta go clean vomit and piss now, happy day off to me. 😛

Baby E, Band Camp and Cloth Diapering…

Now that I am a mom I am thinking blog posts will get shorter and probably less thorough here (with more spelling and grammar errors I am sure) , I mean I am struggling to get posts written now that I can’t sit down for an hour straight to write. Brain power is lacking as is uninterrupted blog writing time. You knew that already though huh?

Anyway, on to the updates. After busting out 4 loads of laundry and loading the dishwasher I’ve got a few minutes to spare, baby E is the angel baby today. She was a screaming banshee yesterday, lol.

She woke to feed about every hour and a half, would doze off while feeding then scream bloody murder when you tried to put her down and let her sleep. We tried changing, playing, swinging, burping, tummy time, side time, back time, swaddling, rocking, hanging out in the backpack/ carrier and nothing made her happy.

After about 12:30am she was swaddled and swinging when she zonked out. She slept right through till we woke her at 7am this morning for our field trip fun.

Today I went and met the high school band kids I’ll be working with this fall. They were having their band camp this week (and last week).

I am still not 100% back in the game with teaching since E is exclusively breastfeeding and I can’t feed her in front of a bunch of high school kids. I don’t think the school administration would approve of that huh? I would so do it (discreetly of course) if they (the admin & parents) didn’t mind, I am betting they would though.

Anyway, until E can have breast milk in a bottle (and possibly a paci) at 6-8 weeks (to avoid nipple confusion according to lactation consultants) I am limited as to what I can and can’t do. I am her milk machine and am on call 24/7, lol.

So, back to the point… N and E and I all took a field trip across the river and hung out for the morning portion of band camp. I met the other instructor, the kids and had some fun doing dance stuff with them.

N and E hung out, he watched over her while I did my thing but I was there just in case she went crazy and needed to be fed. We weren’t too sure how she would handle the 3 hours out. Would she sleep or be awake? Would she fuss and need boob the whole time or would she be calm?

Well… I didn’t have to feed her until the end of the 3 hour chunk (once all the students were gone to lunch). N changed her once and she was surprisingly very calm and quiet for 3 hours. She did get fussy once but he let her suck his finger and she relaxed and slept a bit. For the most part she was awake and he just read his magazines and pushed her around in the stroller.

It was nice to get out and to sort of get back to teaching for a few hours and it is a good sign that she acted so good while we were out today. It means going back to teaching is possible, soon.

Getting out gave me a nice, much needed break and when we all got home I was refreshed and more enthusiastic about my duties here at home.

I laundered the 5 BumGenius diapers E went through yesterday and am happy that they washed out clean with the exception of a few light stains that I’ll sun out in a few days once the rain passes.

I am using my GroBaby shell and the organic cotton prefolds (that Maiden53 sent us) to diaper E today while the BumGenius diapers and inserts are hanging to dry around my bedroom. The GroBaby shell fits E amazingly (even better than the BumGenius diapers) and I can just keep changing out the prefolds inside the shell as she soils them, love it!

N is bringing Arby’s home for dinner which makes me happy. We’ve not been grocery shopping (no time) and the meat/ meal options are looking slim here. Plus, I am getting burned out with cooking and I don’t want a repeat of almost burning E’s foot while cooking and holding her. That was scary!

Oh and why is it that E likes to sleep in the most contorted positions? Here I am blogging right now. See her head there on my tummy?

I was holding her on my shoulder and burping her when she passed out, as usual. I kept holding her since she wakes and cries if you try to move her. I was blogging one handed and my arm got more and more fatigued, she kept squirming all around too. This meant she kept sliding lower and lower down my chest. Then eventually she was resting her head on my stomach with her legs to the side of me like this:

If you ask me it doesn’t seem like the most comfortable position to be in but she seems to like it just fine. I think the sounds of my tummy and organs must be soothing to her still. She’s been like the for some time now. Odd huh? Now I am going to try repositioning her, cross your fingers for me! Hopefully she doesn’t wake and cry about it.

Cloth poop catcher fun rocks! A cloth diaper post.

Yesterday I got some “fluffy mail” (in the cloth diapering world this mean a diaper related mail delivery). I ordered a few more cloth diapers and some much needed diaper safe laundry detergent so I could begin using my cloth diapers.

We are working on our last pack of gifted disposable diapers and don’t intend to buy more which means the cloth diaper stash needs to be expanded ASAP.

