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Officially, sort of back to work? Perhaps.

I am not dead, just blog slacking. Big surprise huh?

Yesterday was the start of my back to work adventure: teaching colorguard with a local marching band. It’s my super part time work that I am way passionate about.

I’ve always been able to handle the rehearsal schedules and the long hours outdoors but combining that with being a mom is way different!

Yesterday Everly and I went for a 6-9pm outdoor rehearsal. I had the stroller, baby seat and ring sling. She wouldn’t tolerate being in any of those for very long. I held her against on my left shoulder for almost the whole 3 hour rehearsal.

Things went well, she napped for a few min here and there on my shoulder but was awake for most of the time. She fussed and really only had a meltdown once right at the end of rehearsal while closing comments were being made by the staff.

Today we are back at it again! Dropped N off for work, came home to eat and try to get her to nap. This evening we head back out to rehearsal and then to bring N home from work.

It’s no doubt nice to get out of the house and do something other than care for Everly. It is exhausting as well. It also leaves like no time for blogging, paying the bills, laundry and all that other stuff that I’ve been slacking on.

I am still trying to figure out exactly how I’ll make it all work, this is obviously the hardest part with E being so young. I am thinking it will get better as she gets older, only time will tell.

Oh, E is 6 weeks old today! We are going to see Pamela for her 6 week checkup this weekend too, we are excited and so is Pamela. Well that is all to report for now, just wanted to let you know I wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. Wednesday we don’t have rehearsal so I’ll have time to update, if I can find the motivation.

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  1. Women cannot keep their sanity by child-raising alone. I’m sure some people will say that’s harsh and untrue, but you are an adult and you also have needs.

    It’s good for your child for you to be happy and fulfilled… so GO TO WORK!
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..What To Think, What To Do =-.

  2. Props to you Talina for getting out and working with Everly only being 6 weeks old! I took 12 weeks off from work with Colten. I milked it for as long as I could, despite what my station wanted me to do! Good luck at the doctor appt this weekend. Safe travels!

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