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Been a busy gal!

Today I have updated 3 WordPress blogs with the newest (as of today) version of WordPress: 2.5. The administration panel is crazy differnt from previous versions so that is taking me some getting used to. All in all it seems like they added lots of cool features.

Interestingly enough out of the 3 blogs I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 one of them is having issues adding images to the blog posts now. I did all 3 upgrades from the same computer and have troubleshooted the image adding issue on the same computer so I suspect it is a database issue or perhaps a server compatibility issue. If you are having this issue I am creating a separate post about it that you can read for more info. The post is called: Unable to insert image after upgrading to WordPress 2.5?

On a positive WordPress note- I really like how the widgets have been updated, add for lots of flexibility and consistency between themes if your theme is widgetized. Unfortunately, my current theme (Heaven9 1.0 by Michael Dunn) is not set up for widgets. Also, the footer is broken and has been since I first installed it.

I am dragging my feet on trying a new theme because it took me forever to edit the header image (in adobe photoshop) to include my blog name when I first switched to this theme.

I am reading about widigetizing themes right now but the instructions aren’t working for this particular theme so I am not sure what I want to do next.

newly planted rose bushes

Oh, I am on day 7 of high temperatures after ovulation (DPO) and am keeping my fingers crossed that my temps will stay high for long enough. I have had as few as 6 DPO (only six days of high temps after ovulation), this is not good for getting pregnant and can be a sign of a progesterone issue.. So I am stoked that I made it past day 6 and hope that my temps stay up and that we made a baby…

In other news I got my replacement Blue Girl rose bush yesterday and am excited that the thing is not dead like the last one I received. I planted it yesterday in a pot and I actually have a unfurled rose I am enjoying right now!

How has your Tuesday afternoon been?

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