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Some awards to pass on and some linky love

Teeni awarded me the Honest Scrap Award sometime ago. The idea is that I am supposed to tell you ten honest things about me and then tag seven victims/ friends to do the same on their own blog.

So, my 10 honest things are:
1. I have a very tiny tattoo that my little brother gave me one thanksgiving. It is the smallest one in history I think!
2. I’ve only ever lived in 2 states, Arizona and now Indiana.
3. I am the oldest and have 2 younger brothers.
4. My mom had me, waited 5 years, had my brother, waited 5 more years then had my youngest brother. How is that for perfect spacing?
5. I died my hair green in 6th grade to win a contest. I love contests!
6. N and I were legally married (on Halloween 2009) but we plan to have a wedding in Arizona once Tater is born.
7. I have a nice mole type freckle in my left armpit, so does my mom. We share many of the same freckle markings. Strange huh? This armpit freckle/ mole is hard to shave around without cutting the darn thing off, luckily since my mom has one too she showed me the shaving tricks at a young age so I am good. 8. Speaking of shaving, I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs until I was in middle school and I had some long ass blond leg hairs that everyone teased me about. Heidi do you remember this?
9. I am an organ donor and have told N that being buried in a burlap sack under an unmarked tree 100% natural is fine by me.
10. In reality I’ll probably be cremated though since unmarked graves are illegal and all. Cremation is fine by me.

The 7 people I am tagging are:

  1. Krystal @ Tapthatmom’s Blog
  2. Becky @ Girl Scout Dropout
  3. Ree @ Hotfessional
  4. Maiden53
  5. Karen @ Fab Grandma
  6. Donna B. @ Opining Online
  7. Mitzi @ Magnolia

Janelle from Junk Food 4 The Soul gave me the Zombie Chicken Award! (she got it from Delmer) This award is described as being given to:

“The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the Zombie Chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all…”

Well, what an honor to receive this award. My favorite thing about it is how the description makes me laugh! So, lets see I would pass this on to:

  1. Witchypoo @ Psychicgeek
  2. Megan @ Femme Reflections
  3. Heidi @ This is my life
  4. Veronica @ Someday We Will Sleep
  5. Hyphen Mama @ Mommy Needs 5 Minutes

Mad-lib birth announcement game & vlog. Join the fun!

Back in the day Teeni was doing these fun story games where each participant would write a few sentences for a story, then when everyone had their chance to contribute she would post the whole story on her blog for us all to enjoy. I participated several times and it really was a hoot.

Then back in March I saw another really fun blog post idea written by Meagan Francis that I just knew I would copy, a mad-lib birth announcement.

I thought It would be fun to combine the two really great ideas and do a birth announcement here on the blog, mad-lib style but for added fun and reader involvement I want to let you come up with the mad-lib in the same way Teeni did her story game.

Now if this doesn’t seem like fun to you then you’ve got to go and lick click those links I posted above. Both ideas are genius and combining them is just going to be that much better!

So, to participate just leave a comment below saying you want to be included. Be sure to use a valid email address okay? I’ll be replying to you with the specifics soon!

So just to recap: You get to write the mad-lib sentences, N and I will fill in all Tater’s birth details and the we will post the end result here on the blog. It will also end up being a super cute (and unique) thing for me to print out and put in Tater’s baby book as a keepsake. Yay!

Also, here is my 33rd week and 1 day belly vlog:

New readers/ commentors for the month of January 2009

I am taking this idea from Hotfessional who calls out her new readers/ commenters. I’ve had quite a few new faces around here and wanted to give them a shout out so the rest of you can swing by and check them out.

In January I called for readers to delurk and post at least one comment so I would know they were there. Here are the new faces that emerged. Check them out you may love them!

While I am giving some linky love I wanted to also call out the usual cast of characters, those are peeps who normally frequent this blog and often comment on every post. I heart (how do you make the heart sign anyway?) you and your friendship and subscribe to your blogs and visit them often!

As soon as N and I are home from our ultrasound appointment and have a chance to draft up a post we’ll let you all know if we are having a boy or a girl. We’ll also let you know if we’ve been rejected by the mortgage company again or not. Send those positive thoughts our way.

