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Green poop filled BumGenius = I

After reading Witchypoo’s recent post I’ve decided to steal her idea and share a little back and fourth email fun with you… What? I am ready to pop and feeling quite lazy in the blogging department these days!

First some background. Witchypoo left me a comment on this post and then sent me a paypal payment so I could get something special for Tater.

At first I thought she was paying me to stop whining about baby stuff or something, then she clarified that she wanted to buy Tater a nifty cloth diaper but figured it should just be easier to give me the money so I could do what I wanted with it.

I took the paypal monies and promptly visited where I bought Tater

<— this beauty on Witchypoo’s behalf.

Witchypoo: I’m glad there was enough! And now, you will associate me forever with poop. Does it get any better than that?

Me: Yep, you get to be the green poopy nappy. Yay! Who knows the poop may even match the green on the diaper, even better. I’ll photograph it and blog about it.

Witchypoo: Hahahaha! Green is my colour! Don’t miss dirty diapers at all, though, especially the green-filled ones. Way ranker than rancid farts.

Me: Ooo, I bet and just think, I get to spray mine off with the diaper sprayer over the toilet while not getting the runny green poop all over myself and everything else in the bathroom. I’ll so be thinking of you.

Witchypoo: I knew I should have knit a fucking hat. Babies heads smell soooo good.

Me: LOL! Nope, you are forever associated with the green, reusable diaper. Stinks huh? Can I post these emails on my blog? Yep, I am copying your ass. What? It will make a good lazy post for while I am away at The Farm squeezing out my spawn!

Witchypoo: You may have noticed that I have no shame. Oh, sure. I’m all about the poop. Now I’ve graduated to green poop. I can die happy now.

Me: Now you should change your nickname to Witchypoop.

My Own Church

** A guest post courtesy of Teeni from The Vaguetarian Tea Room

Disclaimer – this is NOT a religious post.

My husband and I sometimes look through the real estate magazines when we are happily munching away on our vegan grinders at the local sub shop.  Recently, I saw not just one, but two churches for sale for a reasonable amount of money in a nearby town.  Immediately my mind went into overdrive with all the creative possibilities that could be derived from such buildings.

One of the churches was advertised as having a large fellowship hall with a large kitchen on the first floor and seven bedrooms on the second floor.  In addition, it had three half-baths.  Although I’m not a good church-going person, I do however, appreciate the architecture of a church building, specifically for all the non-churchy things I could do with it.

Seriously, think of all the cool things you could do with all that space!  I told my husband we could figure on at least two of the half-baths being back to back, most likely a Men’s room and a Women’s room, which we could join as one huge bathroom and install a jacuzzi tub or a hot tub if it was big enough.  With the huge kitchen in the fellowship hall, we could have all the family over for family reunions with big pot luck meals.  Everyone could stay over with all the bedrooms we would have upstairs.  The parking lot would be big enough for a basketball court/tennis court not to mention all the parking that would be available for functions.

Our two cats would love all this new indoor room to play in.  We could build two story high scratching posts for them, with little platforms going around the upper part of the larger rooms.  I’m sure they would appreciate the bell tower too with all the bird watching they could do up there.  I know they would do their part to keep out any church mice.

For the actual church building, I had some really cool plans.  I would take out most of the pews and install an indoor track along the outside of the whole larger part of the room.  This would be for rollerblading or running so there would be no bad weather excuse for not exercising!  I think the stained glass windows would already add some atmosphere so all I’d have to do is add a little disco ball or some strobe lights and we would have the “party” room.  Might have to replace any old pipe organs with a more recent stereo system though.  No problem.

I’m sure that since it is no longer a church that the proper officials have been called in to “un-holify” the place in a separate ceremony so that you wouldn’t have to worry about curtsying everytime you rollerbladed by the front part of the church.  All the kids in the family could use the pulpit to put on little plays.  I would put the font (the thing that holds water for baptisms) in the back lawn as a bird bath.    I could put most of the pews outside for outdoor projector movies or slideshows.  Seriously, how much more fun could we have with this place?

To sum it up, I figured we would live for the most part in the fellowship hall area and use the church building more as the fun party room that we could close off when not in use.  Hubby has other ideas though.  He had totally different ideas for the uses of the buildings.   He would of course want a large screen television in the church area, for example, and thought the total opposite from me as far as the living arrangements and fun areas.

And since we have not yet come to any agreements on how best to use our new home, we have not purchased it.


But it IS fun to think about.  What would you do with your own church?   🙂