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Let the madness begin!

Well, I am excited and a bit frazzled all at the same time! It’s interesting how that works huh?

Today I have after school practice with my winterguard students, during the practice we are heading over to the local charter school to do a dress rehearsal for their talent show (that we are performing in on friday). One of my students actually attends the charter school for her academic classes and then takes one class a day (mine) at the public high school since they don’t offer a winterguard group at the charter school.

Anyway, we are doing the talent show on friday after today’s regular rehearsal and the talent show dress rehearsal. We have a “pre-championships” show 200 miles away on Saturday, then the students have prom that eveing.

I am supposed to get my period on Monday and if I don’t then it is home pregnancy test time. On Wednesday I have my well woman exam (If I am not on my period) so I’ll have pregnancy answers! The following Saturday my students have the last show of the season- championships, they are going to rock! After that it is smooth sailing!

Oh, guess who finished her taxes yesterday and is so relieved to have them out of the way? ME! And… I worked on updating my blogroll to include YOU! If you aren’t on there and you want to be let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Let the madness begin!

  1. Wow you really ARE quite busy! I think you are just one of those people who likes to stay busy though. I wish I had more of your “get up and go!” ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m excited for you too. And I do hope you’ll keep us posted on the pregnancy question. Oh, and I just barely beat you with having the taxes done! Don’t forget to unfrazzle and unwind every so often. Hugs to you!

    teeni’s last blog post..I’m Less Than Three’d

  2. I would love to be on your blog roll! Congrats on your taxes being finished, we have until the end of April here, and I am feeling the panic already!

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