Oh and if you think you might be interested in doing a guest post here while I am away this summer delivering Tater Tot shoot me an email, I need authors!

I wanna go to BlogHer bad!!!

This blog started out as small potatoes and has made great strides in the several years it has been active. I started out with writers ambition and bit of SEO and web marketing knowledge. I wasn’t sure what I had to offer the internetz but I knew I wanted to give blogging a try so I dove right in.

Now here I am with more readers, subscribers and more confidence to share what is relevant to me. Sure I’ll still blog about domestic craziness or about poo when the mood strikes me but I’ve also written informative posts that have gained much clout on the search engines. It took several years to get here and I’ve still got some growing to do as a blogger which is why I am itching to attend the ’09 BlogHer Convention in Chicago so badly!

Obviously with a new baby on the way and a $10,000 cross country move behind us we don’t exactly have the extra cash to drop on travel and registration expenses for the lovely BlogHer conference. Even though little Tater Tot will be weeks old and we’ll be newly adjusting to parenthood N says I should do it if it’s that important to me and it is. I wanna attend BlogHer ’09!!

I found out that Mabel’s Lables is holding an ’09 BlogHer Contest to send one lucky blogger to the convention free. This is the perfect opportunity for me to find my way to the conference, yay! I’ll even bring N and little newborn Tater Tot along if you promise to not throw shoes at me for breastfeeding while I attend…

Now Mabel’s Lables wants to know what the rewards and benefits have been for me while participating in the blogging community.

Truthfully, I am having a hard time narrowing it down actually. Being a blogger is great because you get to contribute information and help others via your blogging, you can monetize your blog and make money writing, you can create a community of friends and partners via blog networking, you can share your opinion, learn the opinions of others… Gosh! There are way too many benefits to discuss in this one little post.

To me the most important thing I’ve gained as a blogger is also the simplest and mushiest thing… It’s the companionship and friendship that is created through networking, writing and following blogs. That is the most rewarding and beneficial thing in my eyes as a member of the blogging community.

I have a solid connection with about 60+ people who are regular readers or subscribers thanks to blogging. People from all over the world are touching my life and allowing me to touch theirs, it is such a powerful thing when you think about it. Not only does blogging fulfill the basic need for human connection but it is a fantastic way to learn and grow as a person too.

I mean I’ve been able to share in some really powerful journeys and life experiences thanks to my blogging buddies that I might not have been exposed to otherwise. We are talking breast cancer survivors, people with fertility issues, those who have just delivered a child, those who just lost a child, those who are psychic, those who are going through the same things as me, those leading lives I could never imagine and so much more.

Blogging has not only been a great benefit to me it has allowed me to give back to others by sharing my journey. I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing info and perspective on topics that not only are important to me but are also educational or beneficial to others.

My readers have allowed me to be honest and truthful during the good and bad times. This in turn has allowed my writing to reach others and comfort them in their times of need showing them they are not alone. I’ve also had the chance to contribute many honest product reviews and other resources to my readers though my blogging efforts.

Ive taken so much and I’ve also been able to give quite a bit though my involvement in blogging. It is the give and take of blog friendship and networking that has meant the most to me during my time in the blogging community which is another perfect reason to attend BlogHer ’09.

I wanna see all your lovely faces and meet you all instead of just chatting back and fourth via the internetz! So heres hoping I am choosen as a winner for this contest and that I’ll see you at BlogHer ’09.

I can't sit idle, I am always working on something…

Just finished a ton of work on this blog! Some of you may remember my affiliation with PayPerPost back in the day. The idea was to try out sponsored blog post writing, you know to make money off the blog and my writing efforts.

It went well for a while. I made a few hundred dollars during the year and it did pay some of the bills but I learned that my affiliation with them would impact my google page rank. See how I have no page rank as of the date I wrote this post?

I did research on paid posts, page rank, learned stuff, formed my opinions and decided to try sticking it out with PayPerPost since they seemed like they were working to bring in advertisers who weren’t looking for blogs with page rank since hardly any PayPerPost bloggers had page rank anymore.