Can I just add that Huggies Pure & Natural diapers suck big time? They really do! Poor E has poop stuck to her butt in these diapers, like the fabric repels the poo or something (and it is breastfeeding poo so it’s not solid, just liquidy). I much prefer Seventh Generation disposable diapers over the Huggies hands down!

Anyway, I bought some Planet laundry detergent and 3 more BumGenius diapers and was stoked when it all arrived! Yesterday I pre washed the diapers via the special instructions, line dried them (since our dryer still needs a power cord) and today we are breaking them in.

Now this isn’t the first time E’s worn cloth diapers. We were gifted a variety of cloth diaper goodness ranging from prefolds to pocket diapers.

I was even given some hand-me-down handmade made diapers that were actually her first cloth diaper experience (see the photo on the left). Some of the diapers I have need plastic covers/ wraps. My pocket diapers don’t need a plastic outer cover or wrap.

We tried out the diapers that needed the wraps and covers first since they didn’t need as much special laundry treatment. The problem with them right now is they are super bulky on E right now. She is heavy but is still little and those bulky diapers kind of dominate her as you saw in the above photo. We’ve resolved to use those once she gets a tad bigger.

In the meantime we are using trimmer cloth diapers. BumGenius 3.0 and GroBaby are the diapers I am currently trying out. They are much less bulky and they have a built in waterproof cover.

I put baby E in one at 2pm and by 5:30pm she was crying so I checked out her diaper. It wasn’t wet looking from the outside and wasn’t leaking so I opened it up to find some poop and lots of pee. It all stayed nicely inside the diaper, woot!

So I changed her from the green diaper to an orange one and am pleased with the BumGenius so far. All the moisture was wicked away from her bottom and absorbed by the nifty newborn insert which means the start of diaper rash that she was getting (thanks to those awful Huggies diapers) should clear up fast.

I’ll admit I was intimidated to actually try out cloth diapers. Once I received a few the washing and care instructions scared the crap out of me. Each fabric type needs special treatment. I was sure I would ruin the diapers or that they wouldn’t work right after I pre washed them. I am happy to say that so far the BumGenius diaper test has gone very well and I am so stoked to be cloth diapering! Gotta get more diapers now, aka poop catchers.

By the way this is NOT a sponsored post, I paid good money for these diapers and some were gifted by readers.

Newborn Diapering and Laundry Detergent, my picks

Everly is just over 3 weeks old and we are still burning through the packs of disposable diapers we’ve been given. The idea was that while she was having the meconium poop she would wear disposable since that poop can be hard on the cloth diapers. So we were given several packs of disposables to take with us in our birth kit.

Then we got her home and still had several packs of disposable diapers to use up, plus we didn’t have the time, energy or money to finish growing our cloth diaper stash. Plus, I still had no cloth diaper safe laundry detergent so the diapers I did have couldn’t be pre-washed or used anyway.

Cloth diapers can’t be washed in detergents that contain softeners, dyes, enzymes, brighteners, etc. These additives impact the absorbency of the diapers and will also make them prone to buildup which means they’ll look and smell bad too! Ever noticed how some shirts get underarm buildup and stains from sweat and deodorant? That’s because the detergent you used allowed all that mess to buildup on the fabric.

Anyway, I’ve been stressing out because our we are almost out of disposable diapers and I’ve still made no progress on getting ready for cloth diapering… Luckily, this week I’ve just got around to all the stuff I’ve been putting off like doing the bills, scooping the cat box and finally ordering some more cloth diapers and cloth diaper safe detergent to wash them with.

I stumbled upon Tiny Bubbles detergent from The Natural Baby Company, they are the makers of one of the diapers I already have in my stash, The GroBaby diaper.

I was sad to have discovered this detergent the day after I’d already placed my detergent order for Planet detergent because I would really like to try it out someday. It will probably be the next detergent I buy because it is eco-friendy, animal safe and apparently it is also cloth diaper safe. Very cool (and important) qualities if you ask me!

All this parenting stuff has opened my eyes to so many new things and tons of new information. Does the learning ever stop? Probably not huh?

Green poop filled BumGenius = I

After reading Witchypoo’s recent post I’ve decided to steal her idea and share a little back and fourth email fun with you… What? I am ready to pop and feeling quite lazy in the blogging department these days!

First some background. Witchypoo left me a comment on this post and then sent me a paypal payment so I could get something special for Tater.

