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House floods and hair dye…

I am one of those 20somethings who already has gray hairs, yep it is true! Actually it is a chunk of gray hairs, kind of a streak on my right side right near my hair line.

I usually dye my hair with the intent of covering the gray I have tons of hair so I usually need 2 boxes of dye. Unfortunately, dye is expensive and these days we are scrounging every penny we have for our $10,000 move. Lately this has prevented me from enjoying the luxury that is coloring my hair…

When I do color my hair it is a treat and I usually feel all good about myself for a few days after, plus my hair just feels better and less coarse after dying it.

While browsing the local discount store  a few weeks back I saw a bunch of hair dye that was marked down. N and I thought buying a lighter color might be fun for the summer so I grabbed some “excellence cream” dye for a great price.

This weekend I thought I wold spent some one on one time with my hair thanks to the discount dye. I was super excited at the prospects and when I entered the bathroom to begin the project I was greeted by an usually squishy rug.

First reaction was “ewe, did the cat pee on it?” so I grabbed it to check the overall wetness and odor but this wetness was not cat pee. Did 30 cats pee on it all within the same time frame cause this rug was completely drenched. I am talking soaked sponge like wetness!

I call to N, did you get the rug really wet when you showered? He claims he did not and we ponder the drenched rug. He was on the way back to playing X box when I commented that the mystery soaking was probably NOT a good thing to ignore.

So he goes in to the laundry room to find that the washer’s drain hose was disconnected from the wall and emptying water on to the floor. Apparently the water oozed UNDER the wall and right in to the bathroom where our trusty round bathmat soaked it all up.

Freaking awesome, water leaked under our wall. I don’t think that is normal but N assures me it is for a manufactured house. So we sopped up the water and went about our business but not before capturing it for the bloggosphere.

Like I said before, right about moving time (every time) we have some sort of domestic drama that is rental house related.

I don’t know if we are especially needy tenants or if we just have terrible luck with rental homes. Either way we always seem to have some craziness right before our lease I about to expire as I have mentioned in earlier posts.

You may recall the recent the kitchen flood we had then the stove fire and way back in the day we even had a psycho neighbor who was set on making us crazy. I could actually find drama for every rental we have lived in if I felt like going back through my 500+ blog entries. Every place we have ever rented has left us with a drama filled story. It seems the flooding is just the drama for this rental I guess.

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0 thoughts on “House floods and hair dye…

  1. I have had gray hairs since I was 16. They don’t cover my whole head but they are diffently visiable. Two and half years ago I started coloring but have decided to go back to my natural color and love it!
    By the way, welcome to Illinois. We made the move here ten years ago from Kansas and love it. Caution: The winters are really long. Good luck.

    Cathys last blog post..Junk Treasures

  2. Hi Baby its MoM, After reading your blog I wanted to say You don’t have any gray much less a patch anywhere on your head, So everyone hear this. She’s a Hypochondriac. she also says she got ripples on her legs and a fat Butt. which she has none of the above. So anyways love your blog talk soon.

  3. Oh geeze…
    I started getting gray in my 20’s too. I have no idea now what color my actual hair is. My mom says that my dye color looks like my hair looked when I was a baby. 🙂

  4. Wow. So many people get grays in their twenties now. Yikes about the flood. I hope you won’t have any drama like this in your new place. Yay for no more house issues! Oh, I’ve tagged you for a meme, it should be a quick one as you can steal from youtube. But no pressure, only if you can fit it in. Hugs to you, my wise, gray-haired friend. 😉

  5. I started getting gray in my late 20’s, but I have never colored my hair. It helps that I got gray all over, and it is a very nice shade of gray. I actually get compliments on my hair all the time. My daughter is already going gray at 34, but she is coloring hers. I guess each of us has to do what we have to do, huh?

    Karens last blog post..Breakfast Indigestion, Anyone?

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