Also PayPerPost was making claims that they were working to clean out the junk blogs and imporve the quality of bloggers using their service. One thing I noticed a ton of was fellow bloggers on PayPerPost who weren’t managing quality blogs, they were just creating blog so that they could take opportunities and to make money. Their blogs were not targeting any audience or providing any real benefit to anyone but the advertisers who were paying them for nofollow free links which is unethical in paid post advertising (in my opinion).

Plus my own blog’s readers and traffic had really grown a ton and to me the quality and target audience of PayPerPost’s paid opportunities just wasn’t worth tarnishing my blog or annoying my readers anymore. Sure when you get like 20 hits a day it doesn’t matter if you take a paid post for a sheistey (sp?) dating site but when your daily traffic is over 300 hits it is a different story.

So here’s to you my 50+ regular readers and my 200+ readers who arrive here via google everyday, you helped me grow and stuck with me through the process. I’ve kicked PayPerPost to the curb and will continue striving to provide some real quality content to the web to benefit you!

Now I am looking at other ways to monetize this blog. I’ve already got adsense going and amazon referrals and I would love to get on with BlogHer but they aren’t taking new publishers right now… So I’ll just focus my money making efforts in other areas like on and also on these two pages I’ve created (Alternative Health Zone and Alternative Birthing Zone).

I love to stay busy! Got any blog monitization tips, traffic improving ideas or questions about all this for me?


Update: 8pm 1/26/2009

We are forecasted for some severe winter weather according to N’s station’s dooms-day weather coverage. Apparently we are going to be getting some inches of snow (big freaking deal!!)…

The real worry is about freezing rain/ ice storms that could leave many without power. No power means no internet 🙁 I think our gas heat and stove will still work unless ice storms can take out natural gas supply too… Hmm. It seems like forecasters and people in general just freak out over nothing weather wise here. We’ll see if the ice storm happens though.

If you are weather curious you can see a current video of our conditions here. I have a few scheduled posts so you wont notice a lack of content here if we do loose power but you can check my twitter page to see if I am alive or not. Also our current weather forcast is here. Wanna take bets of weather or not the ice will happen? Better yet go place your baby weight bet here!

Blogging the real me to make you (and me) feel better.

While I was going through my feed reader last week I had a revelation (thanks to a post I’ll mention later) that could possibly warrant the changing of my tag line on this very blog.

Anyone who has been blogging for a long time knows that when our lives change often times so does the focus of our blogs. I know many bloggers who have been through this or are currently going through this right now (like her, her, her – awe hell the list could go on forever so I can’t possibly list all of you!).

This very blog has been through some of it’s own transformations in the 4 years I have been writing here. Back in the day the whole point of starting this blog was for marketing my business, then the economy slowed and so did my business sales. The focus shifted to me writing motivational articles and informative/ how to articles as I worked through a period of personal growth. Then I began writing sponsored posts for a while as I worked to monetize my blog and further my writing efforts.

Now I am more of a daily life blogger sharing all that is my life, honestly and sometimes boringly. Personal blogging is not only a venue for self discovery but as a blog reader I’ve found that it is also a comfort to find others who are or who have been in our same position.

This brings me back to the article I read that caused the revelation. It was a great read so click on over there and read it real quick! It said:

“ministry of mediocrity” – helping others by showing our real selves.

Yes, at times this blog is mediocre with it’s talk of poo and zits and other life events. I know we have enjoyed many dramatic – non boring things like the stove fire, the moldy basement issue, N’s job saga and moving cross country but the goal with this blog was never to impress anyone as I am sure you have already determined.

I think there is real beauty in realness which is why my writing style is the way it is now, it is also why I deeply love reading so many of your blogs. So much of society is about putting on your best face, we go around trying to make the best impression at work and at get-togethers. Soon life becomes this huge facade of us putting our best self out there which is fine but it also fuels the unattainable idea that we should all be perfect and “shiny” as the above referenced post puts it.

Bottom line is none of us are perfect, we can all try and try to convince others that we are but what if in doing so we forget to love and nurture ourselves, imperfections and all? I mean if we are so ashamed of the imperfect sides of us how can we truly love and accept ourselves? I guess that is why I am so open and real about things on this blog, ugliness and all.

So now I am taking an idea from Teeni and calling on my readers to help me come up with a new tag line for this blog, that reflects this idea. Also, feel free to chime in on this topic. I would love to hear your thoughts.

