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Looking at the Gro Baby Cloth Diapers for my growing stash.

Since Tater’s arrival is nearing and we’ve almost got all our ducks in a row for labor and delivery I’ve shifted my focus back to my cloth diaper fun. Once we bring Tater home we’ll begin cloth diapering fun (if we’ve managed to acquire a few more diapers to use by then).

I am not too worried about the “grossness” factor that prevents many moms from even attempting to cloth diaper. I figure babies poop, pee and vomit on you anyway right? What is a little poop scraping/ spraying and diaper washing in comparison?

Basically, I’ve only got one diaper in my stash as of today and I need more so I’ve been researching, reading, looking around for deals and managed to come across another diaper I am stoked to try out. It is the Gro Baby Cloth Diaper.

It is another all-in-one diaper with Velcro, snaps and a removable soaker for absorbing wetness and mess. I like this one because of the “quick dry mesh” on the inside and also am curious to try it out because it is made from different material than the one I already have.

I figure while I am starting out my diaper collection it is good to sample a few of each before I get my heart set on one specific brand/ maker. Seems logical right?

Plus, I hear from all the experienced cloth diapering mama’s that each diaper is good for something. Some they use only at bedtime, others are less bulky and do great for day wear under clothes, etc.

So I have set my sights on GroBaby as another potential option for us. That makes 2 cloth diapers now in our stash, that means I have like 22 more to go now huh? LOL. Slowly but surely we’ll get there.

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  1. I’m jealous. I want one of these so badly! I also want to recommend you buy a dozen or more prefolds and some Xsmall Thirsties covers for the first month or two as the BGs won’t fit all that well for a while. . . Until around 10lbs or more. Just my rec 🙂

    Andis last blog post..26 weeks

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