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Lots of my blogger buddies take a look at humorous search terms on their blog and make a post about them every now and then. For some reason despite my blogging about poo and other odd things I NEVER get any funny search terms and it is a real bummer for me!

I have lots of really great posts that regularly rack in the views but no funny search terms *tear*… Here are some search terms that jumped out at me today:

“walmart” and “memory foam” – If it is made by Canopy trust me it sucks, don’t buy it! We did and had to promptly return it thanks to the stink (explained below) and the fact that it is not comfortable at all.

“newness scent” + pregnancy – So they call the chemical smell from the canopy memory foam mattress a “newness scent” and yes it will make the pregnant lady in your life go nuts because it is not a scent it is a stink that is only worse with pregnancy nose.

(indiana bmv eye test machine)line 5 letters – You thought I would remember them and blog about them so your blind ass could cheat and memorize them to pass your own eye exam? Sucker! I failed and had to get glasses, so do you! – why on earth would so many people search my freaking blog URL? If you just type the url in to your browser it will take you to the blog without having to look through all the search results you know. Or even better you can use this link (yep just click on the blue text) to subscribe yourself to my feed so you are automatically notified when new posts are up.

1a8846fefa19f4391919f99ef11ece80785de72a25fd20c9 – Seriously you searched that and ended up here? I have no freaking idea how or why but good luck with that buddy!

emotionally draining people – I know exactly which post this search term is from and am not amazed by the recent surge in the topic considering we just went through the holiday season. Almost everyone has an emotionally draining person around them at one point or another. Isn’t it odd that people search google about it though?

anorexic pregnant girls – I know you are not calling me anorexic because seriously I am gaining weight and I am sick of all the talk about eating a candy bar! Oh wait, this is a valid search term because of the time I talked about Nicole Richie getting pregnant.

Oh yes and those of you searching my full name or N’s previous place of employment and ending up here are just stalkers you know. One person even was search for pictures of “Talina (insert last name here)”. I have a feeling it was the same looser who left me a rude myspace message… Good times! Gotta love those internet stalkers.

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  1. I googled that string, and your site is the only result, pointing to this post. Of course, I couldn’t let that stand so I had to blog about it too! Google also asked me if I meant: 1a8846efa19f4391919f99f11ce80785de72a25fd20c9 which returned no results, but maybe it will now because I blogged that too!

    Donna B.s last blog post..Saturday Surfing

  2. For some reason, when I saw “walmart” and “memory foam” together, some completely different jumped into my mind! Yes, my mind can be in the gutter sometimes, and apparently this was one of them:) Love the number sequence, though!!

    Beckys last blog post..To Say or Not to Say?

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