A look at search terms

Lots of my blogger buddies take a look at humorous search terms on their blog and make a post about them every now and then. For some reason despite my blogging about poo and other odd things I NEVER get any funny search terms and it is a real bummer for me!

I have lots of really great posts that regularly rack in the views but no funny search terms *tear*… Here are some search terms that jumped out at me today:

“walmart” and “memory foam” – If it is made by Canopy trust me it sucks, don’t buy it! We did and had to promptly return it thanks to the stink (explained below) and the fact that it is not comfortable at all.

“newness scent” + pregnancy – So they call the chemical smell from the canopy memory foam mattress a “newness scent” and yes it will make the pregnant lady in your life go nuts because it is not a scent it is a stink that is only worse with pregnancy nose.

(indiana bmv eye test machine)line 5 letters – You thought I would remember them and blog about them so your blind ass could cheat and memorize them to pass your own eye exam? Sucker! I failed and had to get glasses, so do you! – why on earth would so many people search my freaking blog URL? If you just type the url in to your browser it will take you to the blog without having to look through all the search results you know. Or even better you can use this link (yep just click on the blue text) to subscribe yourself to my feed so you are automatically notified when new posts are up.

1a8846fefa19f4391919f99ef11ece80785de72a25fd20c9 – Seriously you searched that and ended up here? I have no freaking idea how or why but good luck with that buddy!

emotionally draining people – I know exactly which post this search term is from and am not amazed by the recent surge in the topic considering we just went through the holiday season. Almost everyone has an emotionally draining person around them at one point or another. Isn’t it odd that people search google about it though?

anorexic pregnant girls – I know you are not calling me anorexic because seriously I am gaining weight and I am sick of all the talk about eating a candy bar! Oh wait, this is a valid search term because of the time I talked about Nicole Richie getting pregnant.

Oh yes and those of you searching my full name or N’s previous place of employment and ending up here are just stalkers you know. One person even was search for pictures of “Talina (insert last name here)”. I have a feeling it was the same looser who left me a rude myspace message… Good times! Gotta love those internet stalkers.

You can win goodies just for commenting on this blog!

That Is right, I just joined the CommentLuv contest bandwagon and am now a registered site for the CommentLuv contest! This means if you are reading my blog and you leave relevant (non-spammy) comments you have a chance to win! I’ll delete any spam comments and Andy Baily says you’ll be banned from the contest for spamming so don’t try it okay?

The contest page FAQ says that when someone leaves a “comment on your blog and if they’re a winner, their last blog post will come back as a prize notification.” So that means when you comment you’ll usually see something like this:

If you win instead of seeing the title of the post from your own blog, you’ll see a notification that you are a winner. All you have to do when you see the winning notification is: “click that after it has been submitted and published on your site and enter their details on the claim page here to receive the prize.”

I luv my blog readers (and the helpful comments) so that is why you have this awsome chance to win just for leaving comments. Yay! Also, don’t forget to enter Talina’s Baby Weight Contest so you have a chance to win some cash. The more chances to win the better right? Consider it my economic stimulus package. Ha…

Sharing the love!

Ah, I am home again and back to my regular blogging. We are still waiting on the 2nd offer from Evansville, they are supposed to present it today so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish up this post that brags about and awards a little love!

Last week Teeni shared some award love with me! I was given the “I love you this much” award and I am just stoked that Teeni loves me and my wide range of interests! Over on her blog she said:

Talina – This girl is one always into something. A contest, a dance routine, making a commercial, you just never know. But amidst it all, she makes time to visit and comment and encourage and teach. With a wisdom beyond her years, she is a pleasure and I’m glad I’ve met her.

Now I am trying to figure out how many people I am supposed to award this to, it appears I need to give this to 10 fabulous blogging people. Man choosing is hard!

Lets see, I want to spread some love to Xbox4NappyRash because I know how hard it is when you are trying to conceive and he just has a way of making it all humorous despite the heartbreak. I have had a great time reading his posts and relating to them. I know he will knock her up eventually!

The next winner is Sarcastic Mom because she posted photo of her unshaved armpits and legs! It was snort worthy and totally made my freaking day, all her posts do! When life gives you lemons take photos of them and write funny posts about them for your bloggy friends. You rock girl!

