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Reflections on past present and future.

Do you reflect on your life journey? Do you see how one thing leads you to another, does it help you to face the future and the present? Looking back and reflecting upon the journey is something I tend to do. It gives me perspective on the current events when I look back to see […]

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change your life by changing your perspective motivational personal growth personal stories

We all end up where we are meant to be eventually.

I just read a great blog post about U-turns and life. The author articulately compared life is with getting lost while driving. Oh, Dang! I just closed the tab for the blog I was wanting to link to. The blogger just left me a comment so now I have the url again, yay! Follow the […]

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Enjoy the holidays- family members and all!

I am going to be honest, the holidays make me very anxious. I find that old issues and grudges resurface during this time and they make the holidays almost impossible to enjoy. Visiting certain family members means enduring blatant insults, being judged, openly criticized and manipulated. Certain people will go on and on about all […]

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Write for a blog carnival or read what others have written.

Occasionally I will post a compilation of several articles that touch on motivational living or on living more simply and naturally. I enjoy reading what others have written on these topics and want to share the articles with you also. You can read these compilation articles by selecting one of the two the categories that […]

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Learning to attract what you want….

“The THOUGHTS we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.” – Louise Hay So much of life is a self fulfilling prophecy. We can very easily become products of our environment if we allow it. This is a very difficult concept for people to understand and it […]

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