At first I thought she was paying me to stop whining about baby stuff or something, then she clarified that she wanted to buy Tater a nifty cloth diaper but figured it should just be easier to give me the money so I could do what I wanted with it.

I took the paypal monies and promptly visited where I bought Tater

<— this beauty on Witchypoo’s behalf.

Witchypoo: I’m glad there was enough! And now, you will associate me forever with poop. Does it get any better than that?

Me: Yep, you get to be the green poopy nappy. Yay! Who knows the poop may even match the green on the diaper, even better. I’ll photograph it and blog about it.

Witchypoo: Hahahaha! Green is my colour! Don’t miss dirty diapers at all, though, especially the green-filled ones. Way ranker than rancid farts.

Me: Ooo, I bet and just think, I get to spray mine off with the diaper sprayer over the toilet while not getting the runny green poop all over myself and everything else in the bathroom. I’ll so be thinking of you.

Witchypoo: I knew I should have knit a fucking hat. Babies heads smell soooo good.

Me: LOL! Nope, you are forever associated with the green, reusable diaper. Stinks huh? Can I post these emails on my blog? Yep, I am copying your ass. What? It will make a good lazy post for while I am away at The Farm squeezing out my spawn!

Witchypoo: You may have noticed that I have no shame. Oh, sure. I’m all about the poop. Now I’ve graduated to green poop. I can die happy now.

Me: Now you should change your nickname to Witchypoop.

Keeping busy while resting AND gathering some stuff for Tater…

Some of you might remember how I began a baby stuff contest entering spree back in March. I started it to feel like I was doing something productive in preparing for Tater’s arrival and it has helped me not go crazy.

Now It’s been a few months since that began. I’ve been checking twitter regularly (this is my contest twitter account) and entering those contests that looked interesting when I have the time. It seems my efforts are paying off and it is kind of exciting!

Since March I’ve managed to get a free BumGenius 3.0 diaper from cottonbabies, just yesterday I was told I’ve got a Gro Baby diaper on the way from so that makes 2 free diapers that I’ve acquired since beginning my contest entering.

I’ve also received several other helpful baby items during this time like the Rockin Baby Sling from a fellow blogger I met in a twitter sitewarming party.

Then there are my contest winnings, this morning I was notified I am the winner of a Lilitah Blanket: Super Soft Babe’ Blanket in pink. I also won Adiri Natural Nurser Bottles from “Deal”ectible Mommies and a 1 year laundry ball from HappyMomAmy. All three are on the way to us right now. Woot! Online/ bloggy contests rock and I am so excited for all the goodies to arrive. Just wanted to share the happy news.

Hopefully everyone is gearing up for a safe and fun holiday weekend. We aren’t planning to do much but it will be nice to have N home from work for a few days to hang out. I look forward to reading about how your weekend went on Tuesday (don’t forget monday is a holiday) and I’ll have some OBGYN updates to share. Hugs!

Looking at the Gro Baby Cloth Diapers for my growing stash.

Since Tater’s arrival is nearing and we’ve almost got all our ducks in a row for labor and delivery I’ve shifted my focus back to my cloth diaper fun. Once we bring Tater home we’ll begin cloth diapering fun (if we’ve managed to acquire a few more diapers to use by then).

I am not too worried about the “grossness” factor that prevents many moms from even attempting to cloth diaper. I figure babies poop, pee and vomit on you anyway right? What is a little poop scraping/ spraying and diaper washing in comparison?

Basically, I’ve only got one diaper in my stash as of today and I need more so I’ve been researching, reading, looking around for deals and managed to come across another diaper I am stoked to try out. It is the Gro Baby Cloth Diaper.

It is another all-in-one diaper with Velcro, snaps and a removable soaker for absorbing wetness and mess. I like this one because of the “quick dry mesh” on the inside and also am curious to try it out because it is made from different material than the one I already have.

I figure while I am starting out my diaper collection it is good to sample a few of each before I get my heart set on one specific brand/ maker. Seems logical right?

Plus, I hear from all the experienced cloth diapering mama’s that each diaper is good for something. Some they use only at bedtime, others are less bulky and do great for day wear under clothes, etc.

So I have set my sights on GroBaby as another potential option for us. That makes 2 cloth diapers now in our stash, that means I have like 22 more to go now huh? LOL. Slowly but surely we’ll get there.