I totally love reading …and the pursuit of happiness also, she has a great writing style. Every post makes me smile for some reason or another. Good smiles are a great way to spread the love and or feel the love so this blog totally deserves the award.

Oh and while I am awarding blogs that make me smile I can’t forget Someday We Will Sleep because she posted about vibrators and Ben-Wa balls and that totally made me smile and even blush a bit. Also because she just got preggo after much trying!

I also must recognize Whiskey In My Sippy Cup after her Where’s Waldo post about poo filled pants and destroyed lipstick that had me cracking up for about 10 minutes. The photos totally brightened my day and I think her little girl is just the cutest little trouble maker!
I also want to award some love to the rest of my favorite blogs: Memarie Lane, Psychicgeek, Hotfessional, Mommy Needs 5 Minuites and My Second Journal because they provide me with hours and hours on non-stop entertainment! Now go fourth, save the image and award some sweet, sweet loving to your favorite blog!

Bloggy Giveaway- Mesage in a bottle gift

Okay, I was tempted to host my own giveaway after entering Witchypoo’s giveaway. So here I go joining the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival!

This giveaway will run for one week from today closing on May 3rd, 2008 for US residents. To enter just leave a comment below that tells us why you should win an adorable and heartwarming mini message in a bottle gift. The most worthy comment will win the giveaway so pour your heart into describing who you would send the gift to. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my feed!

The message in a bottle gift is for sale on my gift site as a Custom Gifts by Talina exclusive and is a great way to send a special, sentimental message to a loved one. Reaching out and showing someone you care with this message in a bottle gift will surely make someones day and that is the goal with this giveaway! Making a difference is as easy as a simple heartfelt gesture, that is where the message in a bottle gift comes in.

A Message in a Bottle gift is simply a note nestled in a beautifully decorated bottle. The gift giver authors a touching message that I inscribe on a message scroll that is placed inside the decorated bottle. This is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any occasion! The special thing about these message in a bottle gifts is they are fantastic personalized keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Give the gift that will keep on giving by bringing back wonderful memories year after year!

Tell us who you would like to reach out to if you win this giveaway and why it is important to brighten their day. Be sure to leave a valid email address when you comment. I’ll use that address to contact you if you win. The winner will be able to author a message that I’ll inscribe on the message scroll, then I’ll ship this touching gift off to the recipient you choose! Good luck!

Wait! Don’t just comment for the giveaway and run! Subscribe to my feed, check out some of my other posts
and consider stumbling this post! Thanks dude..

Blog themes are like new outfits!

Yeah, I went there! But seriously that is how I feel.. Changing the look and feel of my blog is fun and keeps things exciting for me.. Sure it can be a headache getting everything just right but once it is done waves of satisfaction and excitement fill me and I am HAPPY!

So, I sifted through a ton of themes over the last few days and ended up choosing to change to the Bluebird theme by Randa Clay because it is a clean, colorful and fun theme that has 2 sidebars (that are widget ready), lots of room to display multiple pages at the top and it had a cheery little blue bird!

You know I got to see a blue bird for the first time in my life this year, they really are blue and are so pretty! <- sorry got sidetracked…

There are a number of other blog themes I downloaded that were cool and I’ll probably use them at some point since I like to change my themes occasionally. What do you think about changing themes on the blog you read?

When a blogs theme changes…
It annoys me!
It makes it more interesting!
I don’t really care.
I wouldn’t notice it.
I don’t want to say 🙁
View Results

By the way did you notice our weather for today? Here is a screen shot of my weather displayer on my side bar for you… It’s is April 9th and it is snowing. Not sticking, luckily but still snowing- and the farmers almanac even said it would..flagstaff Arizona Weather - April 9th 2008

Yep, my random thought process is a little whacked today but who cares? As long as I am not agonizing about whether or not my egg was fertilized and implanted… Whatever other stupid and random thoughts I have are welcome!

Brace yourselves, a new look is on the way.

Since I am pulling my hair out with techie stuff right now anyway I figured I should just take care of my blog at the same time. I get bored easily so I want to have all my sidebar crap in widgets that I can arrange easily and that wont be lost when I change from one theme to another.. In a dream world right?

