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Don't hesitate to finger your flowers or shake them! Ha…

I know, strange headline huh? It’s for real though, I have tomatoes growing inside my home. They are in a window box and are a result of some cuttings we took. The tomato plants began flowering and we would “finger the flowers” or gently shake them to pollinate them since bees and humming birds are not in my house feeding from the flowers as they normally would outdoors.

Lots of plants require polination before they can set fruit, without pollination fruit will not set.

One of every three bites you take comes from a plant pollinated by wild pollinators.

Our tomatoes have been especially slow to set fruit this summer. Many are concerned about the dramatic decrease in the bee population because bees are our natural pollinators. Slow setting fruit has been linked to the decrease in bee population.

Tomatoes and Zucchini are our favorite, easiest vegetables to grow here in Flagstaff, AZ and we were looking forward to enjoying some fresh grown vegetables before we move. We weren’t sure if our plants would set fruit before we leave and this has been a bummer for us.

So, noticing the small developing fruit on my indoor and outdoor tomatoes today was super exciting for me. We also have some zucchini fruit setting right now. Woho our plants were pollinated! I would like to think that fingering and shaking the flowers has helped in the fruit development and I can’t wait for some fresh vegetables!

Oh and thanks to the bloggy giveaway I won a $10.00 starbuks gift card from The Adventures of Me. We are telling all our family and friends to buy us starbucks and walmart gift cards as going away presents.

We plan to use them to buy food and liquid crack (starbucks) while we are on the way to Indiana. Plus we have T-Mobile internet access at starbucks locations so we will be buying coffee while we blog and check our emails anyway. This $10.00 gift card is going to help us buy 2 free coffee drinks, yay!

If you feel inclined to contribute a few dollars to help us during the move:

Here are some more of my garden photos, have a great weekend!

My lemon cucumber plant sets fruit
My lemon cucumber plant sets fruit
My tomato plant sets fruit
My tomato plant sets fruit
My zucchini plant sets fruit
My zucchini plant sets fruit
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  1. I love tomatos…you can actually plant outdoors in Indiana 🙂

    I am so upset that Starbucks discontinued their iced coffee in a can. I used to drink that on the way to work every morning…now they only have the coffee/energy’s OK…but not as good.

    mps last blog post..Friday Reviews Brought to you by me

  2. I tried growing my tomatoes in the upside down hanging containers this year. It DID NOT work well. My tomatoes spent all their energy trying to turn right side up, they never flowered. I’m very sad, but will not try it again. And I was SO looking forward to home grown tomatoes.

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

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