So, bear with me some things may display wacky while I am working but once I get my Preview Theme Plugin working you wont have to see the strange looking changes till they are ready to go live! (Preview Theme never did work for me so I moved on.)

I got theme test drive working beautifully so you probaly wont see any strange glitches or funky stuff now. The theme test drive plugin rocks! I am having all kinds of fun testing out possible themes and getting stuff the way I want it now.. FUN!

It is however keeping me from finishing my taxes… Ugh, I will do them before April 15th!

Unable to insert an image after your WordPress 2.5 upgrade?

I upgraded 3 blogs to wordpress 2.5 today. One of the blogs is having image insertion issues. I found a post called 2.5 Image/Media Uploader problems over at the wordpress support site that talks about the potential fixes for the issue. Things like browser cache, type of browser, old versions of adobe flash player, the Bad Behavior plugin and mod_security are said to be possible causes of this problem. I went through each and every one of their “things to try” and nothing fixed the issue for my client.

Essentially she can upload images via the “add media” button but this error displays:

An error when uploading images

When she goes to view the “gallery” that clearly shows that is has photos in it this is what happens:

Here is what the “media library” look like:

Here is what blows my mind: When I sign in to her self hosted WordPress blog to test out adding an image I also get the exact same issues! This kind of rules out a browser or flash player issue cause on my own blog I can do these things fine but on her blog (from the exact same computer) I can’t. Seems to me like a database or compatibility issue with the host.

She is on Apache version2.2.8 (Unix), PHP version5.2.5, MySQL version5.0.45-community and Operating system– Linux.

I am on Apache version1.3.39 (Unix), PHP version5.2.5, MySQL version5.0.45-community and Operating system- Linux.

I guess maybe it could be the apache version causing the problem.?.?. I have no clue! I am interested in any readers input/ experiences with this. Maybe we can brainstorm the issue here and rule out some stuff.

In the meantime there is a workaround for those experiencing the same issue with getting an image to show up in the blog post:

  • Simply upload your image using the add media button
  • In a new window or tab go to your image directory. It will be something like: http://www.yourdoamin.comwp-content/uploads
  • Find the file that you just uploaded. You may need to select the year folder, then the month folder to see all the uploads for that time frame depending on your directory structure.
  • When you find the photo you just uploaded copy the file location (the URL) and then head back to your blog post that you are working on
  • In the add image window paste the URL you just copied, add your description, select your alignment and select “insert into post”.

You can also click on the image icon and put your image URL in there.

Been a busy gal!

Today I have updated 3 WordPress blogs with the newest (as of today) version of WordPress: 2.5. The administration panel is crazy differnt from previous versions so that is taking me some getting used to. All in all it seems like they added lots of cool features.

Interestingly enough out of the 3 blogs I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 one of them is having issues adding images to the blog posts now. I did all 3 upgrades from the same computer and have troubleshooted the image adding issue on the same computer so I suspect it is a database issue or perhaps a server compatibility issue. If you are having this issue I am creating a separate post about it that you can read for more info. The post is called: Unable to insert image after upgrading to WordPress 2.5?

On a positive WordPress note- I really like how the widgets have been updated, add for lots of flexibility and consistency between themes if your theme is widgetized. Unfortunately, my current theme (Heaven9 1.0 by Michael Dunn) is not set up for widgets. Also, the footer is broken and has been since I first installed it.

I am dragging my feet on trying a new theme because it took me forever to edit the header image (in adobe photoshop) to include my blog name when I first switched to this theme.

I am reading about widigetizing themes right now but the instructions aren’t working for this particular theme so I am not sure what I want to do next.

newly planted rose bushes

Oh, I am on day 7 of high temperatures after ovulation (DPO) and am keeping my fingers crossed that my temps will stay high for long enough. I have had as few as 6 DPO (only six days of high temps after ovulation), this is not good for getting pregnant and can be a sign of a progesterone issue.. So I am stoked that I made it past day 6 and hope that my temps stay up and that we made a baby…

In other news I got my replacement Blue Girl rose bush yesterday and am excited that the thing is not dead like the last one I received. I planted it yesterday in a pot and I actually have a unfurled rose I am enjoying right now!

How has your Tuesday afternoon been?

The Archive Meme- steal this!

Teeni just did this meme (a meme is basically a blog post idea that gets passed among bloggers), she was tagged by Paige at Eat, Bitch, & Whine. I thought it sounded like a fun one to do, it allows blog owners to refer readers to some of their notable/ relevant posts that offer insight into who they are. It also allows blog readers to lean about the blog owners without having to search out the information. Here is the premise of this meme:

1. Go through your archives and link to five of your favorite posts that you have written.

  • Link one must be a post about family.
  • Link two must be a post about friends.
  • Link three must be a post about yourself.
  • Link four must be a post about something you love.
  • Link five can be a post about anything you choose.

2. Tag five other people to do this meme. Two of them must be people you already know so that you can get to know each other better.

Here are my 4 posts that I am sharing from the archives:
1. My post about family is Enjoy the holidays, family members and all, family has taught me much about my own personal boundaries and the situations I prefer to remain in.

2. My post about friends is The biggest lesson I have learned in 2006 because my friends have taught me many lessons over the years and have made me a better person.

3. An amusing post that is “about me” is Random musings of march 2007 because it an assortment of what my day to day experiences and thoughts are like.

4. My favorite post about something I love is of course For the love or gardening because I love gardening!

5. A random post I want to share is Elizabethan collars and bloody sores because it a perfect look at my “zoo” and how exiting every day can be.

I would like to tag Bryzon, Kaylee, Lori and N. If you want to do this meme and I didn’t tag you please steal it anyway (I did) and get involved, it’s fun!

A free domain name? sent me and unsolicited email about free domain registeration that they are giving away till 3/25/08. I thought it looked like an interesting deal so I headed over to the site to read the find print.

It is actually free for 1 year from the date of registration (you will need to buy your own hosting plan separate from the domain if you wish to use it), the catch is that they want your credit card information on the account so that when the free year is up they can charge you for a second year and so on. They charge $35.00 for 1 year domain registration!! What a rip off!

I actually do not recommend’s hosting plans to anyone who wishes to have control over their site/ SEO. I used them back in the day and was grossly disappointed. I don’t even recommend them for domain registration because it is way over priced but with a free domain why not use them?

The key is to transfer the domain to another registrar at the end of the year and THEN pay for the next years registration. This is what I plan to do!

I got my free domain registration for, I will redirect it to my business site ( thus reserving my business name as a domain so nobody else can use it and misrepresent the business.

A free domain name could be benificial to you as a blogger. Getting a domain registered and buying a hosting plan means you own your blog. It wont be hosted at a free blogging site (like, or MSN spaces) which increases your chance for making money off that blog, plus you have more control!

Free blogs often cannot use all the nifty little plugins (like comment luv) that exist because they are unable to edit template files and so on. Free blogs are free so the capabilities and benefits are often limited. If you are a serious blogger this free domain name offer can launch you into the world of professional blogging/ owning your own site!

If you want ot claim your free domain head over to their promotion page ( and get started.. The offer is only good for the week so don’t wait if you want one.

Then mark your calendar and remember to transfer the domain registration to another registrar of your choice before it expires next year! stats on my self hosted (not hosed) blog?

I have a weird situation going on here. I have my own blog, Harvest of Daily Life and I help N with his blog, Green Preferred. Both blogs have the most recent wordpress version which is 2.3.3 as of today.

The strange thing is that he has this nifty stats display in his dashboard mine does not and I can’t figure out why…


Anyone have any idea what is going on here?? What am I missing?



After chatting with Teeni and Witchypoo about all this I searched and found the plugin page: It says that once you have your API key in it’s all automatic. The catch is that you have to install the plugin– duh! So I guess I just was confused because when I set up

I didn’t install the stats plugin it was just there, or I am just loosing my mind and I did install it and just for got. Ugh, well thanks to my Witchypoo and Teeni for their emails and patience. 😉

Now I can see what strange ways people found my blog like Witchypoo in her How they found me post.

My interview by Janelle

I participated in the citizen of the month great interview experiment and totally forgot to post my own interview questions here. It was fun to interview someone and to be interviewed. Janelle over at junk food for the soul interviewed me and thankfully she asked about my interview and reminded me to post it! I totally forgot…


Ok, so you own your own business, Hello!! something I have always wanted to do! How did you come up that idea for a business.

I came up with my business idea back in November 2005. I was making these little ornaments and gift toppers from candy, things like trains, air planes, snowmen and more all using candy. Someone remarked that I should sell them and that was what inspired me to buy a domain name and to start learning how to run a business.

How did you get your business off the ground?

I am a highly creative individual and my business idea stemmed from candy ornaments but I needed to expand my product line in order to reach people and allow my business to flourish year round. I just followed my gut feeling whenever I became inspired. It was super hard to keep my doubts under wraps. There were many times when I thought “what the heck am I doing?” or “am I crazy?”.. I felt the urge to quit many times and the “off the ground” part did not happen over night. Simply believing in yourself and trusting that your creative juices/ what inspires you is what you are meant to do keeps you going.

Looks like you like animals, did you grow up with animals? Did you have a favorite?

I do love animals very much! I currently have 7 zebra finches (5 are babies), a 10 gallon take of fish (that are also breeding), 4 cats, 1 bunny and a dog.. I love nature/ animals and everything. I had 1 dog as a child and it had puppies so I got to experience the miracles of new life at a young age. I also had cats as a child and would have to say my favorite one was my 1st kitty, Tiger.

When you 15 years old and thought about your future life, did is the life you are living now the life you thought you would have?

Oh, boy.. When I was 15 I wanted to be a singer/ performer. As a senior in high school I decided I wanted to teach vocal music, went to college as a music ed major and soon discovered the confines of school didn’t work for me. I have always yearned to do something that touched others and made an impact. Amazingly life has sort of shaped my experiences and has led me to work that I truly enjoy. I get to cross performance arts with “touching lives” and “making a difference”… I am a colorguard/ dance coach and choreographer now with my own business and I write in my free time. My jobs allow me to be creative everyday nothing is ever dull or confining and I grow everyday. I never imagined I would be where I am today and I am very thankful that I have been led in this direction because I love the life I am living.

When you are “blog surfing” what is something that keeps you coming back to certain blogs?

Honestly when blogger are interested in relating to their readers they are more likely to get return visits. It’s nice to build relationships with other bloggers via comments and posts. Blogger who’s topics interest me will entice me to leave comments, when bloggers respond to my comments or return the favor I will make it a point to return to their blogs so I can return the favor also. It’s all a give and take.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I can be either but am mostly a night person these days since my partner is an anchor for the evening news.. We cross paths before work and after so that keeps me up later at night. I used to work grave yard shift at a hotel, then I was all messed up! I was an early evening person then…

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

TV shows are currently leaving me hanging. I really got into Army Wives, Dirt, Friends, Six Feet Under and X-Files. These days we record Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and the X-Files reruns.

Do you consider yourself to be a good friend? What was the greatest thing you ever did for a friend?
I think I am a good friend but I often feel the need to distance myself from people because I tend internalize their feelings and issues. Learning to love unconditionally is the greatest thing I have ever done and it was the hardest thing too! I have a best friend that has taken a path that I felt was not the best for her. It pains me to see her struggle and to know of the pain and struggles she faces as a result of her choices. I love her and value the friendship so I have learned to not force my views on to her and to allow her to express her thoughts and feelings without telling her what she should have done.

What quality do you dislike the most when you meet someone new?

I don’t like when people are fake. Superficial relationships and facades are my biggest annoyance. I would rather someone be brutally honest than to hide things or pretend that they are something they are not.

Take a photo of your favorite place in your house and tell me what it is your favorite place.

My favorite place in the house… Hmm I am moving to a new place in 18 days but in my current place I am drawn to my living room where I sit with my laptop, TV and on my worn couch with the space heater pointed at me. It’s comfy to me.


Blog marketing idea- blogger business cards

I just found a great deal for bloggers who wish to market their blogs outside the realm of the internet. You can get 100 FREE business cards, you just pay the shipping cost! These blogger business cards are a great way to market your blog in the “real world”! On you can design your blog business card with their user friendly site, the blogger specific templates allow you to list your blogs main keywords & tags on the business card along with your preferred contact info.

If you are looking for ways to grow your blogs readership real world marketing through blogger business cards is a great idea that you may want to look in to!